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Number 2: The Big Boss (Fists of Fury)

It seems as if every other movie fan hearing the movie title The Big Boss (or Fists of Fury) can only think of the scene with the saw. The hysteria and hype regarding that scene over the years can hardly be described. The thread about this one scene in our (German) forums is 31 pages long and consists of more than 450 posts. And there are more threads like ours out there... Movie zealots have been on a mission to find this scene for years, traveling all over the globe and buying exotic releases. So far to no avail, every lead dissolved after a while. Besides some archive pictures, no footage seems to exist. But what is this about, anyway?

It is known that Bruce Lee made movie history mostly with four (finished) Kung Fu movies. His breakthrough came with The Big Boss, instantly making him a star in Hongkong. However, the movie was already cut during the post production because of the – especially considering the time – sometimes extremely violent scenes. The most obvious of these cuts can be found during the fight in a barn in the industry complex. Bruce picks up a saw, raises his hand to strike against an opponents head, and – cut! This is made so obviously that even viewers not interested in cut versions and the like get confused, the atmosphere suffers immensely. This blatancy is certainly a main reason for the slightly exaggerated hype about the scene, such a cut just makes people curious. However, as mentioned already, this scene is not the only one that was cut, and even when excluding the scenes that were removed during post production, there is not a single release of the movie which includes every scene. Especially the final fight was cersored locally in many variations.

It seems highly unlike that a completely uncut version will ever be released. There are as many rumours that a collector somewhere still owns the complete version as there are statements that it is lost forever. A complete and remastered release in high definition would of course be a very nice treat, but movie fans should still get one of the many other acceptable releases. Even 15 years of discussions and research have not yielded anything so far. If the story does have a surprise positive ending, everybody will certainly know very quickly about it. However, until that happens it might be a good idea to just let it be for the moment...



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