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Hide and Go Shriek


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 16, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version (US Blu-ray by Code Red) and the Unrated Version (UK DVD by Bellevue Entertainment).

A night alone at a furniture store with lots of alcohol and sex sounds like a good idea for a group of four tennage couples. And since John's dad is the store owner, breaking in is not even necessary. Unfortunately, the party gets interrupted by a serial killer who takes out the teens one after another. Is it the new help who just got out of jail and who gets to live in the building on a temporary basis?

Hide and Seek is not exactly what people would call cutting-edge because a killer being after a bunch of horny teenagers is anything but new. One of the very few variations from the slasher formula is the fact that the killer is a homosexual who loves to wear his victims' clothes.
In addition to the R-Rated Version, the is an Unrated Version as well. The only difference being the decapitation scene though. In the Unrated Version, the heads get severed and falls to the ground while the R-Rated Version contains a shot of screaming Randy instead. The footage of the severed head on the ground differs as well: The R-Rated Version contains an alternate, yet not less bloody shot - probably replaced so that the cut is not visible in the R-Rated Version.
Unfortunately, the US Blu-ray by Code Red only contains the R-Rated Version. At least, the scene from the Unrated Version is available as bonus - apparently some VHS source. The UK DVD contains the Unrated Version. Too bad Code Red did not bother to make the effort of making a Composite Cut because even though the quality of the UK DVD can't keep up with the Code Red Blu-ray, one could have gotten a very decent result.
There is also a UK Blu-ray by 88 Films available but according to the head of Code Red, Bill Olsen, there is also HD footage for the R-Rated Version which is why it is very likely that this release only contains the R-Rated Version as well.


R-Rated Version: 90:35 min (US Blu-ray)
Unrated Version: 86:37 min (UK DVD in PAL)

The Unrated Version sticks to Kim getting her head chopped off by the elevator while the R-Rated Version cuts to Randy instead. He is screaming.

Unrated Version:

R-Rated Version:

R-Rated Version: 1 sec
Unrated Version: 1 sec


The R-Rated Version contains an alternate shot of the severed head, followed by further footage of the teens. In the Unrated Version the subsequent shot of Bonnie starts earlier instead.

Unrated Version:

R-Rated Version:

R-Rated Version: 3 sec
Unrated Version: 3 sec