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So Sweet, so Dead

original title: Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile


  • International Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Jul 13, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Thou shalt not commit adultery

Inspector Capuana investigates a series of murders of unfaithful housewives who are found brutally murdered with severe cutting injuries. Photos showing the women having an affair are also found with the corpses. Bettina, a student, witnesses a murder and tries to tell her mother about it, but she also falls victim to the killer. Capuana is in the dark until a well-known petty criminal turns himself in. It is clear to Capuana that the man is only looking for attention, but he hopes to lure the killer out of his hiding.

So Sweet, So Dead is a solid giallo in which unfaithful wives are punished with death. The killer with his all-black outfit is strongly based on the one from Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace. The plot ripples along rather poorly between the individual murders, although especially the many bare breasts do not completely flatten the interest.

Soft alternative scenes on US Blu-ray

The first Blu-ray of the film was released in the US by Code Red. Apparently, this is the international version of the film, which differs from the original Italian version in a few scenes. When the killer watches Mauro and Renata making out in the car, the US Blu-ray uses softer alternate scenes. The same happens with the sex scene of Lilly and her neighbor. The Italian version is longer and a bit more explicit here. Otherwise, the US Blu-ray as well as the German DVD have a handful of short misses.

Basically, you should go for the slightly longer Italian version, though the few softer shots on the US Blu-ray don't make much of a difference either. The film also offers enough nude scenes otherwise. If you can put up with this small shortcoming, you'll get to see a very nice transfer. According to IMDb, a porn version of the film titled Penetration was made in the US, with additional scenes of Harry Reems (Deep Throat) and Tina Russel (A Touch of Genius) cut into it.


US version: 100:41 min (NTSC)
Italian version: 96:42 min. (PAL)

Comparison between the US Blu-ray by Code Red and the German DVD by Camera Obscura.


Alternate title overlays.

No time difference.


The BD fades in an English translation from the headline as the newspaper is shown.

No time difference.


As the killer watches Mauro and Renata in the car, Mauro is shown caressing Renata in the US. Renata is uncomfortable in this secluded place.

The German DVD shows alternative, more revealing footage of the two of them groping here.

BD: 24 sec.
ITA: 24 sec.


In the US, Franca is shown smoking earlier.

US: 1 sec.


Lilly and her neighbor are shown having sex in another shot.

ITA: 5 secs.


As Lilly turns to her lover, the ITA shows two more short shots of the two of them cuddling.

ITA: 3 secs.


The US shows two shots of Lilly leaning over her lover.

The ITA shows other shots of the two having sex.

US: 5 sec.
ITA: 12 sec.


In the ITA, Lilly and her neighbor are shown having sex for a longer time.

ITA: 10 secs.


In the US, we continue to see Lilly and her lover kissing.

The ITA cuts to Lilly's butt for a moment.

US: 5 secs.
ITA: 4 secs.


As Lilly gets out of bed, the US continues to show the same shot.

The ITA instead uses an alternate shot in which Lilly's private parts are visible.

US: 7 sec.
ITA: 7 sec.


In the US, Bettina is shown entering the building earlier.

US: 3 secs.


As the newspapers are shown with the news of the murder in the sleeper car, the US again fades in the English translation of the headline.

No time difference.


The commissioner can be seen earlier in the US.

On the German DVD, his (English) dialogue has been moved so it doesn't match the picture.

BD: 4 sec.


In the US, the newspaper headline is again subtitled in English.

No time difference.


The newspaper clippings are subtitled again in the US.

No time difference.


Casali is seen longer in the ITA.

ITA: 1 sec.


The US has the English credits, the ITA has the Italian credits.

No time difference.