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  • US TV Version
  • US Blu-ray
Release: Nov 02, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the US TV Version (Chiller / TV-14) and the Blu-ray Version (Shout Factory / Not Rated).

107differences, among them
- 20 additional scenes
- 53 extended scenes
- 1 extended scene in the TV Version
- 3 removed scenes
- 7 scenes with alternate footage
- 11 scenes with alternate & extended footage
- 1 scene with alternate & extended footage & alternate audio
- 2 scenes with additional & alternate footage % alternate audio
- 1 scene with alternate footage & alternate audio
- 1 scene with extended footage in both versions
- Length difference: 509.24 sec resp. 8 min and 29.24 sec

Slasher is an American/Canadian horror show. Co-produced by the Canadian network Super Channel, the show premiered on Chiller (US basic cable). The first season consists of 8 episodes and the pilot aired on 03/04/2016. In Canada, the show started on 04/01/2016. Since 05/25/2016, the show is available on Netflix US.

In the US, the Blu-ray of the first season was released on 07/12/2016. Compared to the TV Versions, the Blu-ray Versions are longer.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Blu-ray Version
1 of 2
00:00 / 00:00

Longer recap.

14.52 sec

Extended Scene
00:58 / 01:12

Sarah slightly longer.

0.88 sec

Extended Scene
01:00 / 01:16

The shot of Sarah's phone resp. the picture of her and Brenda on her phone starts a little earlier.

1.6 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene
01:08 / 01:25

Dylan sits down with Sarah. Refering to the picture on her phone, Dylan says: "I love that photo.". The TV Version contains a single shot of that while the Blu-ray first shows Sarah from the front and Dylan from behind when he makes that comment. The TV Version then shows Sarah from the front and Dylan from behind while it is the other around on Blu-ray which now uses the previous angle from the TV Version that shows Sarah in profile and Dylan from the front. However, the angle slightly differs resp. the TV Version is a little closer to the action. Both version then continue with the identical shot of Sarah saying "She had such a green thumb.".
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

For a short period, the versions are back in sync. Then some additional footage on Blu-ray resp. Sarah's conversation with Dylan is longer.
Sarah: "She could make anything grow. I think that's where I'll scatter her ashes. In her garden. She'd like that."
Dylan: "I should have been there."
Sarah: "There's nothing you could do. There was no stopping him."

Dylan: "I'm so sorry."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

8.92 sec

Additional Scene
02:35 / 03:01

Two additional shots of Trent in the woods.

2.72 sec

Extended Scene
02:43 / 03:16

Trent slightly longer.

0.6 sec

Additional Scene
04:31 / 05:04

The Blu-ray also shows The Executioner from behind after he throws the snakes in the pit Trent is trapped in. The camera pans upwards, then the title.

7.52 sec

Additional Scene
04:36 / 05:17

After the title, the Blu-ray shows the cops arriving at Trent's shed. Cam and his colleague get out of the car and approach the shed. They carefully open the door and enter but Trent is not there. Cam informs headquarters. He also tells them he was about to have the area searched.

41.28 sec

Alternate Footage
04:36 / 05:58

The TV Version contains a first shot of the cops in the woods while the Blu-ray contains three exterior shots of the woods with the dog barking in the background.

TV Version 5.04 sec longer
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
05:13 / 06:30

The shot of Trent in the pit (without pendulum) is longer on Blu-ray.

1.44 sec

Additional Scene
05:17 / 06:35

Subsequently, there is an additional shot on Blu-ray.

2.2 sec

Removed Scene
05:21 / 06:42

The Blu-ray lacks a shot of Trent in the pit (still without pendulum!).

TV Version 2.04 sec longer

Extended Scene / Alternate Footage
05:25 / 06:44

Only the Blu-ray shows Cam on his way to Chief Vaughn's office. He enters and when handing over the file, the versions are back in sync. At least, dialogwise they are because alternate footage is being used here. Only the Blu-ray contains a first shot of Sarah and Dylan when Cam hands over the fie to Chief Vaughn. The TV Version only shows Chief Vaughn and Cam.

10.52 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
05:34 / 07:03

Sarah earlier.

1.64 sec

Additional Scene
05:40 / 07:11

Sarah's and Dylan's conversation with Chief Vaughn is longer on Blu-ray. To be more specific, some technical jargon about the snakes that were used to kill Trent has been added.
(Sarah: "That's a pit of snakes."
Chief Vaughn: "Brought in a herpetologist, she identified a bunch of different species.) Four of them venemous, the others just common snakes like garter snakes. There's a nasty little thing called a Blue Racer."
Chief Vaughn shows them a picture of Trent's body in the pit.
Chief Vaughn: "Then there's this guy."
Sarah: "The eastern brown snake."
Chief Vaughn: "All the way from Australia. Second deadliest snake in the world, right behind the inland taipan. My expert believes it is the snake responsible for the bite that killed Trent McBride."
(Dylan: "I don't get it. Why snakes?")

