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Convent, The


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 29, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
R-Rated: 71:31 min without credits (79:17 min with credits) in NTSC
=> equals 68:39 min without credits (76:06 min with credits) in PAL

- Unrated: 68:51 min without credits. (76:17 min with credits) in PAL

- 22 cuts, 1 recut

- cut duration: 19,18 sec

The additional runtime difference comes from the different logos in the beginning of the R-Rated version.

Comparison between the censored R-Rated US-DVD and the Unrated version, represented by the British DVD

"The Convent" is an acceptable fun splatterfilm which mainly convinces with its trash appeal. The cast is on daily soap level, the characters and screenplay are filled with clichés and the story about a few weed smoking teenagers who run into possessed nuns in a doomed convent...well, let's not talk about it. Fortunately the movie doesn't take itself serious and the gore is fun to watch.

In most countries the uncensored version has been released. But of all countries, in its country of origin, the USA, the movie had to be trimmed down to receive an R-rating. Unfortunately only this version has made it to DVD which is too bad because otherwise the US DVD by Lions Gate is pretty convincing. It contains two informative commentary tracks, an anamorphic 16:9 transfer, deleted scenes and behind the scenes material. The British DVD just contains the trailer and comes in full frame (open matte).

But since the movie lives on its splatter scenes we strongly advise against the shortened version. Even if the runtime difference is rather little the movie has been edited quite a bit. As usual with MPAA censorship the cuts move within the frame area but areall the more explicit.

Time specifications refer to the R-Ratd version in NTSC


The US DVD shows the Lions Gate logo in the beginning.

+ 7,8 sec


As Mo stabs her victim for the first time the UV starts one frame earlier. We see the bloody knife.

0,04 sec


In the end the shot is also slightly longer. She stabs the victim more often. The following shot starts one frame earlier due to continuity.

0,4 sec


The next shot of Mo is also longer in the end. Then we see the two satanists before we cut back to a closer shot of Mo and the knife.

2,4 sec


Blacklight shot of Mo and her victim followed by a close-up of Mo ripping a piece of meat out of the body. The girl falls to the ground and Mo turns to the others in a closer shot.

3 sec


The shot of the others standing by the door is one continuous shot in the UV whereas the RV inserts the last two shots of the last cut (girl falling to the floor, Mo turning to the others) into this shot.

+ 1,5 sec


The shot is a little longer, then there's an additional shot of the blood shower.

0,9 sec


Additional shot of the blood rain.

0,8 sec


The shot of the bite on the floor is longer.

0,8 sec


As Mo bites the penis off Frijole the UV shows more blood gushing into frame.

0,5 sec


Longer shot of Kaitlin's face getting skinned.

1,2 sec


The first frame of the head's close up is missing.

0,04 sec


In the end the shot is also a little longer. More blood squirts out.

0,3 sec


Longer shot of the wannabe satanist getting his eye cut out. We see blood on the dagger.

0,3 sec


Bloody (blacklight) bullet wound in close-up. Christine fires another shot and we see another bloody hit.
In the end of that shot the RV sets back in.

0,7 sec


The shot of the head rolling across the floor starts earlier. Then we see the headless nun body with lots of blood squishing out the stump.

2,8 sec


Christine fires, we see bloody hits..

1 sec


Additional shot of the next nun without a head.

0,9 sec


Strangely a nun appears nine frames earlier but we don't see anything censorship-worthy.

0,4 sec


A bloody hit and ripped off body parts are visible.

0,9 sec


After the shot of the door we see another bloody bullet wound.

0,6 sec


And yet another bullet wound (on the right).

0,2 sec


More blody hits on a nun.

0,5 sec


After the head shot there's more material of the torn up torso and more intestines are flying around, respectively.

0,6 sec


Another torso in close-up.

0,9 sec


More material of Clorissa and her brother after the satanist with the homosexual affinity has been hit.

0,5 sec