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original title: Profondo rosso


  • Export Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Apr 20, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncensored export version (released by Force Video in Australia) and the uncut Director's Cut.

The export version misses out on 32 scenes with an overall runtime of 20 minutes and 50.5 seconds.

The export version of the movie misses out on 20 minutes of plot-related scenes and was the basis for several international releases on VHS and DVD. One example would be the Australian VHS released by Force Video which we used for this report. In the USA, the movie was also released in its export version, e.g. on the Blue Underground DVD which is labled as being the "Uncensored English Version". However, on the Blue Underground Blu-Ray you can find both versions.

Additionally, HBO Video released an R-Rated version which is pretty similar to the export version on VHS. Sometimes, the cuts are identical to the export version. However, the R-Rated version misses out on 5 additional minutes of plot related scens as well as a few violent sequences. Even though the R-Rated version is shorter, it still includes a few scenes which are not included in the export version (among other things some violent scenes).
0 min
The opening credits are a little longer.
30 sec

1 min
Marcus rehearses a song with his band. They finish the song and he says that it sounded pretty good but needs a little more feeling to it.
66 sec

1 min
Professor Giordani's speech inside the congress of psychology is longer.
26 sec

10 min
Helga is on the phone and tells Giordani that she's pretty excited but that he doesn't have to worry about her.
7 sec

10 min
The second blow with the hatchet - which hits Helga's shoulder - was cut out.
2.5 sec

13 min
Carlo is drunk and tells Marcus something about how to do a toast. Marcus tells him to pull himself together.
18 sec

16 min
Marcus gazes after the killer through the window. Carlo comes out of the bar and finishes his drink.
12 sec

16 min
A part of the conversation between the commissioner and Marcus was cut out. The commissioner notes that Marcus is not Italian. The latter says that he's American and that he's only here for a short time. The commissioner then wants to know what he's doing in Italy. Thus Marcus replies that he's a pianist and teaches some younger piano players. The commissioner says that he likes music and that one of his cousins plays the violin.
68 sec

18 min
An angry police officer tells Giana to go away. The latter replies that she only wants to take some pictures, however, the officer doesn't care and again tells her to leave.
15 sec

18 min
Marcus leaves the house where Helga was killed. Policemen and paramedics are on site as well. The commissioner wants Marcus to accompany him to the police station. Marcus then gets in the police car. Now follows a conversation between Marcus and Carlo. Carlo is obviously drunk and is hunched over the well. Marcus says that he should probably bring him home. However, Carlo doesn't want his help and staggers off. Marculs follows him.
87 sec

19 min
Marcus and Carlo discuss the image's disappearal a little longer.
54 sec

20 min
On the cemetary there's an unimportant conversation between Marcus and Giana. They talk about the killer and Marcus' feelings about the case.
90 sec

21 min
A guy carrying the Italian flag passes the camera on his bike.
4 sec

21 min
When they arrive at a bar, Marcus gets out of the car. Unfortunately the door won't open so he has to leave through the sunroof. Then he enters the bar and asks the bartender if he has seen Carlo. The bartender says he hasn't. Marcus then asks the barkeeper to tell Carlo that he was looking for him.
54 sec

27 min
Marcus argues with Giana since he doesn't want her to help him looking for the killer. Giana calls Marcus stubborn and angrily leaves the apartment.
54 sec

29 min
You see Carlo lying in his bed a little longer. Ricci tells Marcus that Carlo apparently looses his soul, thus they should treat him carefully.
12 sec

30 min
Marcus tells Carlo that he will always be his friend, even if he's gay. After Carlo replied that he should better be quiet, Marcus says that he should better stand up since he has something important to talk about.
21 sec

33 min
You see Marcus and Carlo playing piano. The camera pans to the bartender who complains about Carlo and Marcus; he says that they can't play the piano any better than his grandma can.
33 sec

34 min
The camera pans away from the rooflight - where just moments ago you could see the killer - towards Marcus who plays the piano. Subseqently follows a POV shot of the murder who moves around on the roof.
22 sec

40 min
Longer shot of Marcus, professor Giordani and Bardi.
4 sec

41 min
Giordani's theory about the killer's desire to kill is a little longer.
12 sec

52 min
A longer dialogue between Marcus and Giana inside the car was cut out. Mainly they talk about arguments, the murder, and a mansion which Marcus wants to visit.
217 sec

53 min
Inside the police station: The commissioner curses because the coffee brewer doesn't do what he wants it to do. One of his colleagues approaches him to tell him that the minister was very pleased with the police's work and that he will show up to praise the commissioner for their work. The latter is not really delighted, since they hardly made any progress thus far. Cut to Marcus standing in the phone box. He wants to call Giordani but the latter's secretary tells Marcus that he's not in his office. Marcus thus asks her to tell her boss that he called.
70 sec

53 min
A missing shot of the fighting dogs.
4 sec

63 min
Marcus looks around inside the house.
18 sec

64 min
He continues to look around.
12 sec

64 min
After being startled by a noise, Marcus leaves the house and looks around. When he goes back inside, a window above him gets closed.
52 sec

66 min
Marcus leaves the shot. Then follows a shot of the drawing on the wall. Marcus goes to the ground floor - which is under water - and picks up an item which will help him scraping the soil off the drawing. Then he walks back to the wall.
47 sec

66 min
Marcus scrapes the soil off the drawing.
6 sec

69 min
Giordani takes some notes. Then he wearily rubs his eyes and closes the notebook.
17 sec

73 min
Marcus calls Giana because he wants to meet her. Subsequently you see both of them in Marcus' apartment where he tells her about the drawing which he found inside the mansion. After Giana says that he is too obsessed with the case he offers her to accompany him to Spain where he wants her to help him continuing to work on the case. Giana - who is happy about having Marcus all for herself - goes to a different room where she finds a picture of another woman. Marcus tells her that she's just a friend. Giana, however, is completely mad, throws the image in the trash basket and leaves the apartment.
155 sec

64 min
Marcus walks towards the gate and picks up a pickaxe which lies on the ground.
15 sec