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  • International Version
  • Spanish Version
Release: Aug 21, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Spanish version and the US DVD from Anchor Bay which is the same as the international version.

As the 'long version' only exists in Spanish language at the moment, it was not possible to examine the dialogs any further. We apologize for that.

Almost every gory scene is prolonged in the Spanish version.

At some points, the US DVD (resp. the international version) is longer than the Spanish version. Those points are marked red in the report.

The US DVD from Blue Underground contains both versions of the movie in excellent picture and sound quality. The Spanish long version is included in Spanish language w/ English subtitles and contains each and every (also the ones marked red below) scene and therefore represents the best available version of this movie.

Comparison of the picture:

US DVD; ca. 1.64:1

Spanish version; 1.33:1 (open matted)

The numbers in brackets are referring to the Spanish version.

The notes in brackets are from the international version and are mentioned for clarity reasons.


US DVD: 87:03 min. (NTSC)
Spanish version: 86:44 min. (PAL)

The Spanish version runs 2:39 minutes longer than the common international version. (The end credits were not counted!)

The sacrifice scene

The international version starts with the sacrifice scene. In the Spanish version, this scene only appears when Murdo tells about the Templars (where it chronologically belongs).

This change of scenes seems to be intended to make believe that the Templars are surprised and killed by the angry people during the sacrifice.

The report


The Templar is talking a bit longer.

2 secs.


The opening credits are different.

No runtime difference


[The Templar with the bowl is kneeling on the floor]

You can see the knife sticking in the woman's chest and the Templar cutting out a bit of flesh.

[The woman's face is shown]

1 sec.


The woman's face can be seen a bit longer. More blood is running out of her mouth while she is tilting her head a bit. Cut to the Templar with the bowl filling with blood. After that, the woman can be seen again, dropping her head and eventually dying.

[The Templar drinks from the bowl of blood]

12 secs.


The Templar with the knife grabs into sticks his hand into the woman's wound and tears out her heart which he takes a bite out of with pleasure.

[The bowl of blood is passed around]

9 secs.


After the sacrifice, some (new!) scenes are shown where the villagers kill and burn the Templars. The hunchback (Murdo) is telling stuff in the meantime.

12 secs.


Murdo grins and leaves the picture. A bush is shoved to the side and a tied up girl appears. (Little gag of this scene: Jack's girlfriend (Vivian) told Murdo to get a girl and join the party, too.)

9 secs.


The kidnapped girl is tied to a pillar by now. Murdo tears the top off her body and stabs her chest with a knife. Blood runs out of the girl's mouth. The camera moves down her body. The international version sets in again when the floor is visible.

Actually, this is a quite important scene as the Templars are resurrected by this sacrifice.

39 secs.


At this point, the US DVD is a bit longer. You can see a wall (?). Quite meaningless.

5 secs.


On the US DVD, a scene is missing where blood is running down the telephone.

14 secs.


At this point, the US DVD is a bit longer again: You can see the mayor walking through the church a bit earlier.

8 secs.


You can see in detail how the guy who went to get the car is slaughtered by the Templars: The sword penetrates the belly; cut to the mayor; the sword is pulled out again.

6 secs.


The little girl is walking through the church a bit longer. The mayor sees her, talks to her (he supposedly talks her into looking for her dad), walks her to the door, and releases the bolt.

48 secs.


The Templars penetrate the mayor ever further with the swords. Blood is flowing. Between it, there is a shot of the mayor's face.

6 secs.


At this point, the US DVD is a bit longer again: Jack is surrounded by the dead.

4 secs.


The Templars are stabbing their swords further into the mother.

3 secs.


Monica pulls down Murdo's body. Blood is spurting from the torso. Monica lets the torso go.

3 secs.


At this point, the US DVD is a bit longer again: Significantly more blood is running down during the murder of Monica.

12 secs.


Blood is running from the mouth of the impaled man. Cut to screaming Vivian and Jack.

[The camera moves down along the guy.]

6 secs.


[Jack releases the bolt.]

the dead are standing in front of the church.

[The door opens.]

3 secs.


The US DVD concludes with 'The End'; in the Spanish version, the end credits are shown. Therefore Jack, Vivian, and the child can be seen longer.

55 secs.