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Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


  • Theatrical Version
  • US TV Version
Release: May 01, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the R-rated theatrical version (Blu-ray from Paramount) and the US TV version.

Jason Voorhees, who lies at the bottom of Crystal Lake is accidentally revived by two horny teenagers as their boat anchor damages a underwater cable. An electric shock brings him back to life and kills the two teenagers. The next day he sneaks aboard the SS Lazarus on which a graduating class wants to travel to New York. One by one the crew and the students are decimated until a group of survivors can save themselves to New York, but not even in the Big Apple area they are safe from Jason's bloodlust.

In the eighth part of the Friday the 13th franchise, the last who was released by Paramount, Jason moves from the provinces to the big city. But before Jason instills respect into the lokal punks on Times Square, he ruins the cruise of high school students. Without any big surprises the teenagers are decimated one by one and only the way of dying provides some variety. Similarly clichéd is the portrayal of New York, which is contaminated by drug-addicted criminals lurking to rape a woman. Among this scum of society, a murdering lunatic like Jason doesn't stand out. As a moviegoer back then you might have wondered why Jason spends so much time on the boat, although the advertising campaign suggests a bloodbath in New York. Maybe one of the reasons why Friday the 13th - Jason takes Manhattan has the worst box-office result of the series. Somewhat unfair, I think. The setting on the boat finally gets Jason out of the Crystal Lake environment, where far too many teenagers were slashed in the course of the series without changing the slasher concept. The finale in New York provides the right Climax.

The US free-TV channel USA Network broadcasted an alternative cut of the film in which various sex and violence scenes were censored as usual for TV versions. Furthermore, references to drug consumption were shortened and even some action scenes were removed. In a few places there are alternative material but the exclusive material is rather unspectacular. Most interesting is an alternative scene in which Julius gets a strong punch by Jason on the house roof, instead of the scene from the theatrical version in which he is beheaded.

So there are no new exclusive scenes as with other parts of the series. Just think of Friday the 13th - The last chapter or Friday the 13th - Jason lives!. This edited version is especially interesting for Friday of the 13th fans.

Image comparison:

TV version:

Theatrical version:


TV version: 93:21 min.
Theatrical version: 100:27 min.
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The TV version shows a shot from New York.

The theatrical version instead shows two junkies using drugs.

TV: 19 sec.
KF: 19 sec.


The TV version shows an exterior view of the boat.

In the theatrical version, the two teenagers Jimmy and Suzi can still be seen. Suzi gets undressed.

TV: 4 sec.
KF: 19 sec.


The "so I'm a major ass." by Jimmy was removed from the audio track in the TV version.

Image for classification:

No time difference.


Jimmy gets hit by a harpoon.

KF: 1 sec.


Camera cut towards Jason, then Suzi gets hit by the harpoon.

KF: 3 sec.


Dead Suzi's been seen longer.

KF: 2 sec.


In the TV version a scene is missing in which J.J. goes below deck. Jason follows her.

KF: 16 sec.


The phrase "Wayne, you're an asshole." by J.J. was removed from the audio track in the TV version.

Image for classification:

No time difference.


Wayne goes downstairs and meets Charles who's looking for his niece.

Charles: "Have you seen my nice anywhere?"
Wayne: "Uh, yeah, I think she's motivation downstairs, Mr. McCulloch. Uh, what's the problem?"
Charles: "Well, senior predictions started five minutes ago and she hasn't shown up yet."
Wayne: "Oh, well, uh, maybe some of us don't want our futures predicted."
Charles: "Heh, well in your case, I'm sure that's true."

Then you see Tamara preparing some cocaine and trying to convince Eva to take a line.

Tamara: "Nighttime is the right time."
Eva: "No, thanks."
Tamara: "Don't be lightweight. THis is top-dollar toot."
Eva: "It's not that. It's just, you know if we get caught, I could lose my science scholarship and everything."
Tamara: "You're talking to the prom queen, Eva. Do you really thing I'm gonna risk getting caught?"

Rennie shows up.

Tamara: "Jesus."
Rennie: "Have you guys seen my dog? I think he came this way."
Tamara: "No, we haven't. Did you care for a hit?"
Rennie: "No, thanks."
Tamara: "Real space cadet. I wonder if she'll narc on us."

KF: 1:22 min.


Jason pushes the hot stone against the skin.

KF: 0.5 sec.


Jason leaves the sauna after he murders the boy.

KF: 6 sec.


The blood from the faucet can be seen longer.

KF: 1 sec.


The theatrical version cuts again on the blood from the faucet.

KF: 2 sec.


Charles and Tamara are kissing longer on the bed.

KF: 3 sec.


The scene with the video recording also takes longer.

KF: 4 sec.


Wayne drinks the champagne, saying, "Wayne, you're an asshole."

KF: 8 sec.


Tamara puts on her bathrobe.

KF: 5 sec.


In the TV version Tamara smashes against the mirror.

The theatrical version has a different shot which is much more permissive.

TV: 2 sec.
KF: 3 sec.


When Tamara is attacked, the TV version zooms in to hide naked facts.


No time difference.


On the bridge, the captain gives instructions.

Captain: "Let's kick in the stabilizers, Mr. Carlson. Keep the seas off the quarter."
Carlson: "Yes, sir."
Captain: "These kids are in for one hell of a storm."

Jason grabs a hook off the wall.

The captain hands over the steering wheel to Carlson and walks off the bridge.

Captain: "How old is your boy now, Carlson?"
Carlson: "Nineteen months."
Captain: "Tremendous age. Take some advice. Don't push him too hard."
Carlson: "Yeah."
Captain: "Take the helm, would you, Jim?"
Carlson: "Certainly, sir."

KF: 59 sec.


Jason slits the captain's throat.

KF: 8 sec.


The captain is to be seen a little earlier, before he is pushed forward by Jason.

KF: 1 sec.


The "Oh, Jesus!" by Sean was removed from the audio track in the TV version.

Image for classification:

No time difference.


Dialog change for the TV version.


Julius: "What the hell is this?"


Julius: "What the fuck is this?"

Image for classification:

No time difference.


Julius still says "shit" after coming to the bridge.

KF: 2 sec.


The corpse can be seen longer, Wayne says "Jesus Christ."

KF: 2 sec.


Charles still says "Christian!" when he came to the bridge.

KF: 2 sec.


The "You bastard!" by Charles was removed from the audio track in the TV version.

Image for classification:

No time difference.


The TV version cuts towards Charles and Colleen.

Julius can still be seen in the theatrical version.

The "fucker" is missing in the TV version.

Julius: "...and let's go find this mother[fucker] before he finds us, huh?"

TV: 2 sec.
KF: 3 sec.
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