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  • Theatrical Version
  • R-Rated Special Edition
Release: Feb 01, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Also the rated R version of the recently released Special Edition of MY BLOODY VALENTINE varies in two short sequences from the normal rated R theatrical version which was as well released in the German speaking part. Apparently there has been a slip-up concerning the pressing e.g. the Seamless Branching Method.

As we remember: Originally the MPAA complains about many scenes which have been removed afterwards. But like it is common in the U.S. the scenes havenít been just removed, instead in some extent, harmless alternative image material have been inserted. The Seamless Branching Method opens up the possibility to deliver two versions on one disk, without having to press the whole movie twice on the same disk. So storage space can be saved for a better frame quality, by putting only the new e.g. alternative settings on the disk. These scenes then are inserted via Seamless Branching Method, depending on what version the spectator has selected in the menu, at the appropriate location. For alternative material this naturally means that in each case the only in the other version available material isnít shown.

Now this is exactly the mistake in the Special Edition from Lions Gate: If the spectator selects the rated R version he gets a cut-back onto the mine disaster in two short sequences, not the originally inserted harmless alternative material for the theatrical version, but even still the unrated material. All the other scenes, in which alternative material has been used, according with the Special Edition here now also shows the harmless alternative material. However everybody will prefer the unrated version anyway this censorship report has mainly documentary character.
Compared has been the in the menu of the Special Edition from Lions Gate selectable, rated R version with the rated R version of the European DVD.

Difference = 1,5 seconds in two scenes
12:21 Min.
Alternative image material. In the cut-back when the last surviving coal miner is found the scene with the arm was filmed different. While he just holds the cut arm in his hands in the regular theatrical version, he nibbles at it in the Special Edition rated version. This therefore runs a little longer.
Unrated: ( 88 SF )
Rated: ( 74 SF )
Total difference: ( 14 SF )
Alternative image material:


12:36 Min.
Again there is a cut-back with again alternative material. While the supervisor gets the pickax in his chest in both versions, it can only be seen in the Special Edition rated version how the killer grabs into the bloody chest. The previous close-up of the mask is different in both versions. Only in the European version the mask is spattered with blood and the removal of the heart happens in the off.
Unrated: ( 117 SF )
Rated: ( 95 SF )
Total difference: ( 22 SF )
Alternative image material