22.76 sec

Alternate Footage
05:40 / 07:34

Subsequent to the additional dialog, alternate footage is being used. Contentwise identical, the TV Version is a little closer to the action.

0.4 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
05:44 / 07:39

Sarah and Dylan earlier.

0.84 sec

Extended Scene
06:14 / 08:09

Sarah earlier.

0.52 sec

Extended Scene
06:39 / 08:35

After leaving the station, Sarah's conversation with Dylan starts earlier.
Sarah: "Now I hate him. He is ineffectual, incompetent, rude…"
Dylan: "Yeah, well, he's a cop, love. That's how they are."
Sarah: "Cam's not."
Dylan: "Cam's not in charge, Vaughn is. So what's the use of butting heads with him, you know?"
(Sarah: "You know, Tom Winston's made more breaks in this case than Chief Vaughn.")

11.84 sec

Extended Scene
06:57 / 09:04

Sarah slightly longer.

0.04 sec

Extended Scene
07:06 / 09:14

Sarah's conversation with Dylan is a little longer.
Dylan: "Seriously, let me interview you. Somebody's going to do the story on you eventually, right?"
Sarah: "So why not you?"
Dylan: "Your husband. Someone you trust."
Sarah: "And I can talk about anything?"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

6.04 sec

Extended Scene
07:08 / 09:22

Dylan longer.

0.6 sec

Extended Scene
07:10 / 09:25

Sarah earlier.

3.8 sec

Additional Scene
07:13 / 09:31

The contains three additional shots starting with an exterior shot.

Then two more shots before Dylan interviews Sarah.
Dylan: "You ready?"
Sarah nods.

4.92 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Footage
07:20 / 09:43

Additional comment by Sarah on Blu-ray.
Dylan: "Your parents were murdered by Tom Winston nearly 30 years ago. And recently your grandmother… succumbed to the same fate. If you could look The Executioner in his eyes…"
Sarah: "No, no, I think you mean if I could look him in the mask. He's too much of a coward to show his face."
Dylan: "What would you say?"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

Also, alternate footage is being used when Dylan asks "What would you say?".
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Sarah's response is slightly longer as well.
Sarah: "I would say… I would say that Brenda Merritt did a terrible thing and my grandmother deserved to be punished."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

13.8 sec

Extended Scene
07:39 / 10:16

And again, the interview is longer on Blu-ray.
Sarah: "Wow, I'm not really religious but I think the bible is pretty clear: 'Thou shalt not kill.'."
Dylan: "You're angry?"
Sarah: "Yeah. Of course I'm angry. And I'm sad and I'm upset but I'm not afraid."
Dylan: "No?"

16.4 sec

08:58 / 11:51

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2 sec longer

Additional Scene
09:00 / 11:51

Additional exterior shot.

2.84 sec

Extended Scene
09:00 / 11:54

Longer meeting on Blu-ray.
Dylan: "So let's… uh… bury the water symposium story as far back in the paper as possible."
Alison: "It's an important issue up here."
Dylan: "Psycho killer's stalking our town's citizens… Shoreline water erosion. We have a little bit of a toss up, right?"
Alison: "OK, there is a hole in page 5. The A-frame pulled there one-quarter vertical. We can put the water story there."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version

13.92 sec

Additional Scene
09:46 / 12:54

After Alison's "You should maybe wear something tighter. Tight.", the Blu-ray contains a reaction shot of Dylan.
Dylan: "I… I can do tight. Yeah, no, tight's good."

5.72 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Footage
11:00 / 14:14

Sarahs phone conversation with Tom is longer.
Sarah: "You wouldn't ever consider talking to my husband, would you, for The Bulletin?"
Tom: "Is this something you want me to do?"
Sarah: "Simply yes or no."
Tom: "On one condition."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

Moreover, there is alternate footage when Tom tells Sarah that he would talk to Dylan on one condition. While the TV Version shows Tom, the Blu-ray shows Sarah.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

6.28 sec

Additional Scene
11:50 / 15:08

Additional shot of Sarah when she discusses The Executioner's identity with Robin.
Sarah: "Well, let's start with who isn't. You, me, obviously. And anyone who was at your party the night Verna McBride was killed."

8.36 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene
12:05 / 15:31

During Robin's comment "This is your husband we're talking about. And he's not even from here.", the TV Version cuts from Robin to Sarah while the Blu-ray sticks to Robin the entire time. to be more specific, the TV Version shows Sarah when Robin explains that Dylan was not even from Waterbury.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

An additional comment follows.
Robin: "His only time to Waterbury is you. Is there a motive?"

4.12 sec

Extended Scene
12:47 / 16:17

Sarah talks about June as possible perp a little longer.

