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Last House on the Left (2009), The


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 15, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical version and the Unrated version (both presented by the US-DVD from Universal)

- Theatrical version: 103:33 min without closing titles (109:46 min with closing titles) in NTSC
- Unrated: 107:26 min without closing titles (113:36 min with closing titles) in NTSC

45 changed parts, including
* 11x alternative footage
* 3 recuts

* 25 censorship cuts
* 20 story cuts

Difference: 232.7 sec (= 3:53 min)

The movie

In 1960 Ingmar Bergman directed the depressing drama Jungfrukällan (The Virgin Spring) which was based on a Swedish legend from the 14th century. It was about a landholder's innocent daughter Karin who was attacked, raped and murdered by three shepherd-brothers. After that, the murderers find shelter by nobody else than Karin's parents so it does not last long until the parents find out about the crime and the father commits vigilante justice.
The tale of moral and violence was shocking, especially because of the rape-scene which was unusually explicit for the time, and received the Oscar for the best foreign film in the following year.

12 years later Wes Craven who was unknown at the time adapted the material and made his own variation of the story which was noticeably more lowbrow and sleazy, an exploitation film as it was popular in the seventies. Here, the girl is called Mari, her friend has to suffer, too, and they cross paths with the gang because they want to get some marijuana for the night. Among the violators is a woman, too, and the youngest of the bunch is the son of her lover and gang-leader Krug.
Last House On The Left surely is one of the most popular Rape and Revenge films and with David Hess in the role of main villain Krug it offers one of the meanest horror-film-bad-guys ever.

In 2009 after a long time of waiting also this genre icon was due and got its contemporary Hollywood-remake, Wes Craven and Sean S. Cunningham took over production. And surprisingly enough the Greek director Dennis Iliadis did a pretty good job in delivering a new interpretation of the Craven-material, without having to make too many compromises with mainstream-cinema. Sure, some changes will not be liked by the hardcore fans of the seventies original but all in all the remake is an atmospherically sleazy and watchable movie. Sure, too much should not be expected but also the people who are not thrilled about remakes might want to have a look at it.

The versions

Even though the MPAA is usually quite tolerant when it comes to violence in movies it does not seem to be a big fan of the rape topic so it is not a big surprise that the movie which is already pretty hard in the Theatrical version also got an Unrated version released on DVD.
And the fan can calm down: here, the infamous label is not just another marketing-scam because especially when it comes to the rape scene the longer version contains several parts that can be interpreted as censorship cuts that were reinserted for the Unrated version. Obviously the crew has gone a bit beyond the R-Rating, here, so several things had to be cut for the Theatrical release.

However, the other violence scenes remained untouched even though they are anything but harmless, especially towards the end (the family's revenge).
Only a few mostly irrelevant story extensions were added.

The US-DVD containing both versions of the movie will be released August 18th 2009 (but as usual some US-shops already delivered the DVD several days before the official release).

The following cut report tries to classify every change as a "censorship cut" or a "story cut". Since this is not always absolutely clear and the censorship aspect can only be guessed these labels are not perfect and may differ if you have a different opinion about what is what.
Also scenes that were recut or where alternative footage was added were (if possible) put together as one block and counted as one change, so here, too, you can receive more cuts if you count them differently.

Running time are according to the scheme
Theatrical version in NTSC-speed / Unrated version in NTSC-speed
Story cut
03:27 / 03:27-03:43

We see Sadie or her legs, respectively, walking forwards a little longer (hardly noticeable), then her face is shown for the first time, then the masked Francis.

16.2 sec

Story cut
12:01 / 12:17-12:50

After swimming in the lake we see Mari in the shower longer, at first.
Only her silhouette can be seen, then the shower curtain falls down and she screws it back on - nothing spectacular, meaning not a single shot that would have been too much for the R-Rating.

32.6 sec

Story cut
12:05 / 12:54-12:57

The shot starts a little earlier in the Unrated version and the camera tracks from Mari's torso to her face.

3.4 sec

Story cut
12:09 / 13:01-13:02

Mari lifts her head in a close up a little longer, then the following shots starts a little earlier, too (she puts on her pants).

0.6 sec

Story cut / Alternative footage
12:12 / 13:05-13:13

Mari buttons up her pants in a close up and the camera tracks down from her head to her torso.

The following shots starts 3 insignificant frames earlier in the Theatrical version.

