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Release: Apr 22, 2008 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Frankie - external link: IMDB
Altogehter three different versions of Darren Lynn Bousman's "Saw III" were released. Besides the uncut R-Rated theatrical version an extended unrated-cut was released simoultaneously. In the audio commentary of the unrated DVD one could clearly realize, that the last word has not been said on "Saw III", because the director mentioned some missing scenes of personal importance.

Just in time for Halloween and the theatrical release of „SAW IV“ the US-production company Lions Gate was ready, to milk the cashcow once again. Under the title „The Director’s Cut“ a brand new DVD of „SAW III“ with an even longer cut of the movie and extended and new bonus material was published.

The Director’s Cut itself is based on the unrated version, and is somehow a huge disappointment. Right before the release director Darren Lynn Bousman has stated, that the new cut will include an alternate ending and some scenes, that are important for the course of the movie but were cut off because of pace-reasons. Only three differences (in case one counts the „mess“ at the end as one change) can be found, mainly referring to the character of Amanda and her relationship to Jigsaw and Lynn. However the alternate ending ist quite interesting and the plot with Jeff's daughter becomes even meaner. Because of this one can say that the new "Director's Cut" of „SAW III“ has its moments, but due to the fact that there are just minor changes one must decide for its own if it's worth a double-dip.

For this cut-report the uncut Austrian Limited Collector’s Edition from Kinowelt (Unrated like the US-DVD from Lions Gate) has been compared to the uncut US DVD from Lions Gate (Director's Cut). Overall there are 416,58 seconds missing chopped up on 3 Cuts.
Running time of the Director's Cuts without end credits: 1:55.57 Min (NTSC) -> 1:51.19 Min (PAL)
Running time of the Austrian LCE without end credits: 1:44.39 Min
All time indexes are in the following scheme: DC / NR.
The black-screen before the movie is longer.
0,96 Sec

1:18.30There is one complete flashback missing: Amanda is sitting on her desk and reads a book. Suddenly she turns around and walks towards John who is asleep. Then she discovers, that there are movements on one of the monitors of the security camera. She goes to the grille to have a better look at the monitor. In this room there is no else standing than Adam from „SAW“. Amanda wakes up and realizes, that this was only a nightmare. She takes her jacket and walks past John. Thereafter one can see her marching through the hallway to the "Saw"-room. She opens the door, which is shown a bit longer.
In the unrated version, the first shot with Amanda flashing the room, starts four frames earlier.
131,17 Sec

1:32.16 / 1:26.33
The dialogue between Jigsaw and Lynn differs after Amanda has left the room. The following events vary in both versions as well:

Unrated: A close-up of Jigsaw holding Lynn's hand. In the next frame one can see Amanda throwing something furiously through the hall. (8,2 Sec)

Director’s Cut: Jigsaw sends Lynn forth the room after Amanda has entered it. Lynn walks through the hall and sees some of Jigsaw's "experiments". She discovers a door. She tries to open the lock and spots a helpful tool. Lynn uses it to break open the door. Having accomplished that, she walks a couple of steps straight into a fence. Behind the railings she discovers a telephone. However she can't open the lock integrated into the door. Therefore she moves backwards and closes the door just in time and respectively puts back the tool, as Amanda leaves Jigsaw's room and sends Lynn to him once again. While setting of she realizes her opportunity and attacks Amanda. They are fighting for a minute and as Lynn is pushing Amanda against the mesh wire fence, she takes one of her keys and opens her "ruff".Since the key doesn't fit, she yells "Fuck!" a couple of times and walks off the screen. Amanda leans against a wall for a moment.. (234,63 Sec)
With the short insert of Jeff and the close-up of Jigsaw both versions get together again.

226,01 Sec difference

1:53.32 / 1:44.32
From this point on both versions differ. Indeed there are still some similar elements but due to the fact that some frames changed their place I sum up the differences, starting from this spot, under the headword „alternate ending“. I only took pictures of those scenes, missing in one of the versions.The scene explanations start with the shot of Lynn's destroyed head at the end of the „rundown“:

Unrated: Lynn's head can be seen clearly. The camera zooms a bit closer. Then a gentle fade to white is shown and afterwards the end credits start. (82,56 Sec)

Director’s Cut:Director’s Cut: The shot of Lynn's head is shortened heavily. One can hardly see the bloody details. The fade out starts here as well. After a short black-screen the movie goes on. Jeff snaps up the cassette recorder Jigsaw has droppend and takes a seat next to his dead wife. He starts the tape and listens to Jigsaw's message, that he is Jeff's „last test of forgiveness“. „And if you’re listening to this, then you’ve failed.” Jigsaw explains to Jeff, that he has kidnapped his daughter. He admits as well, that he is the only human being knowing her inhabitancy. In order to find her Jeff has to play a game. Whilst listening to this the known camera movements through the hallways up to Jeff's daughter can be seen. Suddenly Jeff stands up and yells at the dead Jigsaw. End! (145,33 Sec)
With the short montage of Jeff and the close-up of Jigsaw both versions re-unite.

59,33 Sec difference