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Alien 3

original title: Alien³


  • Theatrical Version
  • Special Edition
Release: Jul 17, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Booklet Text

(translated from the German SE)
Because of a troubled production and controversial circumstances the release of Alien³ became a curiosity among full-blooded Alien fans. Today David Fincher is one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. Until today the movie attained cult status which resulted from various rumours about creative intervention, lost scenes and a completely different workprint version which actually should have rebuilt Fincher's original vision. Lots of people were predominantly the meaning Fincher's work had taken serious damages.

Rumours stay rumours, lets have a look at the facts: There is no mysterious and lost Director's Cut of Alien³. It doesn't exist! To realize a dream of a DC would have meant to permit Fincher to revise the movie from the start with full artistic control. However, what really exists is also fascinating.

For the first time fans are able to purchase and admire a complete restaurated and revised version of the workprint which was created in 1991. This Special Edition had, beside a runtime of additional 30 minutes, new sequences and a fascinating view on the difficulties which occurred during the cutting of the movie. This version also provides the viewer with a combination of exceptional and unreleased optical effects and some recently completed digital effects which were essential to integrate the new material into the movie.

This Special Edition gives the unique opportunity to see the lost work of an exceptional director. Theatrical version:110:09 min
Special Edition: 133:28 min

The Arrival

Alternative scene

Index TV: 4:23 / Duration: 1:18 min
Index SE: 4:23/ Duration: 2:48 min
SE is 90sec longer

TV: The theatrical version shows how the prisoners are opening the escape pod. One of them enters and has a look inside and suddenly discovers Ripley who still seem to be alive.

Clemens is walking through the abandoned factory and finds Ripley laying at the beach while the escape pod can be seen in the water. He gets Ripley back to the station and orders two colleagues to look for other survivors. He starts to checkup Ripley. Others are speeding back to the escape pod while Andrews informs the central station about the crash.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 5:47 / Duration: 0:45 min
Index SE: 7:17/ Duration: 1:01 min
SE is longer for 16sec.

One can see the bodies of the crew, their computer data and Ripley who receives artificial respiration.

The prisoners are caring for Ripley while another member of the station is inspecting the pod. Andrews sends a list of the casualties to the center.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 6:38 / Duration: 0:22 min
Index SE: 8:22/ Duration: 0:28 min
SE is longer for 6sec.

The pod is been removed. In the inside a dog is barking and one can see a ‘Facehugger’.

The prisoners recover the bodies and a monitor shows that the message has been sent to the centre.

New scene

Index TV: 7:16
Index SE: 9:06

Dillion is praying for his cell mates.
43 sec

Entfernte Szene

Index TV: 13:19
Index SE: 15:53
A scene where one man discovers the badly-wounded dog has been deleted from the theatrical version because the dog is no longer a host for the alien in the SE.
47 sec

New scene

Index TV: 14:07
Index SE: 15:53

Clemens brings Ripley to the morgue. He asks her why the body of the little girl has to be opened and if she is Ripley’s daughter.
44 sec

From Death to Birth

New scene

Index TV: 20:58
Index SE: 23:27

Two men carry a dead cow to the slaughterhouse and they are talking about the reasons for ist death. They continue talking about Ripley and how she should/could be handled. Both stick to male stereotype-behaviour and when one of them had left the room, the other finds a dead ‘Facehugger’ at the cow’s body.
119 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 21:43 / Duration: 5 sec
Index SE: 26:11/ Duration: 08 sec
SE is longer for 3sec.

TV:A dog walks uneasily along.
SE:A dead cow can be seen at the slaughterhouse.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 22:18 / Duration: 4 sec
Index SE: 26:49/ Duration: 4 sec
SE is longer for 8 Frames.

TV:The dog is still moving anxiously.
SE:One can see the cows head and something moving inside its body.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 22:36 / Duration: 4 sec
Index SE: 27:07/ Duration: 7 sec
SE is longer for 3 sec.

TV: The dog’s shadow is visible.
SE: The camera is moving towards the cow .

