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  • Unrated
Release: Mar 16, 2008 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Version.

Compared to John Carpenter's original from 1978, Rob Zombie's remake is badly disappointing. Zombie takes a lot of time to show Michael's childhood and development, but with a stripping mother, a drinking father and an arrogant sister, he uses an awful lot of stereotypes. In its second half, the movie tells the plot of the original Halloween, but without adding any new aspects.

In addition to the known R-rated/theatrical version, an unrated version was released simultaneously and is about 11 minutes longer. However, you do not have to expect any new or longer violent scenes. Most of it are plot extensions which were probably missing in the theatrical version to speed things up. Michael's escape from prison was changed, too. While he is killing four guards in the theatrical version, Noel and his cousin, who are raping a girl, indirectly help him to escape in the unrated version. So the R-rated version is not necessarily worse.

The parts marked red in the cut-report, are only in the R-rated version. Running times:

Unrated: 121:28 min. (NTSC)
R-Rated: 109:56 min. (NTSC)

A bit more dialogue after Judith denied the eggs for breakfast.

Deborah: "Since when?"
Judith: "Since now. They're chicken abortions, and they're fucking gross."
Deborah: "They are not chicken abortions."
Judith: "Like you know what an abortion is."

Ronnie starts laughing.

After that, we see Deborah a few frames earlier.

10,33 sec.


Alternative scene


Michael walks to the school-building after the bell rang. After that, we see him walking down the stairs towards the toilet.

7,60 sec.


A car drives by the school.

3,76 sec.


The dialogue in the toilet continues, after Michael said "I said fuck you." .

Principal: "Fuck me? Come here. Come here."

He grabs Michael.

Michael: "My bag!"
Principal: "Grab it!"

6,97 sec.


A little more dialogue in the principal's office.

Deborah: "Can't you get control over your school, principal?"
Principal: "Yes, I can get control. I can control my school. There's something you gotta know."

After that, we see Loomis walking in the hallway.

13,77 sec.


Right after the "Smith's Grove Eleven Months Later"-flash, we see a reporter standing in front of the building.

Reporter: "I'm standing outside Smith's Grove Sanitarium."

After that, it goes on (like in the R-Rated) directly with the news-report.

3,13 sec.


After the conversation between Michael and Loomis we see a black-and-white-video-shot of Michael, thereto Loomis' voice.

Loomis: "Case: Michael Myers. To the untrained eye, there's nothing visually abnormal with this angelic young boy, but one must remember not to be fooled by his calm, unassuming facade."

15,30 sec.


Deborah is seen a little earlier.

1,83 sec.


At his conversation with Loomis, we see Michael a little earlier in the R-Rated.

1,23 sec.


Again, Michael is seen a little earlier in the R-Rated.

0,6 sec.


Loomis and Michael are seen a bit longer, Michael is seen a little earlier in the following shot.

0,6 sec.


Again, Michael is seen a little earlier.

0,23 sec.


Another appraisal of Loomis is seen. As before, in black and white with Loomis' voice.

Loomis: "Michael has begun to obsess on the construction of these primitive masks. It is the rare occasion that he will allow himself to be seen without one of these. Only during the weekly visits from his mother does he show brief glimpses of the boy he once may have been."

16,50 sec.


After Deborah's visit, we see another scene of Loomis and Michael quietly sitting face to face at a session. Loomis switches on the tape-recorder.

After that, we see his third appraisal.

Loomis: "Michael's so-called normal moments are becoming fewer and fewer, and I'm particularly worried about this. I believe that these masks have begun to create a mental sanctuary in which Michael can hide within himself and from himself."

34,47 sec.


After Michael was hugged by Loomis, we see the fourth appraisal.

Loomis: "Michael's downward slide into this hellish abyss continues. I fear he's on the verge of completely shutting down."

After that, we see Loomis and Michael sitting at a table outdoors.

Loomis: "I managed to persuade the suits to let you come outside and sit out in the garden. All right, gardens. Hardly a charming place, but at least there's a bit of greenery. But please, I mean, if you don't communicate with me, how can I help you? I'm here to help you. I feel an utter failure at the moment, that I just can't get through to you. And you know, they're going to see in my reports that you're not responding, and-- you know, they may take me off the case. I don't know. I hope not."
Michael: "I need to get out of here."
Loomis: "Yes, that's not going to happen for a while, Michael."

51,23 sec.

In the R-Rated, the next scene starts a little earlier.

