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Kickboxer 4 - The Aggressor

original title: Kickboxer 4 - The Agressor


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 26, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD by Artisan (R-Rated) and the British BBFC 18 DVD by Film 2000 (Unrated).

Chief contents:

Kickboxing champion David Sloan has been wrongfully imprisoned. Tong Po, his arch enemy, kidnapped Sloan's wife Vicky to avenge himself on his fiend. Po plans to flood the USA with drugs from Mexico. Thereupon, David is submitted an offer. If he manages to infiltrate Tong Po's illegal kickboxing tournament and kill Po, he will resume his liberty. David sallies out to rescue his wife and eliminate Tong Po once and for all.


There are different versions of this film in existence. Regarding the anglophone world, there is the R-Rated and the Unrated version, which is 40 seconds longer.


Run time: 86:20 (without end credits: 83:55)

The Unrated version is the longest version of the film. Among others, this version was released in Great Britain and the Netherlands. In Great Britain, the film had great problems with the BBFC during its first release.
In 1994, FOX Video presented the film to the BBFC in the Unrated version. The British authorities disallowed the release, whereupon the version was cut and presented again. However, the BBFC refused permission again. One of the reasons adduced was that the cut version did not disassociate itself enough from the extreme violence and duels to the death and that the film glorified violence for purposes of entertainment.
10 years later, for the DVD release, the Unrated version was re-submitted by Film 2000 and received a BBFC 18 classification. The DVD cover is at the upper edge provided with the note "Previously Banned".


Run time: 86:01 (without end credits: 83:28)

As one might expect, the R-Rated version, compared to the Unrated one, lacks mostly longer sex scenes and additionally two scenes of violence.

Run time of the American R-Rated without end credits: 1:27:02 (NTSC) = 1:23:28 (PAL)
Run time of the British BBFC 18DVD without end credits: 1:23:55 (PAL)

6 cuts (40 sec.)
1 longer logo at the beginning of the R-Rated version (14 sec.) = 26.2 sec.

Intro written by Glogcke & Forrest

Time index: US DVD (NTSC)/UK DVD (PAL)

The R-Rated DVD stars with the logo of Live Entertainment. The Unrated on the other hand sets in with the film straight away.
+13.76 sec.

In the Unrated, there is a close shot of the young man's head being smashed to the ground twice more. Blood is running from his mouth.
3.36 Sek.

Before the two blondes pull off their slips, the Unrated version shows the man lying on the bed and then the two blondes undressing further.
4 sec.

The love scene lasts much longer in the Unrated. One of the women bends over the man and then sits down on him. The man caresses her and both women kiss. Then one again sees the blonde sitting on him.
9.88 Sek.

The beginning of the next sex scene is only featured in the Unrated. While one of the women has sex with the man, the other blonde joins in and starts caressing the woman.
11.84 Sek.

David knocks down two guards. He comes out the door and gives them a kick. Then he throws one of them to the ground and hits the other one in the back with his hand. When the guard turns to him, the R-Rated version sets in again.
7.88 sec.

1:13:43/1:11:06-1:11:09Before the fight, the rivals are greeting the audience longer. Some frames of the following scene (the rivals opposing each other) are missing as well.
3 sec.