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King of the Kickboxers, The


  • UK VHS (BBFC 18)
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 10, 2018 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK VHS by 4 Front Video (BBFC 18) and the uncut UK DVD by Universal (BBFC 18)

The Differences:

4 cuts = 2 minutes 11.5 seconds

Since The King of the Kickboxers is pretty violent, the movie is cut in some countries. In the UK, the BBFC 18 VHS by 4 Front Video lacks more than 2 minutes. However, the UK DVD - also rated BBFC 18 - is uncut. In the US, the R-Rated VHS by Imperial Entertainment lacks approx. 1 minute (omparison), an uncut US release is not available so far. In addition to the UK DVD, the Australian DVD is a further option to get the movie uncut on DVD.
9 Min
The dealer longer when he holds Jake at gunpoint. Jake starts laughing and pushes the gun away from his head. He then asks the dealer and his people if they had ever thought about what would happen to the children who bought their drugs. The dealer wants to know who cared about that in the first place and when Jake explains that he did, the dealer asks if he was a social worker. Jake explains he was something similar and admits to being a cop. Everyone around starts laughing because they think Jake was kidding. The dealer then gets up, approaches Jake and tells him he was alright and people like him were almost welcome around there. However, Jake makes sure they know he was not kidding and shows his badge and his wire which he then uses to let the others know there was no need for backup because he would take them down all by himself and the fight begins.
88 sec

12 Min
When Jake burns the dealer's face with something hot, the UK VHS lacks the second shot of it.
4.5 sec

23 Min
The guy with the overalls pulls the cover from the hood and finds a woman's body. He screams, pulls the cover back over the body and jumps off the car.
6 sec

24 Min
Khan smashes the guy's head against the table three more times. Khan then grabs a hook and rams it into the guy's neck. He attaches the hook to the crane and pulls the guy up in the air. Then a shot of the two guys on the rood loft, followed by a shot of the guy with the hook in the neck. At this point, he is swinging. At the end of the scene, he is not. Not anymore. The lights are being turned off.
33 sec