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  • R-Rated
  • German DVD
Release: Jun 20, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the R-Rated VHS released by New Concorde and the German DVD released by Entertainment Products.

Overall, there are 18 missing scenes that result in a difference in time of 6 minutes and 44.5 seconds.

The US audience unfortunately only received a shortened release on both VHS and DVD, both of which miss out on roughly 7 minutes of footage. The version which was released in the Netherlands is identical by the way. Thus far, there does not exist a complete version worldwide!

Note: This report is actually a "Cut-Cut-comparison". While the German version includes all the missing scenes that the R-Rated Version does not have, it misses out on a few violent sequences which in return are included in the R-Rated Version.
11 min
Inside the principal's office Chris gets to know that this was the thrid brawl within one month. Chris responds that he didn't start. Bill says that Chris always uses the same excuses and that the only reason he's not suspended from school is that Rick is a friend of Bill. Subsequently he sends Chris back out. After Chris left the office, Rick tells Bill that the boy is out of control. In his opinion it would be best to sent Chris to a military school for a year, since Chris is already a brilliant student, actually the best of his class. Rick says that Chris' behavior is all his fault since he was never there for the kid when he was younger. As a result, the boy seems to think that he can handle his life without a father. Rick also says that there probably is no course which makes him a better father. Bill tells Rick that he shouldn't feel responsible and that Chris probably only needs a little time to get to his senses again.
75 sec

20 min
Rick tells Chris, that the latter's mother died from a bomb which was planted on her car. However, he adds that the bomb was supposed to hit Chris, which is the reason why Rick quit the CIA - he simply loved Chris and his mother too much, however, couldn't marry her because he didn't want to put her and her son in danger. For the same reason, he disappeared for a while. Chris wants to know if Rick knows who the attackers were. The latter says that he doesn't. Chris then asks if they should just let them get away with their crime. Rick explains that he couldn't do anything else since things are a little more complicated than two pupils beating each other up on the schoolyard. Chris says that he feels as if they had never talked to each other before and that everything Rick told him was nothing but a lie.
60 sec

22 min
The conversation between Rick and Danielle is a little longer. After Danielle asked him what he is going to do now, Rick responds that he is waiting in his hideout until Paul took care of everything. Danielle then says that he's supposed to know that Paul doesn't favor such affairs since he is soon going to be promoted. However, this will only happen after the vice president checked everything. In the end, Danielle tells Chris that - if she continues to do a good job - he will probably take her to Washington with him.
41 sec

28 min
A tracking shot of a few street signs.
3 sec

28 min
A few sheep stand on a meadow.
3 sec

28 min
A shot of the countryside.
3 sec

28 min
The camera pans from cows on a meadow to a castle. Subsequently we see another shot of the countryside.
15 sec

28 min
During the car ride, Terry tells Chris that everything looks very different compared to the USA. Chris responds that this is wonderful. Then Terry tells Rick that they found the material they needed and he already received it. Additionally, the major apparently has some interesting news to tell. Then you see a shot of the car driving down the road.
35 sec

32 min
During their walk, the major tells Rick and Danielle that he always liked Paul who - in his opinion - was one of the best employees they ever had. Subsequently he tells the two of them that it's going to rain soon and tha they should better get back to the house.
29 sec

33 min
Danielle tells the others that the socialists are in contact with Russia and China. They are worried that Leonie - in case he is going to run for prime minister - might win the election. If that happened, the democrats - who momentarily are in power - would be out of the picture, thus the American influence on Italy would be gone.
23 sec

36 min
Several shots of the city were cut out.
13 sec

36 min
The shot of Rick who walks across the screen is shown longer.
2.5 sec

41 min
When the bad guy tries to load his gun while Rick runs towards him, the scene is a little longer.
9 sec

44 min
Chris is worried about Rick and says that he should actually already be back. The major answers that Rick knows what he's doing and that he has to kill Gianini before the latter gets the chance to kill him. Chris doesn't understand that this had to happen now and wants to know if it is always like that in their business. The major responds that is mostly very similar and continues by saying that it used to be a game that stuck to certain rules. This, in his opinion, has changed completely. A few moments later, the major receives a fax. He reads it and then asks everyone but Danielle to leave the room.
49 sec

54 min
One of the agents tells Rick that if a chief of the secret service is commited to international affairs, he's bound to certain guidelines. From that moment onwards he is solely responsible for everything and the company no longer interferes. He continues saying that there are certain lines that you just don't cross. The other agent adds that Paul did in fact cross one of these lines.
17 sec

61 min
Danielle asks Rick if he really thinks that he can hide forever. After that, Gianini tells Rick that the CIA is just like the mafia - no one can just leave, unless he dies.
12 sec

63 min
After Chris told Rick that he is feeling better already just because of being here, Emeric makes a cynical comment about it.
2 sec

66 min
When the detective comes out of the police station and walks to his car, this is shown longer.
13 sec