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The Day After: Rough Cut Appeared on the Internet

Sensational: End of Days Drama With New Scenes

A little sensation: A so-called Rough Cut of end of days drama The Day After submerged on the internet. Unfortunately, picture and sound quality are on the level of an old VHS. As already implied by its name, the Rough Cut is only a workprint with numerous unfinished special effects and partially quite rough change of scenes. The order of events is basically identically with the well-known Theatrical Version and yet there are a few significant differences in the Rough Cut. In addition to some new or alternate little shots, there are several extended or even entirely "new" scenes that did not find their way in the final cut. Also, the Rough Cut confirms the existence of further scenes that are still missing - even in the Rough Cut. For instance, the Rough Cut shows Dr. Oakes (Jason Robards) at the hospital, putting some woman on a stretcher - shortly after the detonations. Old promo pics show Dr. Oakes walking across the destroyed streets with the very same woman. This means the scene with Dr. Oakes finding the woman must exist.

For years, there were rumors about a much harder cut of the movie. Thanks to the Rough Cut, this is not very likely any longer even though there are a fistful of scenes that show a little more about post nuclear apocalypse suffering. For example, terminally ill Denise and her blind brother Danny go back to the farm of their parents at the end of the movie only to find out that everybody is gone. In other scenes, doctors at the hospital are discussing resources that should not wasted on terminally ill patients anymore.

There are at least 15  minutes of extended or additional scenes.

Whether or not the Rough Cut will ever be officially released in decent quality is unknown at that point. It is not to be expected though.

Release: Jul 29, 2018 - Author: VideoRaider - Translator: Tony Montana - Source:

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