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Dentist 2, The

original title: Dentist 2: Brace Yourself, The


  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 04, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
All in all, there are 29.92 seconds missing in a total number of 5 cuts.
Runtime of the cut version w/o credits: 1:30:45 (PAL).
Runtime of the uncut version w/o credits: 1:31:33 (PAL).
Timecodes relate to the uncut version.


Raging with jealousy, dentist Dr. Feinstone cuts off his wife's tounge. From then on, he is patient in a psychiatry. The dark side inside him takes control time and again. He is tortured by morbid visions all the time. He escapes from the psychiatry and flees to the desolate town of Paradise, where he opens up a new surgery. A martyrium of pain, suffering and death starts for his patients from now on. When his distorted wife appears to have her revenge, the situation escalates. Who can escape from this beast dressed in white?


Whoever deals instensively with the horror genre will find out that cult director Brian Yuzna managed to make a very special representation with The Dentist (1996), which plays with the primal fear of man and might make some of the audience's visit at the dentist a bit harder. Two years after the original, Yuzna went even one better with the sequel The Dentist II, which even improves the previous film in a few points. The schizophrenic dentist is once more geniusly embodied by Corbin Bernsen, who gives his character the neccessary depth and shows the inner psyche of the doctor even more shockingly. Aside the black humour which is shown several times the harsh splatter sequences are able to convince completely, they appear only in the final third of the film in a regular way though. Before that you unfortunately have to deal with a very long exposition that entertains but doesn't contribute much to the tension. What's left is a good B-flick with a Corbin Bernsen iln his height and very bloody scenes, but don't expect any innovation!

Unlike the German releases, the VHS- and DVD-releases in UK are a little cut. The dental torture scene is affected, for which almost all the bloody detail shots were removed for the BBFC 18-rating. The cuts were made pretty inconspiciously, but surely make the movie a little bit less fun for the willing audience.

For this report, the cut DVD by Cinema Club (BBFC 18) has been compared to the uncut DVD by E-M-S (FSK 18).
The black image in the BBFC 18-DVD is longer.
+2.08 seconds

BBFC 18:
The title "The Dentist 2" appears here.

FSK 18:
The title "The Dentis - Zahnarzt des Schreckens" appears here.
Difference: 0.44 seconds
BBFC 18:

Dr. Feinstone is shown slightly longer. After that, he stabs into the exposed nerve of Bev's tooth.
1.84 seconds

The doctor stabs once more into the toothnerve.
1.64 seconds

A lot was censored in the "truth or tooth"-scene. The doctor bloodily pulls out the tooth with a powerful jolt. Quick cut to Bev's face twisted in pain.
Dr. Feinstone asks him about the result - the problem with the colored tooth was gone after all. He then comments on Bev regularly using dental floss - a good habit. He then puts the bloody tooth into the little container.
Dr. Feinstone continues by asking if Bev said anything to Jamie and after Bev has negated the question several times with a painful voice, Dr. Feinstone scornfully calls her a liar and puts the pliers to the next tooth. In the following shot, he starts to forcefully pull the tooth.
39.68 seconds

The torture continues and Dr. Feinstone starts to drill completely distorted Bev. Quick cut to the doctor. He drills so deeply blood drips out.
5.24 seconds

The moment in which the tooth is finally destroyed completely is missing.
1.52 seconds

The black frame is longer in the BBFC 18-DVD.
+3.68 seconds

Master errors were not considered in this report.