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Release: Apr 07, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Director's Cut.

The content of the movie has already been discussed elsewhere, that's why I come straight to the point and talk about the R-Rated Version here. The prequel already contained some rough splatter scenes and the Uncut Version didn't get an MPAA rating at first. For the home theather market, two versions were released. Besides a shortened R-Rated Version, the Uncut Version was also released (entitled as Unrated Version).

For the sequel, which has reached the next level of violence, the MPAA demanded cuts for the R-Rating again. According to Adam Green, a version that lacks two min of footag still wasn't good enough for the inspectors. Director Adam Green didn't agree with the cuts anaway and got supported by the second biggest chain of movie theaters in the US: AMC. Despite the less lucrativeness, AMC decided to show the Unrated Version in theaters. Correspondingly the poster contained the "Uncut & Unrated" logo to advertise the movie. As a result of that, there were different controversies about that decision plus some comments by Adam Green directed against the MPAA. Amongst other things, he called them "evil". Shortly after the movie started in theaters, AMC pulled it back which made massive waves. Numerous reports about that can be found on the internet. The reasons for that decision diverge.

According to AMC, the movie was mainly pulled back due to disappointing box-office results. It only made 70,000 USD at the opening weekend.

"At AMC theaters, we review all films in all of our theatres every week and then make our business decisions based on their performance."

Adam Green on the other hand was pretty surprised by the decision from AMC and points out he was fine with the result of 70,000 USD by all means because it was an Unrated horror movie that hadn't been advertised on the tube. That's why he presumes it had sth. to do with the controversy in regard to the MPAA.

Adam Green:
"We woke up this morning and the movie was gone. I'm bewildered and confused" […] I assume it probably had something to do with the controversy online about an unrated movie playing in theatres. […] To me, the whole thing is unfortunate because this is not a movie that deserves to be unrated. It's a very funny, silly slasher movie about a swamp ghost that's killing people in ridiculous ways. And now it's become, you know, 'Banned from cinemas.' I've lost 11 pounds in the last week from stress."

For the home theatre market, Publisher Dark Sky made the decision to primarily release the Uncut Version. That version is the most distributed one in the US. In fact getting the R-Rated Version is quite a long shot when you're located in Germany, which is the explanation for the delay of this comparison. Only a request at the US Publisher finally led to success. They were so kind to send us a copy of the R-Rated Version with help from the German Pubisher Sunfilm.

Most of the big stores, video stores and mail orer companies in the US respected Adam Green's decision not to release an R-Rated Version. for instance has just the Unrated Version in the asortment. Nevertheless an R-Rated Version for the consumer has been released as well. As often that R-Rated has been produced exclusively for a chain of video stores who insisted on a version with an MPAA rating. This concern the chain Redbox. After all Red Box is the fifth biggest chain of video stores in the US that usually distributes the BDs and DVDs via machines. These machines look like a red box which is the origin of the company's name. The red boxes can be found at crowded spots like McDonald's or parking spots.

Adam Green himself remains dissatisfied with the R-Rated Version.

Adam Green:
There is now an "R" rated version of HATCHET II that took us six months to get to that we had to do for Redbox because Redbox is a big supplier of movies that the distributor needs and they will not carry unrated movies no matter what. After people see the unrated one, they should really take the time to rent the "R" rated one and see the differences I'm talking about. For example, the chainsaw scene… He comes out with the chainsaw, he swings it under him and it cuts to the next scene. It doesn't chop him in half. Chad getting hit in the face thirty times with the hatchet, now he gets hit three times. They're changing the tone of the movie. They're changing everything about it. So, it's not a simple, "Shit, I wanted this shot in there and now I'm going to fight for it." It was a massacre what they were doing to it. The movie is not half as gory as PIRANHA. It's not half as serious as THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake or some of these torture movies. It's appalling that they would be so hard on it.

In a different interview, he shows understanding to the Publisher Dark Sky, who supported him from the very beginning. He's well aware that Dark Sky wanted that version to avoid possible profit setback.
(Intro part by Glogcke)

About the R-Rated Version can just be said that, when it comes to the violent scenes, the removed footage is just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore the cuts are pretty inconspicuous.
21:04 Beginning of the shot of Crowley ripping of the guy's lower jaw.
2.2 sec

53:17 Extended shot of Crowley hitting Chad in the face with the hatchet in the Unrated Director's Cut.
2 sec

53:18 Further shots of Chad's face. The more he gets hit, the bloodier it gets.
6.3 sec

53:19 End of a shot of a face.
1 sec

53:19 Further shots of the face getting squished.
9 sec

53:21 End of a shot of Crowley's hatchet.
1.8 sec

53:21 Extended shot of Chad's squished face after the last hit.
2.1 sec

61:22 After Crowly beheaded Layton (contained), the R-Rated Version lacks the shot of the headless body, which keeps penetrating Avery who hasn't taken notice of the incident.
3 sec

61:53 When Crowley tries to get the hatchet out of Avery's chest, the shot in the Unrated Version is longer. He pulls several times before he finally gets it out. Then a shot of the tree. Blood splatters on it (also in the R-Rated) in an extended shot.
10.5 sec

65:36 End of a shot when Crowley saws Joh and Vernon between their legs. Pieces of flesh fall out.
0.9 sec

65:40 Shots of Crowley lifting them up with the chainsaw plus two testicles falling off.
3 sec

65:44 Shot of the two of them plus some blood splatter.
1.1 sec

65:45 Shot of them getting cut-up, followed by screaming Crowley.
2.6 sec

66:38 After Marybeth and Justin left, the following shot of Uncle Bob and Trent (?) is missing.
3 sec

71:48 Extended shot of Crowley dealing with Justin'd back of his head with the grinding machine.
1.7 sec

71:49 Crowley steps back. Shot of Justin's exposed brain before he finally gets the grinding machine. Pieces of flesh are flying around.
9.3 sec

78:21 He causes several gaping flesh wounds by hitting him with the hatched.
7.5 sec

78:52 The Reverend's skinning is much shorter in the R-Rated Version. There Crowley pulls him out of his body at one go. In the Unrated Version, he has to do better.
13.3 sec

78:55 End of the shot of Crowley lifting up the skinned zombie plus the beginnning of the following shot of his.
2.5 sec

79:14 The shot of Marybeth smashing Crowley's face with the hatchet is distinctly longer in the Unrated Version.
11.8 sec