Alternative scene

Index TV: 22:52 / Duration: 5 sec
Index SE: 27:26/ Duration: 5 sec
SE is longer for 11 frames

TV: The dog is shivering.
SE: Blood is dripping out of the cow’s head.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 23:04 / Duration: 2,5 sec
Index SE: 27:38/ Duration: 2,5 sec

TV: The dog continues to shiver.
SE: We can see the cow.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 23:13 / Duration: 1 sec
Index SE: 27:47/ Duration: 1 sec

TV: The dog is shaking.
SE: The cow’s hoofs are shaking.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 23:25 / Duration: 1 sec
Index SE: 27:59/ Duration: 1 sec

TV: The dog’s belly is arching.
SE: We can see a deep cut at the cow’s belly.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 23:34 / Duration: 1 sec
Index SE: 28:13/ Duration: 1 sec

TV: The dog’s belly still arches.
SE: The deep cut is again visible at the cow’s belly.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 23:47 / Duration: 9 Frames
Index SE: 28:21/ Duration: 9 Frames

TV: The Alien comes out of the dog’s belly.
SE: The Alien comes out of the cow’s belly.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 24:06 / Duration: 3 sec
Index SE: 28:40/ Duration: 3 sec

TV: The Alien peels of the uterus.
SE:The same action as in the TV but a different angle and the cow is visible in the background.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 24:11 / Duration: 2,5 sec
Index SE: 28:45/ Duration: 2,5 sec

TV: The Alien releases his second mouth.
SE Same scene, different angle, cow in the background.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 24:15 / Duration: 13,5 sec
Index SE: 28:49/ Duration: 13 sec

TV is longer for 13 sec.

TV: The Alien in a close-up. Then one can see Ripley and the dog with a hole in his abdomen.
SE:One can see Ripley and the pictures fades back to the Alien which lifts up out of the cow’s body.

In the kitchen

New scene

Index TV: 25:20
Index SE: 29:47

Dillon fears disharmony in the community and talks to two cell mates. Both of them don’t care about hard work at the factory but they decline working together with Golic because of his stench and craziness. Dillon refuses this wish and prohibits any further discussion about this topic. Ripley enters the room.
120 sec
The first 2 seconds are in a different angle.

New scene

Index TV: 26:04
Index SE: 32:35

Andrews and Aaron are bitching about Ripley.
6,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 27:26
Index SE: 34:03

After having a seat Ripley asks Dillon why everyone is waiting here. He answers they are waiting for the return of the lord.
23,5 sec

At the Hospital

New scene

Index TV: 29:04
Index SE: 36:04

On can see Clemens longer and he answers to Ripleys conclusion that she was outside the station to long that he feels quite the same.
Ripleys attendance is shorter for 36 frames.
3,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 31:19
Index SE: 38:23

Ripley is talking longer with clemens and asks him if she owes him an answer because they shared one bed.
Ripleys attendance is shorter for 32 frames.
15,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 31:43
Index SE: 39:02

After Ripley ironically mentioned that she made a mistake with having sex with a prisoner, Clemens is smiling and tells her: “When?” Ripley: “You seem to perfectly know this.”
15,5 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 31:48 / Duration: 5,5 sec
Index SE: 39:15/ Duration: 7 sec
SE is longer for 3.5 sec.

Clemens is dressing up his pullover in various shots.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 32:05 / Duration: 1,5 sec
Index SE: 39:32/ Duration: 6 sec
SE is longer for 4.5 sec.

Additional to the alternative shot where he refuses to explain his barcode he adds: “I’m sorry, we tend to ruins things.”


New scene

Index TV: 36:07
Index SE: 43:32

Some of the prisoners return at their work. Golic is shortly talking about the deceased and that he was treated well by him. Afterwards they enter some dark tubes and we see Clemens offering tea to Andrews. The TV continues and Andrews starts getting mad.
66 sec

New scene

Index TV: 37:22
Index SE: 45:51

The following dialog is missing between Andrews and Clemens. (translated German dialog)
Andrews: “I can’t stand you. You are incalculable, arrogant and probably dangerous. You question everything. If we wouldn’t be in need of a doctor I had better you were away for light-years.
Clemens: “I owe you big time.”
Andrews: “Keep your sarcasm to yourself!”
17 sec