1,00 sec.


A fifth appraisal from Loomis can be seen.

Loomis: "The child christened Michael Myers has become a sort of ghost, a mere shape of a human being. There's nothing left here now."

The next shot of Michael and his mother, sitting at a table, starts a little earlier.

14,33 sec.


We see the three of them, sitting at the table, for a little longer.

2,97 sec.


In the Unrated, we see the picture of Michael and his little brother. Michael raises his head.

Nurse: "Couldn't be related to you."

8,87 sec.

In the R-Rated, we see an alternative shot of the nurse.

2,13 sec.


The dialogue between the two guards goes on a little bit.

Noel: "...and I suppose that's because you're a hard worker."
Ismael: " Most of you people are."
Noel: "All your women keep your little bungalows clean, sweep off the dirt floors-- keep the papooses in order and all--"

10,37 sec.


A little more dialogue in Michael's cell.

Noel: "Don't look at me. I'll be a shitstorm in your worst nightmare, motherfucker. I'll come in here and fuck this place up one night, you watch."

8,13 sec.


Another short scene of Michael being lead along the hallway, can be seen.

2,47 sec.


Loomis saying goodbye to Micheal is a little different.

Loomis: "Take care, Michael. Take care."

After that, he walks away from Michael.

In the next shot we see him leaving the prison, but turning around one last time.

43,33 sec.

In the R-Rated, we see Loomis, looking at Michael a little horrified, instead.

3,47 sec.


Loomis' speech goes on a little bit.

Loomis: "Thus creating a psychopath that knows no boundaries...and has no boundaries."

9,60 sec.


Michael's escape from prison is different in the two versions.


Noel and his cousin Kendall are walking along the hallway.

Kendall: "Kendall, I really don't appreciate being called out of my favorite watering hole to come down on the fuckin' graveyard shift. If you do me dirt on this one, I'll fuckin' hold it against you."
Noel: "Hey, you know what? I'll fuck her. You don't want to fuck her? I'll fuck her. Right here."

Noel opens the door to one of the cells and drags out a girl.

Kendall looks in the direction of Michael's cell.

Kendall: "Mikey, Mikey, Mikey."

Noel: "Here we go. I want you to meet Cousin Noel."

Kendall turns to her.

Kendall: "Hi, there, sweetie. Hi."
Noel: "Huh?"
Kendall: "Oh, we're just here to look in on you. We know it's your first night and all. We just want to see how you are. Oh! Aren't you a pretty little thing?"
Noel: "Not bad, huh?"
Kendall: "We're just makin' sure everything's okay."

The girl is winching a bit.

Kendall: "Oh, now, we're okay. Hey. Ooh, look at those little titties."
Noel: "You're right! Oh, look at there."
Kendall: "What else is under there?"

The girl starts screaming. But Noel keeps holding her.

Kendall: "No, no, no, no, no. Oh, yeah! Whoo! We got ourselves a fighter! A fresh one! You done good, cousin. Hah-hah! I got an idea."
Noel: "Okay."
Kendall: "I got me a fuckin' bona fide, sure as shit idea!"

We see Michael, who is working on a mask, in his cell.

Kendall: "Keep her fuckin' quiet."
Noel: "God, shut up."

The door opens.

Kendall: "Oh, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey."
Noel: "Hello, Mike!"
Kendall: "Hey, Mikey. We brought you a little company."
Noel: "Yeah, we got you some new, fresh meat, baby."
Kendall: "Fuckin' bitch. You want some of that? Come on, baby! Show us you're a man, huh?"

Kendall grabs the girl between her legs and smells her fingers.

Kendall: "You want some fuckin' pussy? Yeah. You want some fuckin' pussy, huh? Yeah. Mm, that's good. How 'bout some of that, killer?"

Micheal does not react.

Noel: "He ain't gonna do it. Let me lick--Let me just--You wanna fuckin' fight, huh? Come on, bitch."

Noel rapes the girl on Michael's bed.

Kendall: "Fuck the shit outta her. Come on! Get on her!"
Noel: "Yeah, baby!"

When Noel is done, the girl is raped by Kendall.

Noel (to Michael): "You fucking tard-ass faggot, come on!"
Kendall: "Yeah!"

Both of them take a mask from the wall and puts it on.

Kendall: "You a faggot, boy?"

Michael stands up and walks to Noel.

Noel: "You a faggot, huh?"

