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original title: Joshua Tree


  • French DVD
  • Unrated DVD
Release: May 18, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut French DVD released by Seven Sept / Metropolitan and the uncut Unrated DVD released by Artisan.

The French DVD misses out on 3 scenes that result in a difference of time of 2 minutes and 11.5 seconds.

Worldwide, there are several different versions of this action movie. In the USA exist two different versions. The Unrated Version was released by Artisan on both VHS and DVD, as well as by Live Home Entertainment on Laserdisc. The R-Rating as well as the runtime of 102 minutes on the cover are wrong. The second version was released on Blu-Ray and DVD by Shout! Factory and received an R-Rating. It is either called European Version or Director's Cut. Among the bigger differences between the two versions are an additional camera scene in the Unrated Version, an alternative final fight which is more action-packed in the Unrated Version, and an alternative ending.
The release situation in Europe is not too good. In Germany as well as the UK, the movie's Director's Cut was only released in a censored version on VHS; several violent sequences were cut out. The German audience, however, can buy an uncensored DVD which unfortunately has an awful image quality and is a mixture of both US Versions. The French VHS and DVD are based on the Unrated Version, however, three plot related scenes were shortened. The Dutch Version is equal to the Unrated Version, while the Danish Version is equal to the Director's Cut.
0 min
The titles are different for both versions: US DVD: Army of One / French DVD: Joshua Tree.
No difference in time.

16 min
You see Barett and Rita sitting in the car. Rita every now and again looks over to Barett. She wants to reach out for the cigarettes on the dashboard but Barett prevents her from doing this by grabbing her hand. Rita looks at him and asks if she could take a smoke. Barett lets go of her hand and she grabs the packet. She offers him a cigarette but he just silently looks at her. After she lid her cigarette she wants to know his name. He asks her why she wants to know his name. She apologizes and says that it was just a normal question. She tells him to forget about it. A few moments later she asks him what kind of crime he comitted and if it was something serious. Barett replies that he turned his back on Jesus. He asks her if she is from People Magazine.
76.5 sec

24 min
In the French version you see Rita pulling her jeans up and closing it, while Barett says that the jeans seem to be too tight. Then you miss out on Rita lighting her cigarette. She wants to know who the woman was whom they met a few minutes ago and whether or not she is Eddie's wife. Then she asks who this Eddie is and if they are going to meet him. Barett just stares into space.
26 sec

76 min
When Barett touches Rita's oilbesmeared body, the scene goes on a little longer. They kiss. A little later, Barett says that he heard something from afar that seems to be coming closer. Rita does not seem to care and instead asks him to continue.
29 sec