New scene

Index TV: 37:26
Index SE: 46:19

After Andrews said (in the TV):“Is there anything I should know?“ the rest of the dialog is missing.
Clemens: “What do you exactly mean?”
Andrews: “I talking about that woman. Don’t play games with me. You spend far to much time with her and I don’t know if your concerns have only a medical background. Did she say something? What was her mission? Or why the heck she was in that MFS pod?”
Clemens: “She told me she is member of a special task force who got into trouble. More seems to be secret and I didn’t force her to tell me something she won’t tell me.”
Clemens leaves the room and earns some nasty looks.
54,5 sec


New scene

Index TV: 39:51
Index SE: 49:40

Three prisoners enter the tunnel. One of them recognizes a cigarette-vending machine kicks at it and takes some packs of cigarettes.
25,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 44:32
Index SE: 54:45

Golic is sitting in the kitchen with a blood-blurred face and starts eating. When the cook passes by he drops some plates.
Just before this scene Ripley enters some numbers into the blackbox. This scene is shorter for 1.5 sec.
28 sec

New scene

Index TV: 45:29
Index SE: 56:10

Golic is still sitting in the kitchen. Andrews, Aaron, Dillon and the cook sneak towards him and overpower him.
28 sec

An Alien meets the doctor…

Alternative scene

Index TV: 49:24 / Duration: 16 sec
Index SE: 60:07/ Duration: 20 sec
SE is longer for 4 sec.

When Ripley asks Clemens for chances to escape the SE shows the scene in different angles and the duration is slightly longer. We can also see Golic laying in a bed in the background.

New scene

Index TV: 50:40
Index SE: 61:35

While Clemens continues examining Ripley a bit longer, Golic talks about a crazy world.
19 sec

New scene

Index TV: 51:33
Index SE: 62:45

When Ripley pleases Clemens to be purely honest he asks her what she exactly means.
2 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 53:24 / Duration: 3,5 sec
Index SE: 64:30/ Duration: 3 sec
TV is longer for 13 frames

TV: Clemens turns around with an injection.
SE: Golic seems nervous and looks at them from his bed.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 53:37 / Duration: 6,5 sec
Index SE: 64:38/ Duration: 18 sec
SE is longer for 11.5 sec.

TV: Clemens grins and gives Ripley an injection.
SE: Clemens waits for Ripley to hand in her arm to receive an injection. He doesn’t smile as in the TV. When Ripley offers him her arm he starts to grin. Golic observes something coming into the room. Something climbs up his bed.

New scene

Index TV: 53:48
Index SE: 64:59

Golic becomes anxious and notices the Alien.
2 sec

New scene

Index TV: 53:53
Index SE: 65:05

Golic with opened eyes.
2 sec

New scene

Index TV: 53:53
Index SE: 65:08

When Ripley notices the Alien Clemens can be seen for 13 frames more in the SE.
1,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 54:10
Index SE: 65:25

Just before the Alien attacks ist mouth is to be seen and how the little mouth comes out.
2 sec

New scene

Index TV: 54:42
Index SE: 65:59

Golic notices the Alien which disappeared. We can see a lot of blood dripping out of the floor opening.
. Shot of Ripley who is running (5 frames are missing)
7 sec

New scene

Index TV: 54:46
Index SE: 66:10

Dillon prays with some people in the kitchen. He starts to curse around and asks the group what happened here and how bad the situation actually is.
28,5 sec


Alternative scene

Index TV: 54:46 / Duration: 2 sec
Index SE: 66:39 / Duration: 6 sec
SE is longerfor 4 sec.

Andrews starts talking about what has happened. A short shot on Dillon and some of his guys. The TV only shows Andrews.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 56:01 / Duration: 9 sec
Index SE: 68:09 / Duration: 12,5 sec
TV is longer for 3.5 sec.

TV: One guy mops up Andrews blood and looks anxiously to the floor opening.
SE: The same guy mops up the blood, but the whole set is not colored brown but in some kind of blue light.

New scene

Index TV: 56:10
Index SE: 68:22

Dillon praises the lord fort he punishment of Andrews and explains that his followers are prepared to die fort he apocalypse- Others start to think about who should take over the controll by now.
23,5 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 58:01 / Duration: 2,5 sec
Index SE: 70:36/ Duration: 5 sec
SE is longer for 3.5 sec

Ripley reacts different to the proposal to push her through a wall. In the TV she doesn’t says anything.

