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original title: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


  • PG-13
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 08, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The differences between the PG-13 Version and the unrated are mostly cosmetical and just some small scenes were changed fort he lower rating. There are two longer extensions whereas just the first one can be considered good and viewable.

The unrated version differs in 13 scenes from the R-Rated theatrical version and runs longer for 3:25 min.
11. min

While Ron hits on Veronica at the party there is a short alternate scene with an additional dialog for Ron.

Ron: "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahagony."
Unrated: "I ... I'm friends with Merlin Olsen [actor and football player], too. He comes over on occasion. That's stupid"
PG-13: "That sounds stupid."

Unrated 9,5s | PG-13 3,5s

Pictures only from the unrated version

13. min

The next morning at the editorial meeting: The whole news team is completely hammered and Ron still sleeps while sitting. Champ narrates a different story in both versions which happened the morning were he woke up.

Champ: "Tell me about it. I woke up this morning and I shit a squirrel. I mean it. Literally. Hell of it is, damn thing's still alive. So i got this shit-covered squirrel down there in the office. Don't know what to name it."
Brick: "I'm sorry, Champ. I think I ate your chocolate squirrel."
Champ: "I woke up this morning in some japanese families’ rec room and they would not stop screaming."
Brick: "Oh yeah, I ate a big red candle."

Unrated 23,5s | PG-13 12,5s

Pictures only from the unrated version

27. min

When Ron arranges with Veronica there is another alternate take. The unrated version shows his erection a bit longer while the R-Rated version only shows his face.

Unrated 3,5s | PG-13 3s

Pictures only from the unrated version

27. min

The R-Rated version shows Veronica a bit longer while she tries to give him a fair warning about his problem.

PG-13 0,5s

Picture only from the unrated version

27. min

Ron tells her in different shots: "This is awkward." And says good bye to her. The unrated shows him how he moves longer through the office, still with an erection. He adds: "I'm gonna walk ... I'm gonna walk this situation off and I will see you later." The R-Rated only shows the erection shortly and the next shots show their faces. Here he adds: "I will see you later?" She is nodding while she tries to avoid eye contact. He just responses: "Yes".

Unrated 8,5s | PG-13 12s

Pictures only from the unrated version

27. min

The R-Rated shows how Ron walks into his office with the camera in his back. The scene just ends here. The unrated version shows alternate material where Veronica is still embarrassed about the situation while Ron continues walking along other people with his erection. He tells everybody: "Don't look at me right now. I'm walking around the office. My new walk. I have a situation right now I'm trying to walk off."

Unrated 9s | PG-13 1s

Pictures only from the unrated version

44. min

When the news team is having a chat afterwards a small passage is missing.
Ron: "Veronica Corningstone is just dying to quit her job so that she can take care of me and have babies."
Then we see his dreams:
Ron comes home from his job, his children, dressed in tuxedos, are ironing his suits and when Ron greets them he disallows eye-contact with him. Both boys look at the floor. Veronica enters the room, dressed only with a pinafore and adores his husband. She spent the days polishing Ron’s Emmy’s and prepared the diner – naked. Ron and Veronica get intimate and she tells him that she loves her live even though her husband told her to get hammered with his friends during the next two days.

Unrated 67,5s

54. min

The end of the news shows Ron and Veronica slightly longer behind their desk. The unrated shows them insulting each other while they are still smiling into the camera. The shown spectator doesn’t have any sound.

Veronica: "You have way too much pubic hair."
Ron: "I'm very proud of my mane of pubic hair, so thank you."

Unrated 7,5s | PG-13 1s

Pictures only from the unrated version

68. Minute

After Ron read "Go fuck yourself, San Diego" from the teleprompter and is charged out of the studio by an angry mob, Veronica says in the unrated: "Ron, I never wanted it to be like this.". In the R-Rated she only says: „Ron!“

Unrated 2,5s | PG-13 1s

Pictures only from the unrated version

68. min

When Ron asks Veronica if she is happy she responds: "It was supposed to be a joke. I mean, it's still kind of funny. But it's not." One part of this is covered by another shot in the unrated version.

Unrated 6s

68. min

Ron additionally says to Veronica: "Don't you know I would never say the word fuck? I would never fucking ever fucking say that! Ever."

Unrated 10s

69. min

Alternative material. Veronica says in the unrated version: "I'm sorry. Get your hands off him, you bastards!" and Ron adds: "Don't you know I would never say fuck? Fuck." The R-Rated shows her screaming "Ron" two times.

Unrated 8,5s | PG-13 5,5s

Picture only from the unrated version

The R-Rated shows Ron’s room for 7 more frames after he fell off the chair.

70. min

Ron is at Tino’s and is looking forward for a nice meal. He is served some salad and cat poo which he has to eat because he insulted San Diego. Ron refuses and they start fighting each other. Ron retreats and promises to eat a little piece if he will get a steak afterwards. Ron bites into the piece of poo and stops. The restaurant owner tries to push the piece of poo into his mouth and Ron starts crying and moans: "I'll eat the shit. I don't care. I'll eat the entire hunk of shit." He puts it into his mouth.

Unrated 83,5s