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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 26, 2009 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Theatrical Version and the uncut Director's Cut).

Altogether there are 17 differences with an overall time of 9 minutes and 42,5 seconds:

2 cuts in the Director's Cut = 7 seconds
5 cuts in the Theatrical Version = 6 minutes and 47,5 seconds.
6 cuts with alternative footage = 2 minutes and 48 seconds.
4 digital integrated effects = No time difference.

Not much needs being said about the 1973 cult classic created under the direction of William Friedkin and based on the novel by William Peter Blatty who also wrote the script for and produced the film. Thanks to its tremendous success the movie spawned two sequels as well as two prequels. Then, in the beginning of 2001 the so called Director's Cut was released for the big screen. Beside the extended scenes and the new digital effects a newly composed score has been used as well.
0 Min


The Warner Bros. logo appears in color and with a different text. it also remains longer than in the DC.
+12,5 Sec

Director's Cut:

Here the logo appears in black and white, followed by a camera movement over the MacNeils house and along the road before the scene changes over to a statue of the Virgin Mary.
41 Sec

[TV][Director's Cut]

28 Min
Regan unties her shoe laces after sitting down on the bed.
+4,5 Sec

32 Min
The waiting room of the doctors office is shown. Then follows a longer sequence of Regan being examined. For a short time the face of a demon is shown. Regan makes a few steps through the room and falls to the floor. Changeover to Dr. Kleins office where Chris is waiting. Dr. Klein enters and sits down at his desk. He talks to Chris about Regan and her condition and how to proceed. He goes on to tell that Regan had cursed and lied during the examinations which Chris can hardly believe.
254 Sec

35 Min
Regan is seen longer at the party in the Theatrical Version.
+2,5 Sec

53 Min
A demons face appears on the exhaust hood next to Chris.
No time difference

53 Min
Another face appears as Chris opens the door to Regans room.
No time difference

54 Min
One more time on the left wall in Regans room.
No time difference

55 Min
The scene in which Chuck walks up to Chris and grabs her shoulders is seen in different angles but with no additional footage. Then follows the cut in the Theatrical Version. The Director's Cut goes on as follows: chuck walks out the front door and Chris turns to Sharon before looking to the stairs. What follows is the infamous "Spiderwalk" during which Regan crawls backwards and on all fours down the stairs and spits blood. Cut back to the horrified Chris. The black screen at the end is longer as well.
28,5 Sec

[TV][Director's Cut]

82 Min
Pater Karras listens to a conversation between Regan and Chris on tape.
53 Sec

93 Min
While Sharon listens to the radio demonic noises are coming from Regans room, so Sharon puts earplugs in. Changeover to father Merrin praying. Chris enters and brings him a cup of tea. She asks whether he wants some Brandy in his tea. Father Merrin answers that his doctor has forbidden him alcohol but thank God his will is weak. he returns the cup of tea to her.
71 Sec

94 Min

Father Karras and Father Merrin are walking past Chris who watches them walk by.
+4 Sec

Director's Cut:
Father Merrin asks Chris whether Regan has a middle name. Chris answers that her middle name is Theresa. Father Merrin says that this is a beautiful name.
15 Sec

[TV][Director's Cut]

104 Min

Two shots of Father Merrin and Father Karras.
+5,5 Sec

Director's Cut:
Father Karras: Why this child? It makes no sense!
Father Merrin: It's about making us despair! He wants us to see ourselves in a different way! Animalistic, ugly! So that we don't even consider that God may love us!
37 Sec

[TV][Director's Cut]

In the Director's Cut, Father Karras' dead mother appears in front of the window.
No time difference

114 Min
Father Dyer, after Chris has given him the necklace.
5 Sec

114 Min
He returns the necklace and tells her to keep it.
6 Sec

115 Min

The MacNeils are driving away in their car, followed by father Dyer walking down the alley.
+9 Sec

Director's Cut:
Regan waves to Father Dyer from the car and he waves back. Then he walks down the street.
18 Sec

[TV][Director's Cut]

115 Min

Father Dyer is standing at the stairs, then turns around and walks away.
+6 Sec

Director's Cut:
Father Dyer is seen longer. He walks back and meets Lt. Kinderman who is standing in front of the MacNeils old house. Father Dyer tells him that he has missed them and that they are gone already. They talk about Regans condition that has gotten better. As they bid farewell and walk away, Lt. Kinderman shouts to father Dyer and asks him whether he wants to go to the cinema with him since he has free tickets for "Wuthering Heights". Father Dyer replies that he already knows the movie. Lt. Kinderman wants to know whether Dyer has already eaten something. Father Dyer abnegates and both walk off to a restauant.
94 Sec

[TV][Director's Cut]