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original title: Shootfighter: Fight to the Death


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 17, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Runtime of the cut version: 1:29:54 (1:27:09 w/o credits)
Runtime of the uncut version: 1:31:40 (1:28:54 w/o credits)
The runtimes are based on the uncut version.

- 15 cuts: 1 minute and 35.36 seconds

Compared is the cut tape by New Age Entertainment (BBFC 18) with the uncut DVD by Cine Club (unrated).


Since their youth Shingo and Lee are rivals. 20 years later both are martial-arts teachers but teach their disciples differently. Shingo's best disciples, the friends Ruben and Nick, take part in an illegal but highly remunerated shootfighting championship in Mexico. The fights are not only about money but more for life and death but both friends only recognize it when facing the arena. Lee lures his old rival Shingo to the championships and the clash of the giants will become a bloody and remorseless spectacle...


After the success of Bloodsport (1988) the action genre faced a lot of tournament movies. One of the best movies from this genre is definately Shootfighter which does not provide the viewer with a good story but offers brutal and explicit action scenes. The cast as well offers known faces like Bolo Yeung, Martin Kove and Michael Bernardo. For fans of violent tournament movies this film is a treasure.


The BBFC 18 VHS version is based on the unrated version but has been cut in its hardest action scenes. As known for British censorship there are plenty of so called 'Weapon cuts'. The German DVD is luckily based on the unrated version and is uncut.

Mastererrors, jump-cuts or additional extras under 0.5 seconds (without censoring background) are not considered.
The 'Vision International' logo is missing.
8,36 sec

The first fighter gets to nunchakus which he uses to shake them in front of his opponent. The black fighter grabs a club and also receives a knife. The white fighter attacks but is beaten with the club.
33,88 sec

The black fighter throwas away the club and gets into fighting position.
3,4 sec

A view on the pain filled face of the white fighter is missing as well as a cut to his bloody body which is pierces by his opponents fist.
1,64 sec

The black fighter rips out his opponents heart.
2,44 sec

While the opponents lifts his arm with the heart, the white fighter dies.
5,92 sec

After the white fighter got his throat cut a take is missing where he spits a lot of blood.
3,8 sec

A view of the bloody fighter is missing.
2 sec

The fighter plays with the nunchaku.
1,52 sec

Both fighters play with their weapons.
4 sec

One can see both men fighting with their weapons.
2,4 sec

Both fighter hit each other with their weapons.
11,76 sec

One can see a close-up of Shadow how he bites out a piece of flesh from Andreov and how he spits it out.
5,64 sec

Shingos kicks Lee's face more often.
5,68 sec

Lee is beaten in his face by Shingo.
7,24 sec

Shingo beats Lee in his belly and additionally breaks his arm in fierce rage.
4,04 sec