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Candle for the Devil, A (aka It Happened at Nightmare Inn)

original title: Vela para el diablo, Una


  • US DVD
  • Uncut Version
Release: Aug 26, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Comapared are the shortened US DVD by Cheezy Flicks and the Uncut Version by Midnight Video.

"A Candle for the Devil" is about two sisters operating a motel in a small village. Martha, one of the sisters, considers herself as an instrument of God when a from her point of view shameless girl dies. Further homicides follow and Laura, the sister of the first victim, is the only one who discovers the sisters' dark secret.

Cheezy Flicks released a shortened Version entitled "It Happened at Nightmare Inn" on DVD. Almost every footage that contains sex & violence has been removed. Furthermore the entire relationship between Veronica and Luis have been removed as well.
The quality of the images is really swell. Unfortunately, the aspect ratio is incorrect.

Running time:

NL: 82:41 Min (PAL)
US DVD: 67:17 Min (NTSC)

Comparison of the image:

left: NL
right: US


Missing pan shot of the town at the beginning.

10 sec


The quote is missing in the US Version.

no difference


Marta and Veronica on their way upstairs.

Several men on the roof watching May having a sunbath.

The two are ashamed and angry about that kind of exposure. Martha grabs May and pulls her away. She wants her to leave the house.

May trips up and falls down the stairway.

Martha interpretates her death as God's retribution and considers herself and her sister Veronica as instruments of God. Then a knocking at the door. Martha sends Veronica to open it while she's getting rid off the body.

2:58 min


Laura goes to the busdriver to ask if May had taken it to leave the village. The busdriver can't find her name on the list and points out she might have taken a taxi.

But the taxi driver can't help her either.

53 sec


Extended shot of Veronica, then a pan shot of Martha wiping off the blood on the mug and the wall.

The US Version is back in the game when Martha washes her hands.

26 sec


Veronica turns her head around and looks at Martha. Then a shot of Martha.

10 sec


Martha goes into the kitchen to prepare some beverages. She calls for Luis who is chopping wood.

With the shot of Luis, the US Version is back in the game.

23 sec


Helen enters the room, sets her things aside, explains she wanted to go swimming and leaves. Martha cat-calls at her but she doesn't react.

41 sec


Extended pan shot of the houses.

Veronica leaves the house to go to Luis.

She comes in his room while he's lying nudely on the bed. She kisses his body to wake him up. Then she teases him with putting off her clothes very slowly. Then they have sex.

Suddenly Veronica stops and tells Luis she was afraid that her sister might catch them because she had already gotten suspicious due to the money she had given to him. Then they continue kissing.

Early beginning of a shot of Martha in the next scene.

4:40 min


Martha turns around the corner and approaches Luis' house. She peeks into it, recognizes the empty bed and leaves.

51 sec


Some nudity while having a bath.

6 sec


Again some nudity. Then Martha, she branches off and runs back. She gets hurt on her way back.

53 sec


The artist asks for Lauras sister and shows her a picture.

6 sec


Extended shot of Martha getting hassled by Helen, she also tears her nightdress apart. The end of Helen's sentence has been removed to the knife scene in the US Version.

24 sec


Martha stabbed Helen one more time.

5 sec


Victoria stabs Helen.

3 sec


Victoria turns Helen's body around.

Martha goes upstairs to kill Laura but Victoria can prevent that.

Both go downstairs and agree to get rid off the body.

2:26 min


Victoria puts on her clothes at Luis'. She tells him Martha had been in a good mood the days before and she hadn't been spying on her anymore.

33 sec


Missing shot of Norma's body.

3 sec


Earlier beginning of the zoom to the fire. One can see the knife in Norma's back.

1 sec


Martha undresses the dead body and burns the clothes.

24 sec


Veronica arrives at Luis who has already been waiting for her.

He gives her some earrings. Veronica gives him money and asks him to leave the village because sth. was going to happen.

Due to the fact that he doesn't want to leave, she yells at him and leaves for herself.

1:24 min


Martha lowers the bloody hatchet.

3 sec