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The Outpost


Gamera: The Complete Collection

Star Trek: Picard - Season One



  • R-Rated
  • BBFC-18
Release: Aug 05, 2008 - Author: Scat - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
The US R-Rated version (HBO Video) is cut while the UK BBFC-18 version (4 Front Video) is uncut.
It's remarkable that there was apparently an extra "cut-version" designed - more details on that in the report. Remarks on the R-Rated version are italic.

The time indices given refer to the UK version.
The R-Rated version features a "Millimeter Films"-Logo at the beginning.
5 sec

Mo is seen, he looks at the robot. Shot of MARK 13, then Mo again.
15 sec

One sees the picture of a figure, then in flashback the scene where Mo cites the bible ("No Flesh shall be spared...").
36 sec

The shot of Mo starts a lot earlier.
10,5 sec

There is a cut to Jill after the shot of the sun. She walks up the stairs, pushing back the others (who want to prevent her from going upstairs to MARK 13) with a baseball bat.
The R-Rated starts when Jill is already upstairs. One sees that as well earlier in the R-Rated when the shots (sun/Jill) change: here one can see how she comes around the corner.
13,5 sec

The door opens. A very brief scene is missing: the torso of the guy that was ripped apart by the door.
0,5 sec

The torso is seen once again.
The R-Rated features a shot of Jill instead.
1 sec