The Preparation of the Tunnels

New scene

Index TV: 62:00
Index SE: 74:08

Two people are looking for batteries.
14 sec

New scene

Index TV: 62:05
Index SE: 74:28

Some fuel is running over the ground and some people still crawl through the funnel.
4,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 62:11
Index SE: 74:38

The people paint the walls with poison and complain about the stench.
24 sec

Gekürzte Szene

Index TV: 62:11
Index SE: 74:38

A scene is missing in the SE: Someone takes batteries from a chest.
4 sec

New scene

Index TV: 62:34
Index SE: 75:21

Dillion recognizes Ripley’s malaise. She tells him she’s fine.
16 sec

New scene

Index TV: 62:59
Index SE: 76:01

A guy crawls up to the funnel.
2 sec


New scene

Index TV: 63:34
Index SE: 77:18

The fire storm killst wo painters.
1 sec

New scene

Index TV: 63:58
Index SE: 77:32
One guy looks to the burning funnel and sees two people in flames. The scene with Aaron in flames comes a bit later in the TV
2,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 64:15
Index SE: 77:49

One burning guy on the ground. Another one jumps from the funnel in the background.
3,5 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 64:11 / Duration: 8,5 sec
Index SE: 77:56/ Duration: 139 sec
SE is longer for 130.5 sec.

TV: A burning guy comes through the aisle. Dillon sets up the fire alarm and opens the sprinkler system.
SE: Another explosion and burning people who run through the aisle. Dillon reaches a fire alarm but when he tries to activate it the sprinkler system doesn’t work. Ripley and Junior manage to extinction one burning man. When Dillon arrives they start running off. Suddenly an Alien jumps between them. Junior tries to lure it to him and runs off. The Alien follows him. Ripley closes the door, Dillon finds a fire alarm which works. Behind the door Juniors screams are to be heard. The Alien is trapped.

Death march

Alternative scene

Index TV: 64:27 / Duration: 44,5 sec
Index SE: 80:17/ Duration: 80 sec
SE is longer for 35.5 sec.

The escape of the survivors is cutted differently. In the SE the slow-motion is slower, different angles were chosen, music differs and Dillon says a prayer for the deceased.

New scene

Index TV: 65:11
Index SE: 81:37

Aaron and Ripley are talking about further instructions and if the rescue-team killst he allien or tries to capture it.

Hospital ward: Morse and Golic are bitching each other about the „dragon“. Golic notices where the Alien is trapped, beats down Morse and flees.

Aaron and Ripley write a report about the imprisoning of the Alien and ask the center for permission to kill it. The center prohibits it.

Golic is fairly addicted to the Alien and wants to talk with it. The warden of the Alien’s prison prohibits Golic’s entrance and is therefore killed by him. Golic opens the Tank and the Alien disappears.

Ripley asks Dillon for his guidance in the killing of the Alien. He doesn’t shows any interest. Morse enters and reports of Golic’s doings. They find the warden’s body. The TV continues here.

6:48 min

A new plan


Index TV: 102:02
Index SE: 130:43
When Dillons bows over the body he says something in the TV. The SE shows him cursing about Golic in the background who set the Alien free again.

New scene

Index TV: 65:18
Index SE: 88:31

Morse can be seen shortly while Aaron is talking.
3,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 65:21
Index SE: 88:37

Aaron agrees Andrews for imprisoning Golic.
5,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 65:28
Index SE: 88:50

Dillon can be seen for 25 frames longer.
3,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 65:58
Index SE: 89:24

Morse bitches Aaron a bit longer.
1,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 66:12
Index SE: 89:39

Both calm down.
6 sec

New scene

Index TV: 66:37
Index SE: 90:03

Dillon grabs Morse a bit earlier. The people should meet Dillon at the hall.
longer for 5 sec.

