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  • International HD version (iTunes)
  • German Blu-ray (Shamrock Media)
Release: Jun 20, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the international HD master (iTunes / and the German Blu-ray from Shamrock Media

- 6 relevant changes
- No time difference

Mike Mendez's The Convent was released in a thoroughly censored R-rated version besides the Unrated version. Since June 20, 2022, the uncensored German HD premiere is available in three Blu-ray mediabooks from Shamrock Media.

The label has thought along, because for a few scenes the rather strange color filter of the HD master has been adjusted. The HD version, which is already available on iTunes or, for example, often shows somewhat brighter colors, usually tending towards artificial orange, during gore moments. The old DVDs or even VHS evaluations showed the blood here in a much more natural hue. On the Shamrock Blu-ray, most of the film is identical, but these brief moments have been color-adjusted so that they come closer to what fans were used to.

Note: In addition to the widescreen version used for the cut report, thr film is also included on the Blu-ray in 1.33:1 Open Matte.

Runtimes correspond to both versions


When Christine shoots several nuns and also decapitates them, the color filter was adjusted throughout. Short reaction shots are also different as well as the last shot of the head rolling across the floor.

International HD masterGerman Blu-ray


In the next confrontation between our two heroines and the nuns, the color scheme was changed again.

International HD masterGerman Blu-ray


After the weapons have been reloaded, here are the next notable deviating shots, up to the well-known headshot in close-up.

International HD masterGerman Blu-ray


When Christine saws off two heads with the machete, the colors were corrected again.

International HD masterGerman Blu-ray


Some tinkering with the color scheme was done again for the shots on the boss nun.

International HD masterGerman Blu-ray


One last time, when the boss nun wakes up again briefly.

International HD masterGerman Blu-ray