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Minion, The


  • German DVD
  • BBFC 15 / R-Rated
Release: Jun 08, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German Version by Cine Plus/Planet Media (released as "Knight Of The Apocalypse, FSK 18) and the English Version by Cinema Club/Buena Vista (BBFC 15), which is equal to the US R-Rated Version.

The Minion, actually just a watchable B-Actioner, has officially been released in two different versions:

US Version: The more popular US Version doesn't contain the prolog, which shows a short action sequence that explains how the key to hell is being brought to America by the templers, but the German Version does.
Instead the US Version contains
- some scene and plot extensions, some of them about templers and the key
- two slightly extended action scenes
- another soundtrack with more rock songs and some pop/synthesizer elements.
Furthermore Minion's aura is more sinister in this version, e.g. some offscreen screams are missing in the German Version.
Besides UK, this version is also available in France.
German Version: The German Version begins with the before mentionend back story (including explainations via voice over) which is completely missing in the US Version. On the other hand several plot scenes / extensions are missing plus two short action sequences in the first half. Due to the missing sound effects, the Minion seems to be more human in the German Version. The main difference is the soundtrack: most of the time some ancient orchestral music with bells etc. is being used.
The source of this version is unknown, but it's supposed to be released version in Hong Kong as well.

Labeling one of the versions as the better one is quite a long shot beause the movie is only ok, no more, no less (in either version). Moreover the ideal version would be a mixture of both:
The missing prolog in the US Version is, with regard to the scene extensions, acceptable and the Minion's "demonizing" via the replaced soundtrack is also a positive aspect. Speeking about the soundtrack: here we have the other side of the coin in the US Version. The music itself is way too modern and way too frantic.
In the German Version it's the other way around, the ancient music suits perfectly well but that's the only advantage of this version. Some scenes are really weird plus the Minion seems to be less sinister.
Finally, one has to decide on his own which version is prefered. It would also be interesting to know if there was a version which contains all scenes from the US Version and the prolog from the German Version (but it's very likely this version contained the US soundtrack if it really existed).

The running times refer to the cut version.
The remaining difference is due to the missing scenes in the US Version and the rounding of the running time to a complete or half second.
Running time German Version (FSK 18): 1:27:21 min (1:23:17 min credits excluded)
Running time US Version (BBFC 15): 1:31:50 min (1:27:46 min credits excluded)

Cut scenes: 30 = 9 min 18 sec

Missing shots of New York.
10 sec

4 sec

Again shots of the city.
12 sec

Discovery of the chamber tomb:

Extended shot of the two workers on the ground after their fall. The black-haired man turns around to his collegue and wants to know if he was fine. He shines to the top while he's saying:
"That's it....that's it! I'm calling the Union, man. Unsafe working conditions!". The other one helps him up.
21 sec

Extended shot of the workers checking the chamber. Furthermore they find artifacts, skulls etc.
In a conversation, both agree to call the archaeologist Karen Goodleaf (who does appear later). Nevertheless the "heavy" guy wants to check out the spot, maybe he could get some things as x-mas bonus before those were rotting in a museum. The black-haired one actually doesn't want to because he likes Karen, but then he can be talked in to keep on checking the cave at least. They go in deeper and mention that was a very scary place and it seemed as if nobody had been there for years.
76 sec

The black-haired worker calls for his collegue, who turns around and asks "What?". The other one shows in the skeleton's direction.
2.5 sec

The black-haired guy is upset and tells the "heavy" guy to get some help. He immediately starts running.
6 sec

In the monastery:

While there's an extended shot of the templar sitting in front of the TV in the US Version, the German Version contains the beginning of the scene which shows templar Bernard coming in (also in the US Version, but later).
The running time of this scene excluded, here's still a difference of
3 sec

The broadcast continues: the reporter says some of the discoveries seemed to be more Christian than of Indian and that could really be in a placelike that. She continues it might be a rumor but the discoveries seemed to be more than 1000 years old and they could also proof that sb. had discovered America before Christoph Columbus (this connection pops up much later in the German Version).
22 sec

Now the scene where Bernard comes into the room (the beginning has already been shown, see two cut scenes above).
The old guy switches off the TV. Bernard excuses and also says he hadn't thought sb. was awake that early.
9 sec

Karen's arrival at the archeological excavation:

Now Lukas' arrival at the airport of New York in the German Version (which is btw shorter than in the US Version, but it appears later). Instead the following is missing:
External shot of the monastry, then New York. Karen arrives at the subway station / archeological excavation with her car. She grabs a bag and goes to the entrance; two police men wish her marry x-mas while she's passing by and so does she.

The black-haired worker brightens the spot for Karen. She begins and records some things on a dictaphone while she's examining. Sie finds signs of earlier cultures or influences of the Colonialists, maybe the Dutch. She also finds an artifact which shows Windigo (--> Minion), but it doesn't suit to the findings in advance. Finally she comes to the conclusion that the chamber had been used by very several nations and each of them had used the chamber for their dead bodies.

