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  • Theatrical Version
  • TV Version
Release: May 28, 2017 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

Compared are the Theatrical Version (German DVD by ASTRO / Best Entertainment) and the TV Version (Extended Version) (German DVD by ASTRO / Best Entertainment).

There are 3 missing scenes with a total length of 10 minutes 9.5 seconds.

John Carpenter's iconic horror flick that created the slasher genre does not require any kind of explanation. 7 sequels, 2 remakes and several rip-offs were the result but none of them match up to the original. In 1980, John Carpenter's Halloween premiered on TV in the US. The rights were bought for $4 million. But the channel was not happy with the length. As a result, Carpenter had to do a reshoot in order to get 12 additional minutes so that one could reach the 2-hour mark. The reshoot took place during the shooting of the sequel Halloween 2.
6 Min
Two doctors are in a conference hall with Dr. Loomis. One of the doctors reads the opinion of the court to Dr. Loomis. The doctor explains Michael Meyers would be institutionalized at Smith Grove Sanatorium where he would be under observation by some shrink who was supposed to keep the court in the loop about Michael's condition. In addition to that, Michael was going to be trialed as an adult for the murder of his sister Judith Meyers one day before his 21st birthday. Now, Loomis gets a chance to speak. He stands up and tells the two doctors Michael needed to be transfered to a high security facility. The doc says the decision had already been made and Loomis answers the security at a sanatorium was pretty low level and the staff was not qualified to handle someone like Michael. One of the doc explains those things were not required because Michael would not harm a fly since he did not show any reaction at all. Loomis gets angry. He explains he had dealt with Michael for 6 months now - 4 hours a day - and Michael was the most dangerous patient he had ever dealt with. But the doc has his doubts because there is no proof for that. Dr. Loomis says Michael had the skill to hide his instincts and he was just waiting for the right moment. When the doc asks what exactly Michael was waiting for, Loomis does not have an answer. The doc also makes it clear that a special permission was required for a transfer and that was not an option in Michael's case because they had everything under control. Dr. Loomis does not agree. Once again, he points out that the security measures were inadequate and requests that they would give it another thought. Last but not least, the doc wants to know from Loomis if he intended to give up the Michael Myers case in case it was too much for him. But Loomis does not dream of it. He makes it clear that this was not going to happen. When one of the docs wants to know if Loomis had further questions, he simply shakes his head and leaves the room. He walks across the hallway and stops at Michael's room. He enters and finds young Michael sitting on a chair. Michael does not react to Loomis's presence at all. Loomis confirms to Michael that he had successfully fooled the others but not him.
337.5 sec

13 Min
Dr. Loomis and the doctor are walking across the hallway. She tells him it haad taken a lot of time to regain control over the other patients after Michael's escape and that one of the patients had even fled to Morgan Town Road. Loomis wants to know who had been working at the time but the doc does not really know. She can only makes assumptions. However, she can tell Loomis the security personnel had not been present at the time. They then walk into Michael's old room on which someone did a real number. A nurse is still in there cleaning up. The doc explains to Loomis how Michael had managed to break out in the first place: He had smashed the windows in his room, run out and and freed the other patients so that they had had the opportunity to escape as well. Without commenting all this, Loomis asks the doc to show him the note Michael left. The doc walks up to the door and closes it. The word "sister" is carved in the door. The doc asks Loomis if Michael had already been found. Loomis explains he had not but he had an idea where to find him. Then Loomis leaves the room. The doc accompanies Loomis to the door and informs him that the doc in charge would like to have a word with him.
60 sec

26 Min
Laurie comes down the stairs. The door bell rings. She opens and gets taken by surprise. Linda claims she was being followed by some stranger. Laurie has had a weird experience herself and tells Linda about the guy outside who kept starring at her while she was in class. Linda believes it was someone they knew who was just playing a prank on them but Laurie does not think so. Laurie changes the subject. She asks Linda why she had come. Linda explains she did not have anything to wear and asks if she could borrow Laurie's blouse. Laurie hesitates but nt because of Linda's request. She hesitates because of the stranger who watched her and who is now sneaking around outside. Linda calms her down and says it was probably their friend "Steve Todd". Then the phone rings. Laurie freezes completely and she does not move one bit until Linda tells her to answer the phone. Laurie gets to phone and answers. It is Annie who also asks for Laurie's blouse because she did not have anything to wear either but Laurie says she had already promised Linda that blouse. They then talk about the stranger who had watched them recently and who was following Linda now. When they hang up, Linda wants to know where the blouse was. Laurie says it was upstairs in the closet. She also tells Linda to be careful with it. After Linda gets upstairs, Laurie gets up from the chair and walks straight up to the window. She takes a look outside.
212 sec