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House at the End of the Street


  • PG-13 Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 31, 2013 - Author: Jason - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Movie

There are many occasions where you might come across an eerie house - at the end of a street, near a river or on the left. Often, unaware protagonists move into it or in the house next to it or they are magically drawn to it. The consequences are well-known, too.
The intellecutally challenged family member, some either clueless or pivvy townsmen (including the local police), a handicapped father/mother-child-relationship, teenage romance... all of this has - in various mixtures - been done before in the horror genre. However, since the producers rather wanted to do a Psychothriller with some elements of a Drama, House at the End of the Street lacks chainsaws or meat hooks. Nevertheless (or because of it?), the result is a pretty decent Thriller, which might start off a little too slow but at least varies the overdone set pieces. Additionally, clichéd characters and jump scares are ALMOST entirely absent from this flick. The actors play their roles pleasently calm and reserved (even though Elizabeth Shue seems to lack some of her potential).
Overall, watching this movie is not a mistake - unless you are expecting immense bloodshed. However, if you pass on House at the End of the Street you don't really miss anything.

The Versions

Before the movie hit the theatres, you didn't really hear any censorship which ensured the profitable PG-13 rating. The director even explained that the version we saw in the theatres was exactly how the movie was conceptualized. Thus, we were flabbergasted when we heard of an Unrated Version which was to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. The result really is a "real" Unrated version: Roughly half of the differences in comparison to the Theatrical Version are alterations that were done due to censorship. Also, you see a new turn of events which in the commercials is promoted by the phrase "With a shocking added twist you didn't see in theaters!". The twist tells us that officer Bill Weaver was deeply involved in the events right from the start.
Of course, the alterations neither make a gory horror movie out of House at the End of the Street, nor do they make the movie cleverer. Still, the Unrated Version is the slightly better version of the flick and deserves to be called "unrated". The (US-)DVD and the Blu-Ray include both versions, so you can decide which one you prefer.

11 alterations:

4 extended scenes
2 alternatively ordered scenes
1 alternative shot
1 censored image
2 altered dialogues
1 censored dialogue
Alternative Course of Events
The Theatrical Version cuts to the father who slowly turns to the door after we see the first strike with the hammer. Carrie Anne is standing in front of her mother (shown from the side while kneeling on the floor) for a few seconds, followed by a second strike. There is no explicitly bloody material.
In the Unrated Version we see how the mother gets hit in the head and blood splashes out of the wound. She falls flat on the ground. When she gets up to her knees, the woman uncomprehendingly looks at her daughter while blood runs down her forehead. Carrie Anne then hits her with the hammer three more times - every now and again, blood splashes.
PG-13: 9.5 sec. / Unrated: 11 sec.

Theatrical Version:Unrated:

Censored Image
When we see Carrie Anne's foot on screen, the Theatrical Version's image was darkened so that you can't see the blood on it.
No difference in time.

Theatrical Version:Unrated:

Censored Dialogue
Only in the Unrated Version Elissa calls the guy who came too close to her names: "Asshole!"
No difference in time.

(Partially) Alternative Shot
In the Unrated Version, Weaver's explanations are a little more detailed: "You know, i drove three hours upstate personally to tell Ryan."
Additionally, wee see a front shot of him when he says "He was living with his aunt...", while the Theatrical Version (which continues right at this point) shows Weaver from behind.
5 Sec.

Theatrical Version:Unrated:

Ryan forcefully treads his (already broken) foot. You hear a loud cracking noise and Tyler screams in pain. Elissa is in shock and Ryan turns his head to her.
4.5 Sec.

A little more dialogue between Weaver and Ryan.
Weaver: "I'm gonna do my best to get this to blow over. But you need to stay out of trouble, you hear me?"
Ryan: "You ever get tired of playing the tough guy?"
12.5 Sec.

Altered Dialogue
In the Theatrical Version we now - while Elissa tries to break free - hear Weaver over the babyphone saying what we just heard in the Unrated Version (""I'm gonna do my best to..."). In the Unrated Version, however, he instead says "I don't mean to jump all over you, I just...keep making the same mistakes."
No difference in time.

Ryan confronts Weaver with the fact that he could have stopped all this a long time ago but didn't do it even though he was aware of what was going on. During a flashback we get to know that Weaver supplied the Reynolds with the drugs and even took some of them with the couple, even on the day of Carrie Anne's death. After Ben Reynolds buried his daughter in the flashback, he tells Weaver that the latter would have to go along now, whether he wants to or not.
30 Sec.

Altered Dialogue
Only in the Theatrical Version Ryan shouts something after being stabbed: "You're just like everyone else!"
No difference in time.

Alternative Course of Events
In the Theatrical Version, the side shot of Weaver and Ryan is a little longer. Then it cuts to a front view of Ryan and Weaver's head (who now is dead) falls to the side.
In the Unrated Version, Ryan instead brutally knifes Weaver several times while screaming "You protected yourself, even though you knew what they did to me!"
PG-13: 4 Sec. / Unrated: 8 Sec.

Theatrical Version:Unrated:

Ryan stabs the knife deeply into Sarahs stomach while the latter still doubtfully looks at him.
5 sec.