94 sec

Luka's arrival in New York:

Apart from the fact that Lukas' arrival pops up earlier in the German Version than it does in the US Version (here it pops up after Karen found the skeleton in the chamber), it's shorter here and there:
Extended shot of the landing plane, taxis leave the airport. The shot of the bridge at the Hudson River with a radio broadcast in the background is also missing. A man's talking about the millenium in the broadcast.
13 sec

Missing shots of the city out of the taxi. We see Lukas' taxi driving right into the traffic jam (in the German Version he's already in it).
15 sec

Missing dialog of the taxi driver: "You know....brotherhood of man...".
6.5 sec

At the archeological excavation / Minion's attack:

Extended shot of Karen when she's painting the skeleton, the worker brings a chair for her. She opens one of her books and becomes aware of the fact that the history of the dead man goes back to the 7th or 6th century A.D. and that he seems to be part of a particular cult (hard to understand). The worker agrees by saying it really didn't sound Indian. Karen replies he wasn't and, while dealing with the skeleton, finishes with the following words: "You're a long way from home, stranger.".
42 sec

Karen examines a small emblem wrapped in a plastic bag and, like the red cross on the sign, she connects it with the cult she has recognized. She writes that down or she says it again (to record it with her dictaphone). She also starts earlier to get the templar's chain with the talisman.
21 sec

Karen also says "Ok Santa, let this be a huge, career making, archeological found." before she starts opening the talisman from a different angle. She also starts earlier btw.
19 sec

Extended shot of Karen's attempt to open the talisman while Minion's passing the corridor (first-person perspective).
4.5 sec

Missing shot of the dancing light bulb while Karen's getting the key out of the talisman. Demonic offscreen-screaming.
2 sec

Here the US and the German Version are different.
US Version:
- Minion grabs Karen in the same scene where she was watching the key beforehand
- Lukas finds the dead night guard and turns his head around
- Minion tosses Karen around in the cave, she rudely lands on the ground
- Lukas gets up again and turns around to the entrance of the cave, then he starts running right to it
German Version:
- Lukas finds the dead night guard BEFORE Karen is being attacked for the first time, turns his head around and gets up again
- Minion attacks Karen and lifts her up by grabbing her neck, tosses her around in the cave, she rudely lands on the ground
- Lukas turns around to the entrance, then he runs over there
No difference

Missing shot of Karen unconscious on the ground.
0.5 sec

The beginning of the fight is missing: Minion leaps to Karen and grabs her by her hairs. Lukas arrives from the background and shouts: "Don't look at his eyes!" Lukas attempts to hit Minion with the glove, but he misses. Then a short and (more or less) harmless fight.
16.5 sec

Missing cutscene at the entrance of the chamber:
Lukas puts the gloves with thornes in a bag, hangs it around his neck and keeps on running without saying a word. Karen follows him and says: "Anything found in that chamber is property of the mohawk museum in New York! don't wanna mess with us..." Then she slips out of the image, gets up at once and adds: " me!".
18 sec

Missing part of the dialog:
Karen mentions the skeleton had been more than 1500 years old and the dead guy had been the first white man in America, long time before Christoph Columbus and the Vikings. She adds that should prompt some questions. Lukas turns around to her and says some questions better stayed unanswered. In the German Version, Karen's actually reply ("What he hell is that supposed to mean?") has been modified to make it suitable to the different context. In the German Version she asks if stealing wasn't a sin.
16 sec

"Change of host" / Minion's attack:

First of all I'd like to mention that the entire sequence where Minion takes possession of the drunken worker (in both version only rudimentarily) is earlier in the US Version (after Karen said the key had been her life) than it is in the German Version. In the German Version, this sequence is later. To be exact after they talked about arrogance (Lukas) and stealing (Karen) being a sin.
In the German Version the beginning of this shot is missing:
First the city by night. The drunken black-haired man arrives at the construction side with his car, gets out (the way he gets out shows that he's really plowed), hits his head, grabs Karen's present from the passenger seat and wambles to the entrance.
33 sec

The drunken guy leans over the dead guy (actually he falls and crawls to him), taps him several times and says "Hey Mister!" while he's tapping. Finally he leans over his face.
22.5 sec

Here the two versions are different again.
US Version:
-the worker, possessed by Minion, leaves the chamber and gets in his car
-Karen & Lukas arrive at the parking garage and go inside
-Karen & Lukas have a chat in the parking garage before they're being attacked by Minion again
German Version:
-Karen & Lukas arrive at the parking garage and go inside
-the worker, possessed by Minion, leaves the chamber and gets in his car
-Karen & Lukas have a chat in the parking garage before they're being attacked by Minion again
No difference

Karen & Lukas take shelter in a short slow motion sequence.
1.5 sec

Minion doesn't fall out of the car at once (besides: he's supposed to being tossed out of the front window in a front-end collision, not the rear window).
The scene when the car drives back, while the scared night guard's calling the cops in his office, is missing. Minion attempts to knock them down, Lukas pushes the hand gear of the hydraulic ramp. The car hits the ramp and the worker's being tossed out of the window which is also in the German Version.
16 sec

Further shot of Minion lying dizzy on the hood.
2.5 sec

Here the two versions are different as well.
US Version:
-Minion screams "Karen!"
-shot of Karen, Lukas gets up (on the right)
-close-up of Lukas when he's putting on the glove with thornes
-Minion screams "Please!"
-shot of Karen
-shot of Minion
-Karen tries to grab Lukas but he pushes her away
German Version:
-shot of Minion
-shot of Karen, Lukas gets up (on the right)
-close-up of Lukas when he's putting on the glove with thornes
-Minion screams "Karen!"
-Karen tries to grab Lukas but he pushes her away
-Minion screams "Please!"

Karen's "solo shot" is missing in the German Version.
1 sec

Escape from the police:

Missing part of the dialog here. Lukas explains much more detailed how Minion has been banned from heaven, lands on earth as fallen angel and has become the humans' nemesis who leads the infidels. Moreover he informs her about the key, which has been brought along by Minion, which opens the gate to hell. In between a further shot of a police car searching for them. The German Version restarts with the question if that was really the key to open the gates to hell.
48 sec

Fight at the atomic base:

Color filter in the fight between Lukas and Minion in the US Version. That's why the image looks kind of bilious green, presumably to emphasize the toxicity. The German Version doesn't have this color filter. Here some compared images (left US Version - right German Version):

No difference