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  • Original Version
  • XXX Unrated Colostomy Bag Edition
Release: Sep 10, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The fact that the German release of Hanger had to be cut by almost 18 minutes tells you exactly which direction it is heading. Ryan Nicholson puts a huge emphasis on disgust and border crossing in almost every imaginable fashion. The beating of a pregnant woman, an abortion with a coat hanger, rape, tee made out of used tampons and so on. In doing so, the film has an amateurish look and hardly entertains anyone. Maybe the most hardened film fans who need to have seen everything for once could try out what they can stomach.

And as if that wasn't marginal enough, it seemed that Nicholson wanted to top that when he announced a new version of his movie. It is entitled XXX Unrated Colostomy Bag Edition and that's about as creative as it gets with this release. Get this: there is one change. And it is just as irrelevant as the alterations in the new version of Gutterballs. Nicholson inserted a brief hardcore shot showing how the female sex organ is penetrated by a rubber penis. The other film got this treatment 18 times. Together with the fact that this release has no bonus material in contrast to the original version (we're talking about the Austrian releases, mind you), it bares the question: who is willing to purchase this? But maybe the limited number of editions might prompt some fans to buy it since it is no release that you can get so easily.

Comparison between the uncensored Original Version and the XXX Unrated Colostomy Bag Edition (both by Shock DVD Entertainment).

1 scene with alternate material = no time difference
Alternate material
1:18:03: In the middle of the dialogue between Leroy and Nicole, the new version has a hardcore insertion. The dildo is made out of rubber, the female body is real. And since the film itself isn't nasty enough in many other aspects, the dildo is partly covered in fake blood. Really XXX. The original version shows the dialogue on-screen. The conversation can be heard during the HC scene in the XXX version, as well.
No time difference