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original title: Alien 4


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 18, 2009 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Cut and the Special Edition.

Time designations correspond to the SE with the exception of two scenes that are longer in the Theatrical Cut!

The altered scenes in the SE compared to the Theatrical Cut add up to 785 seconds (approx. 13 min.)! The SE is exactly 7 min. and 19 sec. longer than the Theatrical cut. According to the introduction of director Jeunet, the Special Edition is not the Director's Cut. The Theatrical Cut is his favored and authorized Version. The SE is mainly made for completists who really want to now everything. Thus, the SE only features more background-knowledge about characters, which were cut from the Theatrical Version with a reason, since they're probably not very interesting to non-Alien-Fans.
But it's a shame with the nice credits in the beginning and the post-apocalyptic ending.

00:25 Min. - 3:27 Min.

The credits in the beginning are longer and differ from the ones in the TC. You see an alien-grimace in the beginning. The camera zooms out and you can see it is an alien-insect, which is being crushed by a man in a space capsule. The last part with the flying space carrier is also seen in the TC, but the displayed names do not match.

The credits in the TC start with a blurred tracking shot around an alien. The part with the flying spaceship is identical to the one in the SE, but since the credits are longer in the SE, the displayed names do not match.

Duration: 180 Sec., 61,5 Sec. longer than TC-credits.

Special Edition:

Theatrical Cut:

5:17 Min. - 5:17 Min. (Time from the TC)

The TC is a little bit longer. The second scientist is walking out of the image a bit longer.

Duration: 0,5 Sec.

6:18 Min. - 6:29 Min.

Ripley awakes during the surgery and breaks a doctor's hand.

Duration: 11 Sec.

9:01 Min. - 9:03 Min. (Zeit aus der KF)

Perez, Wren and another scientest go longer through the corridor in the TC.

Duration: 2 Sec.

10:16 Min. - 10:41 Min.

The doctor shows Ripley the picture of a girl. Ripley hesitates, because she remembers Newt (from part 2).

Duration: 25 Sec.

12:51 Min. - 12:58 Min.

Ripley seems to have memories of the planet from part 3, too. Gediman asks her if she could remember.

Duration: 8 Sec.

13:34 Min. - 13:42 Min.

Wren tells a little joke about Ripley's former employer. He says the company had been bought by Wal-Mart.

Duration: 8 Sec.

15:13 Min. - 19:25 Min.

In the following, the scenes on the Betty had been rearranged completely and extended on the SE. E.g. there is a new joke from Vriess and a screwdriver Vriess throws at Johner. The rest is in general just small parts of angles and takes being rearranged, for example Trigger's introduction or the Videogame/weapons test-take, which were put in a different order. A detailed listing of the rearrangemends would only confuse needlessly.

Duration: 252 Sec., SE 97 Sec. longer.

22:33 Min. - 22:54 Min.

Elgyn laughs about Call a bit more. He says that she's really hot and that Vriess had cast an eye on her. He makes a bit more fun of her after that. The angle, that brings the TC and the SE together is in the latter extended by a take of Elgyn putting down his glass.

Duration: 21 Sec.

23:31 Min. - 24:11 Min.

Perez' line from the TC "Mi casa es su casa" was edited in the SE by additional angles. Perez demands that no crewmember would stay in prohibited areas and start causing trouble. After the phrase you see Elgyn nod contentedly

Duration: 40 Sec., SE 38 Sec. longer.

66:03 Min. - 66:09 Min.

After Purvis cries in despair what was wrong with him, Wren says it's a parasite. The two following takes from Call and horrified Purvies were swapped in the SE.

Duration: 6 Sec., SE 2 Sec. longer.

67:07 Min. - 67:36 Min.

Caller and Johner argue about the leadership of the group. The take of Johner is longer in the SE, but also existing in the TC. The following angle of Purvis was swapped with an alternative one. Then additional takes of Call, another one of Purvis, then Wren who waves Purvis to himself and the group departing.

Duration: 29 Sec., SE 23 Sec. lšnger.

68:50 Min. - 69:37 Min.

Additional takes of Call who seems to be afraid of diving. Then one of the group. Christie checks his gun again. Distephano asks him whether his guns also worked underwater and then they talk a moment about the weapons. In between, there are additional takes of the group, e.g. Johner loading his gun. The take in which Call requests the group to breathe in deeply transfers directly to the TC, when Call descends.

Duration: 47 Sec.

83:39 Min. - 83:50 Min.

Call communicates longer with Father, the computer.

Duration: 11 Sec.

86:58 Min. - 87:40 Min.

Call tells something about her motives, why she had infiltrated the spaceship etc. She says she wanted to protect the people and asks Ripley whether she thinks the same. Ripley tells something about Newt and how she had failed.

Duration: 42 Sec.

87:44 Min. - 88:16 Min.

of Ripley, Call and Distephano. Ripley and Call talk about dreaming while leaving the chapell. Call says that she has got a processor for that, Ripley says she suppresses any dreams, because she can only dream about aliens.

Duration: 32 Sec.

108:30 Min. - 109:45 Min.

Alternative ending.


Ripley and Call look through a window of the Betty at the earth. Ripley says Call had saved the earth. Call answers the earth was nice, she's is there for the first time. Call asks what is yet to come? Ripley says she doesn't know, because she's a stranger here after all. The movie ends with a tracking shot over the earth.


The Betty is landing on the earth. It's completely destroyed and devastated. Ripley and Call sit outside the Betty and wonder what they are going to do when the military arrives. Call respectively Ripley notice, like in the TC, that they are new on the earth respectively a stranger on the planet. The ending of the movie is here formed by a panorama-shot above Call and Ripley as well as a destructed Paris with the eiffel tower in the background.

Duration: 73 Sec. SE 13 Sec. longer.

Special Edition:

Theatrical Cut:

The altered scenes in the SE compared to the Theatrical Version add up to 785 seconds (about 13 minutes)! The Special Edition is exactly 7 min. and 19 sec. longer than the TC.