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  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • BBFC 15 DVD
Release: Oct 16, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK VHS (BBFC 18) by Entertainment in Video and the Uncut UK DVD (BBFC 15) by Universal.

In comparison to the Uncut UK DVD, the UK VHS lacks 6 1/2 min. of plot scenes. Furthermore two butterfly scenes have been removed as well, as usual in the UK.

Running time UK VHS, credits excluded: 1:29:33
Running time UK DVD, credits excluded: 1:36:03

1 longer logo at the beginning of the DVD (23 sec)
17 cuts (367 sec)
= 390.6 sec or 6 min 30 sec
Time index: UK VHS / UK DVD

The "Seasonal Film Corporation" logo at the beginning of the DVD.
22.92 sec

Different title artwork.
+0.4 sec


After Casey Alexander took the robbers down, the DVD contains a shot of the relieved people hugging each other. A blond woman goes to Casey, she accidentally touches his wounded arm. Casey wants to know if anyone got hurt.
11.6 sec

The VHS stops in the middle of John Alexander's sentence. He also says: "This is very important to me." Then an extended shot of them talking to each other. Will says he tried to get some days off. His father thanks him. They keep on talking until they say goodbye. The scene after Will hung up is also on the VHS. That conveys the impression that, on the VHS, Will was pissed off and hangs up in the middle of the conversation.
29.92 sec

Way earlier beginning of the conversation between John and Paul Macpherson. Before that, John switches off the screen with the picture of Franco on it. First they talk about the CIA. After that, John shows him a picture of his sons and Paul wants to know what Will was doing. John asks why he'd come there. When Macpherson starts to tell, both versions are synchronized again.
64.56 sec

Extended shot of John, Macpherson and Atteron talking to each other at John's b-day party.
11.64 sec

When Casey sees his brother and his dead father near the pool, he also yells "Dad!" on the DVD.
1.6 sec

Long missing sequence on the VHS. It starts with a tracking shot of the CIA building, then Casey in a corridor. He goes into Atteron's office and talks to him and Macpherson. They don't want Casey to get involved in the investigation of John's murder. They argue, Atteron assures to clear it up. Macpherson proposes Casey to take a break. Casey says he always wanted to go to Hawaii, Macpherson and Atteron support his plan. Before Casey leaves, Macpherson also says Casey could come to him anytime.
104.6 sec

Missing scene on the VHS: Casey and Franklin at the computer. Franklin tries to login and fails. The second shot is successful, then he leaves Casey alone. Casey checks information about Franco and tries to find a connection to his dad.
101.44 sec

The end of the scene, when Casey drives, is only on the DVD.
2.08 sec

Will's swirling butterfly is missing on the VHS.
1.44 sec

The scene when Will puts his butterfly away is also missing on the VHS. Then he orders another beer.
4.6 sec

The VHS stops when Will got out of the car. On the DVD, he also crosses the street.
8.44 sec

The beginning of the scene with the gangway-leaving ambassador is missing on the VHS.
1.64 sec

The ambassador goes to the people, the reporters take pictures.
4.84 sec

Casey sneaks behind a cop.
2.4 sec

A shot of Will and Casey on the DVD when Atteron cocks the gun.
1.04 sec

The end of the shot of Atteron aiming on Casey and Will is missing. Moreover the beginning of the following shot of the hangar gate has also been removed on the VHS.
3.16 sec

Extended shot of Maria and Casey hugging. Then Will and Casey talking to each other.
13.08 sec