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Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 16, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version and the Unrated version which both can be found on the British DVD from Entertainment in Video (BBFC 18) (such as on the US-DVD from New Line Home Entertainment)

For many people the third instalment of the TCM franchise is one of the worst in the series. It lacks the intensity of part one and the morbidity of part two. But it still is pretty entertaining and anything but boring, at least according to my opinion.

Because of the explicit violence the movie did not get an approval for American theatres, at first. So almost 4 minutes were cut out of the movie in order to get an R-Rating. Still, the movie bombed miserably at the box office.

Many countries only had the R-Rated version for a long time (with a few exceptions). With the raise of the DVD, however, an Unrated version was released, too, even though it is still not the complete one which is why it is also referred to as the "New Lines Unrated Version". We will probably have to wait forever for a completely uncut Director's Cut. However, some of the scenes cut out can be found on the American and on the British DVD. There is also an alternative end which was only included in a workprint.

The times in brackets refer to the Unrated version.
Cut version = 77:34 min.
Uncut version = 81:52 min.
11:16 (11:16) We see Alfredo in front of the gas station mumbling something. Then a close up of him cutting a porn magazine with some scissors.
8.3 sec.

42:38 (42:46) When Leatherface treats Gina on the tree with a chainsaw a shot of her face is missing. She screams.
1.5 sec.

42:39 (42:49) Shot of Leatherface, then one of Gina. Both are being splattered with blood.
2.2 sec.

42:50 (43:02) The blood splattered Gina is going down.
2.3 sec.

43:48 (44:02) Michelle tries to help Ryan who is stuck with his foot in a bear trap. But Ryan tells her to run off. At last we see his foot in the trap.
5.2 sec.

44:02 (44:21) When Leatherface is standing above Ryan a shot of Ryan is missing. He screams in panic.
1.3 sec.

45:50 (46:10) Short shot of the pen sticking in Michelle's leg and the girl disengaging it.
0.7 sec.

46:19 (46:40) The girl puts the pen back in her doll and she and Tex start laughing madly.
6.7 sec.

47:12 (47:40) Tracking shot across Michelle's right hand that is nailed to the chair.
2 sec.

47:24 (47:54) Tex takes himself a finger of blood from Michelle's bleeding hand. Therefor, the beginning of a shot of Tex can be seen a bit longer in the R-Rated version.
Unrated: 1.3 sec.
R-Rated: 1.3 sec.


48:51 (49:21) Shot of Michelle and then a hook being put to Ryan's leg (bloodless).
1.7 sec.

49:04 (49:35) When Ryan is pulled up upside down the R-Rated version fades out earlier. In the Unrated version we see Ryan's head.
2.7 sec.

49:05 (49:39) Shot of Tinker, Ryan and Tex. Tex examines Ryan's head a little closer. Then a shot of Michelle's nailed hand and her crying.
9.6 sec.

50:45 (51:29) In the Unrated version we see Tex next to Ryan saying to him: "Hey, if you need anything... just twitch!". During this we see Tex from Ryan's perspective (upside down). Then, we see Mom and the girl laughing and Mom chocking on something and then spitting it out. The R-Rated version, however, shows a shot of Tex sitting next to Ryan and then getting up.
Unrated: 12.7 sec.
R-Rated: 1 sec.


51:15 (52:11) Tex grabs Michelle by the hair and says to her: "Don't ever think of leaving! Not before diner!", and then he pulls her head back. The R-Rated version shows a shot of Mom and the girl.
Unrated: 5.5 sec.
R-Rated: 1.7 sec.


51:20 (52:20) Tex leaves the room. On the right of the frame we see Ryan hung up.
2.8 sec.

51:35 (52:37) The shot of Michelle trying to scream is longer.
4 sec.

52:26 (53:32) When Alfredo sinks the body parts in the lake the Unrated version shows a shot of Benny that will be shown by the R-Rated version later. No time difference.

52:29 (53:37) The shot mentioned above is now being shown in the R-Rated version. Therefor, the Unrated version shows a part of the shot longer that shows Alfredo with the separated leg. He curses.
6.2 sec.

52:43 (53:56) The shot of ALfredo holding the separated head is filmed differently. In the Unrated version he also kisses it.
Unrated: 10.1 sec.
R-Rated: 4.1 sec.


