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Number 3: Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II, one of the most popular cult movies, deserves a spot close to the top on this list. The first part was directly released Unrated to the US cinemas, but the sequel had a more commercial target and was aimed at the R-Rating. In order to achieve this, some scene were even shot in softer versions, featuring for example black and green blood instead of the red one. Then the producers usually used the harmless alternative, additionally removing gore scenes from the movie.

However, it was no use, the MPAA did not even want to give the R-Rating to the censored version and Evil Dead II was released unrated after all – but it was still the censored cut. The original version is considered to be lost nowadays, and it is questionable whether this is ever going to change.

Many of the lost scenes can still be retraced by stills, outtakes or some other kind of footage, which is one more reason why there are many fans still hoping for an uncut release.There are also many bootleg and fan-made cuts including the bonus footage, but these are both illegal and do not satisfy a fan's expectations regarding quality. The German uncut shop BMV and Studiocanal recently released an official version, which reintegrates some of the scenes into the movie and can be considered the most complete available edition to date.



8 von 10
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