2.2 sec

Extended Scene
12:47 / 16:19

Again, Sarah speaks longer.

2.24 sec

Extended Scene
13:00 / 16:35

Robin explains why Tom Winston could be the one pulling the strings.

4.44 sec

Extended Scene
13:04 / 16:43

Sarah longer.

0.32 sec

Extended Scene
13:08 / 16:49

Robin earlier.

1.24 sec

Extended Scene
13:11 / 16:52

Sarah earlier.

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
13:14 / 16:56

Some more footage of Robin.

0.8 sec

Extended Scene
13:16 / 16:58

Now Sarah…

0.56 sec

Extended Scene
13:18 / 17:01

…and Robin…

0.24 sec

Extended Scene
13:20 / 17:04

…and Sarah…

0.32 sec

Extended Scene
13:23 / 17:07

…and Robin again.

1.12 sec

Additional Scene
13:27 / 17:12

Additional shot of Sarah.
Sarah: "Oh, shit!"

2.32 sec

Alternate Footage / Alternate Audio Track / Extended Scene
13:31 / 17:18

Aternate footage when Chief Vaughn talks to June.
The TV Version starts with an exterior shot of the station, followed by Chief Vaughn and June in his office. The Blu-ray shows the inside of the station and slowly zooms in on the window of Chief Vaughn's office. Also, the conversation is longer on Blu-ray plus one of Chief Vaughn's comment is slightly different.

Chief Vaughn: "Tell me about your relationship with Trent McBride."
June: "We were co-workers."
Chief Vaughn: "How long did you work together for?"
June: "A few years. Three years and a bit."
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Now Chief Vaughn's slightly different comment:
TV Version: "Did he have any romantic relationships you knew of?"
Blu-ray:"Did he have any romantic relationships that you know about?"
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

And now the additional dialog on Blu-ray (bold-marked):
June: "I… I don't know. I haven't talked to Trent for a while."
Chief Vaughn: What about back then?"

June: "He liked women. I don't know any specifics beyond that."
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

With the following shot of Chief Vaughn, the versions are back in sync.

3.76 sec

Extended Scene
13:53 / 17:44

Chief Vaughn earlier.

0.76 sec

Extended Scene
13:55 / 17:47

June's response is a little longer on Blu-ray.
Chief Vaughn: "Did Trent have a temper, June?"
June: "Trent's bark was worse than his bite. He was good guy. Great worker, always on time…"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

6.04 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene
14:06 / 18:04

Alternate footage when Chief Vaughn asks about Trent's hobbies - the dialog remains unchanged though. Then some additional dialog on Blu-ray.
June: "He liked to hunt and go camping. You know all this."
Chief Vaughn: "Did you know about his interest in taxidermy? Sewing up dead animals?"
June: "No, I know what taxidermy is. No."
Chief Vaughn: "Did he ever mention or talk about The Executioner?"
June: "No.
Look, I feel like you're trying to get me to say something about Trent that wasn't true. Trent was a stand-up guy. He didn't deserve to die."
After the additional dialog, the versions are back in sync.

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

2.76 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
14:38 / 18:38

June longer.

0.36 sec

Extended Scene
14:43 / 18:44

June longer after leaving Chief Vaughn's office.

8.24 sec

Additional Scene
15:16 / 19:26

Additional exterior shot.

2.32 sec

Extended Scene
16:35 / 20:46

June earlier when she goes skinny dipping.

0.48 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Footage
17:08 / 21:20

Dylan, Alison and Lisa-Ann slightly earlier (no screenshots).
In addition to that, alternate footage is being used. In the TV Version, the close-up of Lisa-Ann starts earlier resp. the distance shot is longer on Blu-ray.

1.36 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
17:31 / 21:44

Dylan longer after Lisa-Ann asks if his wife's parents were the victims. On Blu-ray, he makes an additional comment.
Dylan: "Oh, it was terrible."

1.04 sec

Extended Scene
17:59 / 22:13

Again, Dylan gets to speak a little longer.
Dylan: "These murders have terrorized this community. The Executioner has acted like judge, jury and hangman. If we don't give a voice to these people, who will? We owe it to them."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

2.68 sec

19:53 / 24:10

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.64 sec longer

Removed Scene
19:55 / 24:10

The Blu-ray lacks the exterior shot subsequent to the black screen.

TV Version 3.92 sec longer

Additional Scene
19:59 / 24:10

Instead, the Blu-ray contains additional dialog resp. Lisa-Ann's explanation for her interest in the Waterbury murders.
Lisa-Ann: "I'm attracted to this story for a bunch of reasons. One, it's great drama. Who doesn't love a series of murders in a small town? Two, it's got an incredible back story and it's happening in real time. Three, it's not on the radar. Not yet. That's why I wanted to be here first. Trust me, I'm not in Waterbury for the fine dining."

22.04 sec

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