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  • Theatrical Cut
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jul 14, 2009 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Theatrical Cut has been compared to the Director's Cut. This Cut report only discusses in which parts the Director's Cut is longer than the Theatrical Version. There is a seperate cut report for the other way around.

The uncensored Director's Cut is approximitely 47 seconds shorter than the Theatrical Version, although the altered scenes in the Director's Cut add up to 321 seconds. The Director's Cut is a little shorter than the Theatrical Version. This is due to the shortening of camerashots and needlessly long takes, which accelerates the movie overall. Still, there are a few new scenes.

10:03 Min. - 10:13 Min.

While Ripley contacts Earth, the theatrical version was missing the starfield behind the Nostromo in the background. For the Director's Cut it was added so it fits better to the shots before and after where you indeed saw the starfield before even in the TC.

Theatrical CutDirector's Cut

12:40 Min. - 14:16 Min.

The Nostromo Crew is examining the mysterious signal more precisely. It sounds strange. It is neither a radio signal nor is it a voice. But the crew finds out which planet the signal comes from.

Duration: 96 Seconds

14:16 Min. - 14:28 Min.

On the shot right after said DC-exclusive conversation a few stars were added for the DC. You can see that most clearly right below the Nostromo.

Theatrical CutDirector's Cut

14:39 Min. - 14:47 Min.

Less obvious but again some additional stars can be spotted in the DC. Take a look at the center/right, immediately left to the Nostromo.

Theatrical CutDirector's Cut

15:19 Min. - 15:26 Min.

Again the DC has added a few stars right above the Nostrome.

Theatrical CutDirector's Cut

Note: During further scenes like in the 53th, 58th and 102th minute you can see a starfield in both versions and a close observation might lead to the conclusion that a few stars were added here for the DC as well. It's not as clear though as with the previous scenes noted so far, therefore we didn't picture and mention these scenes explicitly as differences.

15:55 Min. - 16:12 Min.

During the 92 degree turn the whole starfield was missing by accident and it was added in again for the DC.

Theatrical CutDirector's Cut

34:24 Min. - 34:36 Min.

Kane is examining the egg more accurately. The facehugger moves. Then, there is a take of Kane bowing to the right with a gun in his hand. The last part of this shot is not in the DC, but in the Theatrical Version, but the main part of the take with Kane bowing is missing in the latter.

Duration: 12 Sec.

37:46 Min. - 38:25 Min.

The crew without Ripley is looking through a glass window into the laboratory. Parker is wondering how Kane can breathe and suggests to freeze the facehugger. Ripley comes down the ladder, Lambert goes for her and slaps her (because Ripley wouldn't open the lock before). The men get the women apart. Parker says that Ripley hadn't been wrong.

Duration: 39 Sec.

66:37 Min. - 67:02 Min.

In the DC the dropping of the condensed water on Brett's face in the room with the chains is being interrupted by a short ceilingshot of the lurking alien. Then another part of the close-up to the face. Again, an DC-exclusive take of the alien hanging on the chains. Now facetake part 3 from the Theatrical Version (but strongly cut), again followed by a new ceilingshot with the alien observing Brett.

Duration: 25 Sec.

67:53 Min. - 68:09 Min.

After Brett's screams Ripley and Parker come running into the room with the chains. They're looking for Brett. When Parker looks up, blood drips on him.

Duration: 16 Sec.

77:02 Min. - 77:09 Min.

After the shortened take of Lambert from the TC you can see Ripley stand up and then again Lambert. The DC then begins later compared to the Theatrical Cut, when Ripley already goes to Mother's door, while in the TC you can still see the thing with the key card.

Duration: 7 Sec.

94:17 Min. - 96:07 Min.

Ripley climbs down a ladder and ends up in a room in which Dallas is weaven on the wall as a host for the alien. Dallas whimpers for his death. Ripley grants his wish with the help of the flamethrower.

Duration: 110 Sec.

97:30 Min. - 97:37 Min.

The alien examines Jones (the cat) a bit longer and then knocks over the cage. In the TC only a clip of this (approx. 4 sec.) is to be seen, which is strongy zoomed in, so its set of teeth look more horrific.

Duration: 7 Sec.

The altered scenes in the DC compared to the Theatrical Version add up to 321 seconds! Although overall, the Theatrical Cut is 47 seconds longer.