Unrated 8.3 sec

Story cut
13:39 / 14:40-14:47

Another additional profile shot of the car.

7.2 sec

Story cut / Alternative footage / Recut
19:45-19:53 / 20:53-21:03

Here, the montage of the girls smoking weed was recut a bit. One shot from the Theatrical version is missing in the Unrated version, therefor, the Unrated version contains two additional shots (only the parts missing in the other version are being pictured).

Theatrical version:

- Mari on the bed
- Justin blowing out smoke
- Paige passes the joint to Mari, she inhales
- Paige jumping on the bed (her feet are visible), we see Justin in the background


- Paige passes the joint to Mari, she inhales
- Mari on the bed
- A frontal shot of Paige jumping on the bed
- Paige jumping on the bed , we see Justin in the background
- Paige waves her arms around in euphoria

Unrated 1.9 sec longer

Story cut
24:07 / 25:17-25:32

In some additional shots the gang continues their discussion.

Sadie: "We could use a vehicle like that right about now."
Francis: "Yeah, cause ours is pretty well fucked."
Sadie: "Like we are?"
Krug: "Thanks to you, pumpkin."
Sadie: "Fuck you!"
Krug: "Later, maybe."

15.1 sec

Story cut
28:41 / 30:06-30:36

First shots of the car ride - the radio is put on and a happy pop song is playing, then Krug points Justin to fasten his seat-belt.
He does so immediately and we see an exterior shot of the car.

30.3 sec

Censorship cut
29:05 / 31:00-31:02

Francis licks Paige's cheek a little longer.

1.8 sec

Censorship cut
29:13 / 31:10-31:17

Paige gets touched by Francis in an additional shot.

6.6 sec

Censorship cut
29:35 / 31:39-31:41

Francis covers Paige's mouth a little longer, during that the camera tracks down a little and the knife on her throat gets visible.
The following shot of Mari starts slightly earlier, too (not being pictured).

2.1 sec

Censorship cut
29:39 / 31:45-31:46

Sadie caresses Mari's neck a little longer.

1.2 sec

Censorship cut
33:20 / 35:27-35:29

Paige is squirming on the ground in an additional shot.

2 sec

Story cut / Alternative footage
35:31-35:34 / 37:40

The Theatrical version shows Paige from the back when she falls to the ground.

The Unrated version, however, shows Paige running through the forest for 5 insignificant frames longer.

Theatrical version 2.9 sec longer

Story cut / Alternative footage
35:39-35:44 / 37:46-38:06

The versions use different footage when Paige is hiding under the plant and her persecutors pause right in front of her.

Theatrical version:

From Paige's perspective we see Francis and Sadie jumping down, then a short close up of her covering her mouth.

Unrated version:

Because of the previous change Paige has not fallen down in the Unrated version so it contains a frontal shot of her falling and then hiding in a small slot.
Then several shots of her, during the last one Francis and Sadie jump into the foreground, too.
They call Paige's name while she is still crouching down in the background - the Theatrical version starts being parallel in the last seconds of this shot.

Unrated 14.8 sec longer

Censorship cut
39:13 / 41:35-41:36

Krug holds Justin's head a little longer at the beginning.

1.1 sec

Censorship cut
39:20 / 41:43-41:44

Krug starts working on Paige's panties a little earlier.

1.4 sec

Censorship cut
40:05 / 42:29

Paige's stabbing wound can be seen a bit longer.

0.4 sec

Censorship cut / Alternative footage
40:07-40:09 / 42:31-42:33

The Theatrical version remains in the profile shot for 0.2 sec longer meaning we get to see the new entry in that way.
After that a closer shot of Paige, she gasps.

The Unrated version, however, shows the entry in a close up, including blood.

Theatrical version 0.8 sec longer

Theatrical versionUnrated version

Censorship cut
40:11 / 42:35

The Unrated version shows the shot of Paige's wound slightly longer after Krug has passed.

0.2 sec

Censorship cut
40:13 / 42:37-42:40

Before Paige falls down the Unrated version contains a tracking shot down her body towards the wound.

3.3 sec

Story cut
40:26 / 42:53-42:55

The shot starts a little earlier and Krug enters the frame from the right.
(In the Theatrical version he is already standing there)

2 sec

Censorship cut
41:25 / 43:54-43:55

Sadie violently removing Mari's panties is a little longer at the beginning.

