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  • US Director's Cut / Uncut Version
  • German Director's Cut
Release: Jun 25, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Roughale - external link: IMDB
The "Director's Cut" published in the US is differing slightly from the "Director's Cut" released in Germany. In Germany, both versions have been released. The DVD / BD release, which includes the "US Director's Cut" has been explicitly named to reflect this. In the USA the director's cut is aktually called "Uncut Edition" (Unrated).

A bit surprising here is the fact that the US DC is shorter than the German DC released earlier.

On internet pages in German there were rumours about two plot scenes would be shorter in the US DC, but there were also rumours that two plot scenes would be extended. Both rumours turned out to be false. In fact, two scenes of plot have been shortened in the US Director's Cut and there can be found two alternative shots and different logos at the start of the film.

Disregarding these five changes (which would most likely not have been noticed by "normal" viewers), it is obvious that the US DC is based on a different master than the German DC. Proof for that are the different logos and title captions, but also different colours and quality factors. Which means that the new version seems to have a sharper picture compared to the old German DC, but which in contrast had richer colours.

To get an image of the different styles and the different quality, there are screen captures for the comparison. The captures of the German DC can be found on the left-hand side and the captures of the US DC are on the right-hand side.

It is hard to say, which version can be regarded as the "better" version, since there are so few differences. It is also questionable if any of these version profits from the minor differences.

Altogether the US Director's Cut (aka Uncut Edition) runs 32,95 sec (Pal) shorter then the German director's cut and 5 Scenes have been edited.
Runtime of the German Director's Cut without Credits: 1:35.11 Min (Pal)
Runtime of the UD Director's Cut without Credits: 1:34.38 (Pal)

The runtimes in this report are listet after the pattern "German DC: / US DC:". If there is only one runningtime listed it means that the timeindex is identical in both versions.
At the beginning of the film a different Lionsgate logo can be seen in both versions. Next up in the German DC there is a Evolution Management logo, followed by a caption "Evolution Management presents". In the US DC, the second logo is the Twisted Pictures logo, followed by a caption "Twisted Pictures presents"
+0,8 Sec
German Director's Cut:US Director's Cut:

Before blood is splattering into Dr. Gordon's face, who is sawing off his foot, both versions show different shots of Adam.
German DC: 1,72 Sec / US DC: 1,32 Sec / Difference: 0,4 Sec
German Director's Cut:US Director's Cut:

1:30.39 / 1:30.38
Dr. Gordon repeats that he will get help.
8,72 Sec

1:30.59 / 1:30.50
When Dr. Gordon is trying to crawl out of the room, there are also different shots of Adam. In the German DC he looks rather helpless, while he shouts out "Lawrence!" in the US DC
German DC: 1,96 Sec / US DC: 2,8 Sec / Difference: +0,84 Sec
German Director's Cut:US Director's Cut:

1:31.15 / 1:31.07
The shot of Adam is much longer. He is now shouting out "Lawrence!" (even twice) in the German Director's Cut. Dr. Gordon is sitting up and Adam asks almost cowardly how they could both get out. Dr. Gordon replies that he would not lie to him and continues to crawl. This is the point, where the US Director's Cut picks up again.
25,44 Sec