The beast within

New scene

Index TV: 69:42
Index SE: 93:19

In the Hall: Dillions speaks to the people. He proposes the people to stay in the hall because there are no funnels and the only way to come into this room is through the doors which can be defended very well. When one of the guys sets up a cigarette with fire he looks through the flame he has the solution. The Alien should be lured to the furnace.
125 sec

New scene

Index TV: 71:21
Index SE: 97:02
Ripley explains Aaron that she refuses to kill the Alien because a new Alien queen is growing up inside her.
17,5 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 75:58 / Duration: 3 sec
Index SE: 101:57/ Duration: 5 sec
SE is longer for 2 sec.

TV: Ripley to Dillon: "An Alien is inside me."
SE: Ripley tells Dillon that she has got one Alien inside her and that the Alien won’t attack her because she is now one of their kind.

New scene

Index TV: 76:04
Index SE: 102:04

Ripley tells Dillon about her trip to the sewers where she saw the Alien.
18,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 76:28
Index SE: 102:47

Ripley tells him that she might become mother of the year.
The TV shows her for additional 21 frames.
10 sec

New scene

Index TV: 76:55
Index SE: 103:24

Ripley speaks about the queen growing up in her and that it will be enough to depopulate the entire universe.
1,5 sec are without sound in the TV.
2,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 78:35
Index SE: 105:07

After he didn’t kill Ripley he asks her to do suicide.
4,5 sec

Through the tunnels

Alternative scene

Index TV: 78:51 / Duration: 14 sec
Index SE: 105:27/ Duration: 50 sec
SE is longer for 36 sec.

A different take (Dillon has a stick on the other side) and another discussion if they should wait fort he rescue ship. Aaron tries to convince them.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 81:20 / Duration: 4 sec
Index SE: 108:32/ Duration: 13 sec
SE is longer for 9 sec.

TV: Dillon tells them they’re going to die.
SE: Dillon tells them that everyone has to die but the question is when and that everyone of them can do the first Stepp by himself.

Alternative scene

Index TV: 83:01 / Duration: 38 sec
Index SE: 110:22/ Duration: 66,55 sec
SE is longer for 28.5 sec.

TV: Two guys are talking about the plan. One of them doesn’t get every detail and is concerned. Aaron is to be seen in his room.
SE: Two guys are talking about if they can trust this shit (the plan). They stay calm because they don’t know what to believe in. They start laughing.

New scene

Index TV: 83:53
Index SE: 111:42

When one recognizes that the door can’t be closes properly, we can see Ripley who listens to the screams.
6 sec

New scene

Index TV: 85:04
Index SE: 112:47

One of the prisoners finds the bloody corpse of Benson.
9 sec

New scene

Index TV: 85:50
Index SE: 113:41

Some prisoners run the foundry mould and meet Dillon who almost kills them with a hatchet because he thought they were Aliens. He yells that more people are dead. Ripley asks what shall happen now and he continues screaming that they have to improvise. Ripley doesn’t like the idea.
24 sec

Bishop 2

New scene

Index TV: 100:32
Index SE: 128:48

Bishop and others try to talk with Ripley that the operation should be easy and fast and Ripley doesn’t need to die.
19 sec

New scene

Index TV: 100:32
Index SE: 128:48

Scene change between the scene when Ripley looks above her shoulder. The TV is missing 39 frames.
Between both scenes there is a passage with bishop who touches his head injury and yells that he is no android. Ripley reacts what makes more sense.
6 sec

Sound cut

Index TV: 102:02
Index SE: 130:43

Bishop tells Ripley what the human kind could learn about the Alien and that it is a unique chance.
no difference in time

New scene

Index TV: 102:15
Index SE: 130:56

Bishops again touches his wound. He recognizes a scientist who is filming the situation and yells at him to shut the camera.
5,5 sec

New scene

Index TV: 102:33
Index SE: 131:20

Ripley gasps and says that there is just one way out.
12 sec

New scene

Index TV: 102:35
Index SE: 131:34

She recollects herself.
5 sec

Alternative scene

Index TV: 102:46 / Duration: 29 sec
Index SE: 131:49/ Duration: 14 sec
TV is longer for 15 sec.

TV: Ripley is falling into the furnace and the Alien bursts out of her belly. She grabs it and pushes it onto her.
SE: Ripley is falling into the furnace with the appearing Alien.