Michael throws Noel against the wall.

Kendall: "What the fuck? Hey, you son of a bitch!"

Kendall beats Michael with a pipe.

Kendall: "Son of a bitch! Let him go. Kendall!"

Michael lets off Noel. Kendall flies out of the room, but stumbles over his pants, which are still dragged down.

Kendall: "What the fuck, Mikey? It's Kendall. It's Kendall, Mikey."

Michael grabs him and throws him against the wall several times. Kendall goes down to the ground with a wound at his head.

Michael looks down on him.

185,53 sec. (3:05 min.)


Four guards are sitting in a room, talking.

Larry: "Why is everybody so jacked up we gotta move this asshole tonight?"
Guard2: "Larry, man, you worry way too much."
Larry. "You don't worry enough."
Guard2: "Hey man, I do what I do. You tell me to move the meat, I move the meat."
Larry: "We'll they're getting on my last nerve. What the hell are we waiting around for?"
Female guard: "Have a doughnut, Larry. Relax."
Larry: "A doughnut? Do you know many sit-ups it takes to work off a goddamn doughnut?"
Female guard: "Yes, I do, baby. But do you?"
Larry: "Yes, I do. It's a lot. And that shit ain't funny."

The phone rings.

Female guard: "What you got? Okay. Yes, sir. Yes...sir. Understood."

She hangs up.

Female guard: "Hats on, boys. We're out of here."
Guard2: "So what kook are we moving tonight?"
Female guard: "Michael...Myers."
Guard2: "Trick or treat, baby."
Larry: "Shit."
Female guard: "Let's go."

Scene change. Michael, in chains, is being taken along the hallway by four guards.

Guard2: "Jesus Christ, could this guy walk any fucking slower?"
Larry: "Just wait here."

Larry opens a channel-gate.

Larry: "All right, let's go."
Guard2: "Come on, meat."

When Larry wants to open the second gate, Michael breaks free from his chains and kills three guards, who are in the channel-gate.

When the woman runs in with a pump-gun and shoots at him, he grabs one of the dead guards as a shield and attacks the woman. He slits her throat and then drags her along the hallway.

172,00 sec. (2:52 min.)


The dialogue in the toilet is a bit longer.

Man: "What we got here is...a failure to communicate."

6,93 sec.


Right after we saw the eggs in the pan, the following is missing in the R-Rated.

Cynthia: "Mason, Laurie!"

Mason appears.

Cynthia: "Morning."
Mason: "Where are my goddamn glasses? Jesus, Cynth, I'm gonna be late."
Cynthia: "On your head."
Mason: "Oh, sh-- I'm gonna lose my mind."
Cynthia: "Move."

16,83 sec.


A bit more dialogue after Laurie makes fun of Mr. Nickels.

Cynthia: "Okay, that is so not funny."
Laurie: "Want a screwdriver, Mommy? You want a hammer? Look at this, Mom. Oh!"

Laurie digs with her finger in a donut.

6,53 sec.

In the R-Rated, we see Laurie a bit longer and her mother a bit earlier in the next shot, instead.

1,47 sec.


Laurie's house is seen a bit earlier.

2,3 sec.


Some dialogue between Laurie's parents, after she has gone.

Mason: "Oh, uh, you think you could...glue Mr. Bones' arms on or something? Have a good day, baby."
Cynthia: "Yeah. Top on my priority list."

7,33 sec.


In the Unrated we see Michael taking the letter and sniffing it.

5,07 sec.

In the R-Rated we see Laurie walking back further and the two of them a little earlier, in the next shot.

2,23 sec.


After Laurie has met her friends, the following is missing:

Michael's escape is seen on a screen.

Loomis: "Call me back."

Loomis turns to Morgan.

Loomis: "This is all your fault. I mean, you're responsible."
Morgan: "I cannot be responsible for everything that goes on in here."
Loomis: "What about you?"
Head of prison: "No, no, no, no. You're not pinning this on me. He was your patient, Doctor."
Loomis: "Was my patient. Look, all you guys had to do was to play zoo-keeper. Just keep the monkeyhouse locked until the monkey died of old age. How difficult is that?"
Head of prison: "Christ, you can barely tell he's breathing half the time. He's been like a comatose kitty for 15 years."
Morgan: "If our security wasn't sufficient, Sammy, you should have warned us."
Loomis: "I see. So you're just going to wash your hands of the whole thing. You know, you two make me sick."

