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Halloween: Resurrection

original title: Halloween 8


  • Theatrical Version
  • Workprint
Release: Dec 08, 2009 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut workprint (title: Halloween - The Homecoming) and the uncut Theatrical Version by Highlight (title: Halloween - Resurrection; FSK 18, rental DVD). The Homecoming-Workprint is pretty similar to the finished Resurrection-cut. There are only little important changes and not a single violence cut in Resurrection. But there are other, earlier versions.

You can tell the Homecoming-Version was not really finished yet. The Soundtrack is almost completely different and uses the music from its predecessors. Apparently, the scoring of the voices and sound effects wasn't complete, either.


The footage of the Homecoming-Version was extremely bad and had many image- and soundjumps. So it was not easy to make exact time designations for the workprint. To prevent confusion, I decided to leave it out and only took the timecodes of the Resurrection-DVD as a clue.

Homecoming starts with a home video of Myers, the camera slowly approaches the demonic face of little Michael. In the background, the song from the original Halloween plays. The Resurrection-Version only rolls in the opening credits here.
The length of the video is roughly 42 seconds.


In the Resurrection-Version, Michael walks down the hallway
for nine more seconds.
Then the respective titles are shown.


Before the line "We're in!" in the Resurrection-Version, the blonde
embarrassedly looks to the side and shyly says


The screen with the e-mails looks differently in both versions. The
text in the mail differs in both versions


In Resurrection, Sara's friend slanders about her (voiceover) as
she enters the door, Homecoming misses this. There is no footage
missing, though.


In Resurrection, the guy says "I can be a camera" to the girl,
Homecoming is silent here. Footage is identical.


The scene with the two Michaels was changed in its effect. In the
Homecoming-version, the wrong Myers directly turns startledly,
while in Resurrection he turns 2.5 more seconds slowly and
then startledly.


Only in Resurrection the redhead calls her boyfriend: "Hey Jim!",
then she takes a few steps toward the hole and says: "You gotta see
this!". In Homecoming, you don't hear anything, again.


The text of the black man in the scene is in both versions a little
different for a few seconds.


In Resurrection three monitors go out, in Homecoming only two.


Missing voice-over in Homecoming: "Oh, my God!"


The voice-over of the girl screaming can only be heard in


Again, Homecoming misses an outcry: "Oh my God!"

1:12:25: edit

  1. Homecoming: Michael looks to the right, then to
    the left.

    Resurrection: Michael only looks to the right.

  2. Both versions: Sara climbs down the ladder.

  3. Homecoming: Sara falls down, notices something that
    cannot be identified due to the bad quality. Assumption: a dead
    body! She picks herself up again.

    Resurrection: Michael looks to the left, hears Sara.

  4. Both versions: Shot of Sara in front of the ladder


only in Homecoming:

- Closeup of Sara.

- With her hand, she strokes the screen showing the body of her
blonde friend.

- Another closeup Sara

- Quick view of the other screens

- Sideways closeup Sara

- Both versions unite as Sara turns around scaredly.


Homecoming: Policeman and fireman talk to each other.

Resurrection: sway to Sara, Freddie and an emergency doctor


Voice-over in Resurrection: "You saved my Life!"

1:19:50: Alternate Ending:


A woman enters the burn-down ruins, in the background, still some
extinguishing takes place.
She looks through a hole in the ground. Michaels hand dashes from
the darkness and pulls the screaming woman into the abyss.


Michaels body is being evacuated. Sara and Freddie want to make
sure Michael is really dead and take a look at the corpse. Freddie
jokes about Michael and curses him to never be able to rest in
He shouldn't have said that!

Change of scene into the pathology. The forensic doctor unwraps the
Suddenly Michael's eyes open. The end!

The Credits are a little different in both versions, furthermore
Homecoming features rap music, Resurrection the