52:50 (54:08) Alfredo says to the head that it reminds him of an old acquaintance and then he spits on it before he throws it in the lake. In the R-Rated version he spits past the head before he throws it away.
Unrated: 6.6 sec.
R-Rated: 1.9 sec.


53:10 (54:34) Shot of Michelle desperately looking to Ryan. Then she tries to get her left hand away from the nail. But Leatherface grabs her arm. For continuity reasons the beginning of the next shot of Leatherface grabbing her is longer in the R-Rated version.
Unrated: 13.2 sec.
R-Rated: 0.7 sec.


53:29 (55:06) Shot of Leatherface throwing the headphones over his shoulder and then one of Michelle.
5.4 sec.

59:46 (61:27) The shot of Tex putting on the apron appears a little later in the R-Rated version (no time difference). Therefor several shots after that are missing: him and Tinker preparing the meal and one shot of Michelle.
7 sec.

59:58 (61:54) At this point the R-Rated version shows the shot of Tex from the previous cut. No time difference.

60:05 (71:54) Now a huge cut in the R-Rated version actually it only contains the last scenes and those in slightly different shots. The exited girl comes running to the kitchen. Everybody looks at her and she tells them to stop. Michelle is relieved at first. But then the girl says that she has been promised to kill the next one. Tex and Tinker look at each other and Tinker is "soft hearted" and lets her. She runs to Tex and he lifts her on the sideboard. Once more, they go over the rules (they count to three and then pull the string). In between we see all the family members (including the zombie-grandpa), such as Michelle and Ryan. Ryan opens his eyes. But too late. The girl pulls the string and a sledgehammer comes down, exactly towards Ryan's head. Michelle turns away her face. At this point the censorship to the original version is especially noticeable. Because in the workprint we see the hammer hitting Ryan's head. The Unrated version does not show this, either.
Unrated: 72.9 sec.
R-Rated: 4.7 sec.


60:10 (63:07) After the work is done we see Tex, Tinker and the girl laughing hard. Tex gives her a cup and they get up.
9.3 sec.

60:11 (63:17) Shot of blood running into the cup. Then a shot of Tex and Tinker tampering with Ryan and the girl passing the cup with blood to Leatherface. In the R-Rated version a shot of grandpa was added, here.
Unrated: 10.5 sec.
R-Rated: 1 sec.


60:36 (63:51) When Tinker is talking to Tex the two versions contain different footage.
Unrated: 3.7 sec.
R-Rated: 2.6 sec.


60:44 (64:00) Close up of Tinker cutting Ryan's shirt with a knife.
2.8 sec.

61:28 (64:47) A shot of Tinker and then Michelle appears a little later in the R-Rated version. No time difference.

61:33 (64:56) The shot mentioned above is now shown in the R-Rated version.

61:37 (64:56) After Tex got up we do not see Mom giving a lipstick to Leatherface. He gets up, walks to Michelle and uses the lipstick to draw a cross on her face.
30.6 sec.

61:41 (65:31) Shot of Michelle whining.
2.6 sec.

62:06 (65:59) Several gory shots at Mom and blood splattering on Michelle's face.
1.8 sec.

62:08 (66:02) Short close up of Tinker getting shot off two fingers.
0.6 sec.

62:14 (66:09) Tinker's ear frizzling on the stove can be seen longer.
1 sec.

62:15 (66:10) Shot of Tinker calling for Tex.
1.2 sec.

62:20 (66:16) Short gory shot of grandpa getting shot in the stomach.
0.4 sec.

62:22 (66:19) Michelle tries to pull her hand out of the nail.
1.3 sec.

62:30 (66:28) She painfully rips her hand away from the nail.
2.6 sec.

63:58 (67:59) Mom is stertorously lying in the wheelchair.
2.2 sec.

64:12 (68:15) Longer shot of Tinker and then Mom's voice device. She says "Son of a bitch!" one last time before she dies.
6.6 sec.

69:14 (73:24) When Michelle hits the stone on Leatherface's head she does it noticeably more often in the Unrated version. Also, the two versions show different shots of this.
Unrated: 14.5 sec.
R-Rated: 5.3 sec.