Loomis takes his jacket and is just about to leave, when he turns around, again.

Loomis: "He is mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf."

66,40 sec. (1:06 min.)


Loomis' departure is a bit longer.

Morgan: "And where is that?"
Loomis: "Haddonfield!"

Loomis departs.

Morgan: "Haddonfield's a hundred miles away from here."

10,77 sec.


A bit more dialogue, when the girls walk along the alley.

Annie: "Anyway, today in class, in French class, Mr. Leclerc was totally flirting with me."
Lynda: "God, here we go!"
Annie: "We were conjugating the verb "to want.""
Laurie: "Because he so wants you!"
Annie: "Je veuxl Je veuxl"

14,67 sec.


When Laurie walks home, the scene continues in the Unrated.

She turns around, but then walks on. For a brief moment, we see Michael following her.

She arrives at home and sees her mother working on the Halloween-decoration.

Laurie: "Aw, how cute."
Cynthia: "Would you please help me with this stupid thing?"
Laurie: "Okay, okay, okay. Jeez. Mom, why do you deal with this every year?"
Cynthia: "Because for some unbelievable reason, your father likes it. The feet look like the hands--"
Laurie: "It's not working."
Cynthia: "And the hands like the feet, and I can't get the thing in the hole, and--Oh, I can't get it!"
Laurie: "Calm down, I'm helping--You got it?"
Cynthia: "Will you try and get those right?"
Laurie: "Okay, I'll try."
Cynthia: "Oh, jeez. I've been out here for two hours doing this."
Laurie: "There. Hey, do you want me to get--"
Cynthia: "Just hang himself. No! I'm still upset about the whole bagel thing this morning, if you want to know the truth."

They go into the house.

Laurie: "Mom, that was a joke."
Cynthia: "Oh, yeah. Well, let me tell you."
Laurie: "It was a joke.There are some things moms don't need to hear."

A man comes up to the house.

Laurie: "Yeah, I'm 17."
Cynthia: "I know you're 17."
Laurie: "You're the best, Mom."

Cross-fade to the graveyard. A car drives up.

Chester: "Yeah, it's right over here."
Loomis (on the phone): "Yeah. Hello? Yes, uh, Sheriff Brackett, please. Dr. Samuel Loomis. Yeah. Hello? He--Oh, sh-- ugh! Can I borrow your cell phone? This thing's about as useful as a row of Christmas puddings."
Chester: "Oh, no. I don't have one. Causes brain cancer."
Loomis: "Oh, yeah. Right."

In the next shot, we see the two a little earlier in the R-Rated.

115,73 sec. (1:56 min.)

In the R-Rated, there is a little cut, here. Laurie turns around and walks on.

2,20 sec.


In the Unrated, "Trick or Treat" is being flashed. After that, we see Michael in a house.

11,77 sec.

In the R-Rated, there is a direct transition from the dead animal to the car.

3,50 sec.

A bit more dialogue, after Lynda's boyfriend said, that he could buy it.

Lynda: "Yeah, with like, your $10 you have in your piggy bank?"

2,70 sec.


Alternative shot.

In the R-Rated, there is a zoom towards Lynda, when she asks for the beer.

no time difference (3,70 sec. in each version).


Alternative shot of Lynda when she opens the beer, also an alternative shot of Michael throwing down the sheet.

In the Unrated, we see her genital area.

7,13 sec.


In the Unrated, there is another scene of Lynda lying on the floor.

2,40 sec.

In the R-Rated, we see Lynda turning a bit further to the site and Michael a little earlier in the next scene, instead.

0,83 sec.


We see another shot of Michael carrying Lynda through the hallway.

3,63 sec.


The dialogue between Laurie and her parents goes on.

Mason: "It's, uh-- What was it you told me to say?"
Cynthia: "Amateur night."
Mason: "Yeah, that's right. Amateur night."
Laurie: "Dad, I'm just going to be babysitting. What's the worst thing I could do?"
Mason: "All right, okay."

16,07 sec.

In the R-Rated, there is an alternative scene to the last two sentences.

Laurie: "Dad, I'm just going to be babysitting. What's the worst thing I could do?"
Mason: "All right, I'm just saying."

8,43 sec.


The baby-sitting at Tommy's starts earlier. We see the house.

Tommy is sitting on the dining table. Laurie appears with a sandwich.

