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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 22, 2008 - Author: adwestizer - Translator: abyss - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the theatrical version and the Director's Cut of Fox - both published by Universal.
9 minutes of material were added to the Director's Cut - at this it is either about enlarged character or gore scenes.

When you take a closer look it attracts attention that the added scenes in the DC differ from the remaining scenes in its picture quality, because all of them have black dots (this could be due to the uncleanly scanned 35mm material).

This cut report was created frame accurate. A cut at the showdown at the chainsaw scene (chainsaw saws in the blonde girl) doesn`t take place although it was mentioned on an US-site. (mistake by the US-authors)

Theatrical version: 01:35 (95 min.)
Director's Cut: 01:44 (104 min.)
Difference: 9 min.
Cuts: 29
09:39 New scene - gore/sex
A nacked women is walking across the screen. Ana looks astonished at her.
Duration: 00:05

13:27 New scene
Ana and Kenneth are walking across a playground.
Duration: 00:13

15:25 New scene - gore
An one-armed zombie is running towards the survivors and attacks them.
Afterwards the survivors search for a way into the mall.
Duration: 01:29

22:10 Extended scene - gore
Left TV / Right DC

Blood is splattering out of the head in the Director's Cut.
no time difference

29:27 Extended scene - gore
CJ shoots his zombie colleague. More details and shots.
Duration: 00:07

29:52 New scene - gore
CJ kills the eroded zombie.
Duration: 00:04

32:05 New scene - story
The survivors are talking to each other.
Andre doesn't want to endanger Luda and Micheal talks about the helicopter, which probably won't come back. Andre asks him what kind of guy he actually would be and Micheal answers that he would work in the TV-superstore. Kenneth says that he had to go to Ford Paster to find his brother and that a leader, who sells TV sets is as bad or good as someone, who steals them.
Duration: 01:42

34:23 Extended scene - story
The Cameo of Ken Foree was extended.
"Hell is overpopulated and satan sends his dead to us on earth. Why? Because you have illegitimate sexual intercourse. Because you kill unborn children. Because men fornicate with men. Because you contract same-gender marriages."
Duration: 00:37

43:14 Extended scene - story
The conversation between Micheal and the old woman takes a bit longer.
She tells him that she heard the emercency call in a church via CB funk and that Glen works in the church but as a organ player not as a pastor.
Duration: 00:13

51:32 Extended scene - story
The leave-taking between the daughter and her father is more emotional and longer.
He says that he would be proud of her and glad to have had a daughter like her. That he loves her. She answers that she loves him, too.
Duration: 00:36

55:59 New scene - story
CJ reads out a relationship test and discovers that trust is the most important thing in a relationship. He shall come over more likeable in this scene.
Duration: 00:24

57:38 New scene - story
Glen tells CJ that he would be gay and that he had noticed at the age of thirteen. CJ doesn't want to hear it. This scene makes CJ seem more likeable, too.
Duration: 00:30

58:39 Extended scene - story
Extended scene with the women being among each others.
The blonde girl says "MIAU" and the old woman takes the cigaret.
Duration: 00:09

01:01:19 Extended scene - story
Extended conversation about a weapon for CJ.
CJ reminds Michael that the most important thing in a relationship is trust.
Duration: 00:06

01:08:34 Extended scene
The old woman grinds her cigaret.
Duration: 00:09

01:09:55 Extended scene - gore
The first bullet casing falls to the ground.
Duration: 00:01

01:09:57 Extended scene - gore
A bullet hole in the old women.
Duration: 00:01

01:10:00 Extended scene - gore
A bullet hole in Andre and Macroshot of the pistole.
Duration: 00:03

01:10:05 Extended scene - gore
Another two bullet holes in the old woman.
Duration: 00:05

01:11:49 Extended scene - gore
The shooting of the baby zombie lasts longer. Close-up view of the baby's eyes.
Duration: 00:11

01:12:15 Extended scene - story
A longer conversation between the survivors.
Someone is supposed to say anything about the decedents. Glen is supposed to do this because he worked in a church, but he says that he wouldn't believe in god.
Duration: 00:39

01:18:06 Extended scene - story
Ana and Michael are kissing each other.
Duration: 00:06

01:24:26 New scene - gore
A zombie is shot.
Duration: 00:02

01:24:38 New scene - gore
Several zombies are attacking.
Duration: 00:07

01:24:50 New scene - gore
A zombie gets a head shot.
Duration: 00:05

01:26:25 New scene - gore
CJ throws a gas bottle from the top of the armory store.
Duration: 00:54

01:29:11 Extended scene
A bullet casing falls to the ground.
Duration: 00:02

01:31:42 Extended scene - gore
A zombie gets a head shot.
Duration: 00:03

01:39:26 Different cutting orders.
At the end the DC and the theatrical version are cut different. The DC has the following additional scene:

difference: 00:20