0.9 sec

Story cut
41:31 / 44:01-44:02

When Francis sits down to Justin the Unrated versions contains a few more frames at the end of that shot.
(For which reasons whatsoever)

0.5 sec

Story cut
41:33 / 44:04-44:05

The closer shot of Francis is a little longer, too.

0.8 sec

Censorship cut
41:52 / 44:24-44:26

We see Mari on the ground longer, the camera also pans to her tear-strained face.
The following shot of Krug starts a little earlier, too.

2.3 sec

Censorship cut / Alternative footage
41:54-41:56 / 44:28-44:30

The Theatrical version shows a closer and so a vaguer shot when we see the profile shot of Krug penetrating Mari.

No time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated version

Censorship cut / Alternative footage
42:00-42:02 / 44:34-44:47

The Theatrical version shows a short frontal shot of Krug.

The Unrated versions contains several explicit shots of him raping Mari.

Unrated 11.5 sec longer

Censorship cut / Alternative footage
42:05-42:07 / 44:50-44:52

The Theatrical version shows a very wide shot of the rape.

The Unrated version shows Justin turning his head up in the same shot, then the following shot of Mari starts earlier, she moans in pain.

Theatrical version 0.4 sec longer

Censorship cut / Alternative footage
42:14-42:20 / 44:59-45:09

The Theatrical version shows Mari lying on the ground, then a cut to Paige page who is lying just a few metres away from her.

The Unrated version shows Francis a little longer, then a closer shot of Mari on the ground. She is also pleading noticeably longer, here.
At last we see Krug in a profile shot with the watching Sadie.

Unrated 3.5 sec longer

Censorship cut / Recut
42:22 / 45:11-45:19

The close up of Krug grabbing Mari's body is approximately 1 sec longer in the Unrated version.
Then the part is reinserted that has already been shown in the Theatrical version (Mari on the ground, shot of Paige) - however, the first shot is a little longer.

8.4 sec

Censorship cut / Recut
42:25 / 45:22-45:26

Now, the wider shot (see Theatrical version at 42:05) is reinserted - also it is being extended, lasting almost twice as long.

4.2 sec

Censorship cut
42:26 / 45:27-45:28

Also the next shot of Mari's body and the necklace falling down is slightly longer in the Unrated version (hardly noticeable).

0.4 sec

Censorship cut
42:28 / 45:30-45:34

Krug can be seen a little longer and grabs for Mari's necklace in a closer shot.
(His lines during that scene have been moved on the sound track that means they can be heard in both versions)

4.2 sec

Censorship cut
42:33 / 45:39-45:41

After the necklace was thrown away the Unrated version contains another shot of Krug lying on Mari.
(Krug's naked bottom can be seen)

1.8 sec

Censorship cut
42:39 / 45:47-45:57

Another very close shot of Mari the camera tracks to Krug's hands.
Then another shot of the hands such as one of Mari looking up.

9.8 sec

Censorship cut
65:59 / 69:17-69:29

Mari's wounds are treated a little longer by her father (John) using the hot knife.
He kisses her on her shoulder.

12.4 sec

Story cut / Alternative footage
66:46-66:55 / 70:16-70:23

Strange use of alternative footage.

Theatrical version: Close shot of Mari, then her mother (Emma) enters with some towels and a bottle. At last we see Emma having her hands on Mari's body.

Unrated version: Exterior shot (rainy view inside) of Emma entering, then an alternative and longer shot of Emma's hands on Mari's arm.

Theatrical version 1.8 sec longer

Story cut
67:58 / 71:26-71:31

The Unrated version contains an exterior shot into the house before John asks Mari who did this to her.

4.9 sec

Story cut
100:10 / 103:43-103:48

Another additional shot of the boat going out to the sea.

5.1 sec

Story cut
100:17 / 103:55-103:58

Mari and Emma are shown a little longer.

2.5 sec

Story cut
100:29 / 104:10-104:16

A shot of the horizon in the Unrated version.

5.9 sec

Story cut / Alternative footage
100:32-100:37 / 104:18-104:29

The Theatrical version reinserts the shot of the boat that was missing at 100:10 (not pictured again).

At first, the Unrated version shows Mari and Emma longer. Then a first shot of the skin and a tracking shot over the sea.

Unrated 5.9 sec longer