Laurie: "Okay, Tommy, here's your jelly sandwich, hold the peanut butter."
Tommy: "Good. You know, if you listened to me the first time, you wouldn't had to have made it twice."

Laurie takes a seat on the table, too.

Tommy: "Laurie?"
Laurie: "What?"
Tommy: "Is the Boogey Man real?"
Laurie: "Why are you so obsessed with the Boogey Man, Tommy?"

24,97 sec.

In the R-Rated, there is only the last part of the dialogue, though with alternative footage.

Tommy: "Laurie? Is the Boogey Man real?"
Laurie: "Why are you so obsessed with the Boogey Man, Tommy?"

8,20 sec.


Laurie and Tommy are having a little food-fight, before it is cut to the movie.

4,87 sec.


We see another "movie in the movie scene". The burning thing jumps out of the window. After that, we see Michael a little earlier.

3,73 sec.


The scene in the sheriff's office starts a little earlier.

Loomis: "You have to stop thinking that we're dealing with a normal man here. We're dealing with a soulless killing machine, driven by pure animal instinct."

In the next shot, we see the sheriff a few frames earlier.

11,27 sec.


We see Loomis for a little longer. This was done, to adjust the dialogue a bit. (compare to next cut.)

2,17 sec.


A bit more dialogue between Loomis and the sheriff.

The first part can be heard till the "a", when we see the book.

Loomis: "When I first met him, he was a sweet, charming little boy. But he had nothing inside. There was something missing, a void. There was no conscience, no reason,"

After that, a cut to the sheriff.

In the next shot, we see Loomis a few frames earlier.

13,43 sec.

In the R-Rated, there is an alternative shot of the sheriff, taking off his glasses.

3,60 sec.


The dialogue between Laurie and Tommy about the Boogey Man starts a little earlier.

Tommy: "I would like to return to the subject we started earlier this evening."
Laurie: "What? Your hatred of peanut butter?"
Tommy: "No, the Boogey Man."

{Tommy: "I need some closure on this topic."}

The sentence in the curly braces can be heard later, in the Unrated , while Tommy's first sentence can be heard in the Unrated.

8,40 sec.

There are alternative scenes in the R-Rated.

Tommy: "I would like to return to the subject we started earlier this evening."

2,07 sec.


Michael drags Annie away for a little longer. After that, cut to Laurie and the children, who are watching Forbidden Planet.

Laurie: "Lindsey, it's time for you to go home."
Lindsey: "But the movie's not over."
Laurie: "You can finish watching the movie at your house."
Lindsey: "How about during the commercial break?"
Laurie: "Negative. Go get your jacket!"
Tommy: "You heard her, girl. Keep on marching."
Lindsey: "Ugh! I am Queen Sheba, okay? Bow down and worship me."
Laurie: "Go get your jacket. Are you sure you're okay while I take Lindsey home?"
Tommy: "I'm fine."
Laurie: "Are you sure, little Tommy? You'll be by yourself! Are you sure?"
Tommy: "Yes!"
Lindsey: "He's scared."
Tommy: "No, I'm not."
Lindsey: "Yes, you are."
Tommy: "Shut up."
Laurie: "Okay, you guys. Stop. Behave, Tommy-Wommy."

45,70 sec.


After Michael got shot, the camera pans down on him a little, in the R-Rated.

No time difference. (3,83 sec. in each version)


Laurie and Loomis walk away.

14,87 sec.


Loomis walks around the car.

6,73 sec.


Loomis stands on the car for a little longer.

3,13 sec.


Alternative take of Loomis, saying "It's not her fault.".

Unrated: 1,93 sec.
R-Rated: 1,67 sec.


A little longer and alternative footage.

Loomis: "Michael, it's my fault. I failed you. Please, let her go. Please."

7,77 sec.

In the R-Rated, there is an alternative shot of Laurie and then one of Loomis.

Loomis: "Michael, it's my fault. I failed you."

3,07 sec.


Laurie grabs for the weapon a little longer. Then she comes across Loomis, who is lying on the ground motionless.

12,20 sec.


The camera pans down on Michael. Loomis suddenly grabs his leg, trying to stop him. But Michael just keeps on walking, until Loomis finally collapses. For a brief moment in-between, we see Laurie, running away.

15,90 sec.

In the R-Rated, we see another shot of Michael and then one of the flying Laurie.

3,60 sec.


In the Unrated a shot of Michael is missing during the end credits, also the name "Bill Moseley" was removed.

3,23 sec.