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Bloody Friday (Blutiger Freitag) [Blu-Ray Region A/B/C Import - Germany]

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Bloody Friday

original title: Blutiger Freitag


  • Theatrical Version
  • American Cinematheque (Kickstarter-VHS)
Release: Apr 17, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (included on the German DVD/Blu-ray from Subkultur Entertainment) and the American cinematheque version (included on the strictly limited Kickstarter-VHS from Subkultur Entertainment)

- One additional scene + 6x alternative material
- Difference: 10.1 sec (without end label information)

Recently we have reported in detail about the exciting version history of the German Exploitation cult thriller Blutiger Freitag.
This version contains some more new dialogue scenes of about 5 minutes but also two striking deviations due to censorship: The rape can be seen without weakening crossfade effects (no runtime difference) and Heidi's shooting has been extended by some drastic slow-motion settings.

Subculture Entertainment has now provided us with a curious version, which the label itself distributed as part of the Kickstarter campaign in an extremely limited edition of just 10 copies exclusively on VHS (!). Of course also interesting for German collectors but mainly the English-speaking prospective customer is addressed: Under the title Bloody Friday you can only see the English version of the film, including the corresponding fade in at the beginning and end. The clou: Probably also due to the lack of English synchro for the additional dialogue scenes, the version corresponds almost completely to the well-known (i.e. without dialogue extensions), but at the two censorship places you can see the new material from the long version. So you get the longest possible English version including all extensions without dialog.

But the version was not created exclusively for this curious VHS edition : In America, for example, you could also admire it on the big screen at the end of 2016 as part of the Cinematic Void series of the American Cinematheque. Heinz Klett also made it in Hollywood again into the theatres. Last but not least it should be mentioned that this film version (like the Italian version) runs in 1.85:1 format and is therefore somewhat cropped at the top and bottom compared to the original 1.66:1 format.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
American cinematheque version in PAL / Theatrical Version in NTSC

Note: The subculture DVDs from the Kickstarter edition run (because of the also to 1/3 of international interested parties existing Kickstarter supporters!) in NTSC. Accordingly, the runtime specification of the theatrical version is equally applicable for Blu-ray as well as DVD in this case but the regular German DVD edition should contain a PAL version.
After the identical Gloria logo, the VHS version offers English credits. The info text afterwards is contained in contrast to the Italian version.

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version

85:58-86:01 / 82:27-82:29

When Veldt's eye is zoomed in and then scenes from the slaughterhouse are running, there is still the eye above the shots faded in in the theatrical version. The American Cinematheque version shows the shots "uncensored".

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version

86:03-86:06 / 82:31-82:34

Same game from Dagmar's eye: She sees sex with another woman instead.

Theatrical VersionAmerican cinematheque Version

86:08-86:10 / 82:36-82:38

And some more quick butcher shots.

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version

86:11-86:14 / 82:39-82:42

Back to sex.

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version

86:15-86:16 / 82:43-82:44

We are approaching the orgasm and so now the visions of male and female are commented briefly.

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version

86:16-86:23 / 82:44-82:51

Several more short recordings.

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version

Note: After the picture assembly there is a completely additional 3-second scene available in the long version, where Heinz Dagmar grabs around the crotch. Although no synchro can be heard here and it is probably still part of the censorship at that time, it is unfortunately missing in the American Cinematheque version just like in the theatrical version.

94:22 / 90:30-90:40

Heidi, perforated with bullets can be seen longer and collapses in slow motion.
In between Christian comes running and screams "Helen!

Note: Her English name as replacement for "Heidi" from the original German version. The synchronisation fragment starts in the theatrical version actually only a moment later, when Christian (who again has the same name in both audio soundtracks) is added in the total - so nothing resynchronized or the like.

10.1 sec

The American Cinematheque version also has the final quote in English and then another clue.

14 sec

Theatrical VersionAmerican Cinematheque Version