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1.06 Delicate Things


  • TV Version
  • Extended Blu-Ray
Release: Feb 12, 2011 - Author: Bob - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a successful series produced by the American Pay-TV channel Starz, which only since recently tries to get in competition with the channels HBO and Showtime by airing in-house productions. As usual for Pay-TV channels, Spartacus has no restricions concerning violence, sex or swear words - and the series really takes advantage of this freedom. No TV series have ever been bloodier or more bruta. Naked skin is another standard for Spartacus and often there are naked women standing around in a living room (talking about household improvements...). But there's also something for the ladies - not uncommonly do the gladiators show what they have to offer in the sauna.

While sex and violence were definitively a "bait" for the audience, the series (after initial problems during the first few episodes) really evolved in terms of a dramatic plot. This is especially because of the gread characters as well as actors and of course the literally diabolic intrigues.

Exclusively on Blu-ray 4 episodes of the first season were extended - some of the scenes still seemed to be too hot for TV. The changes for the sixth episode are a little more interesting than those of episode 1 and 2. The producers decided not to show some of the scenes on TV even though it would have been possible.

The sixth episode of Spartacus offers 12 altered scenes, which makte the Extended Version 16 seconds longer. However, the Extended Version also misses out on a few scenes.
The TV Version offers a short flashback

26:43 / 26:06
The gladiators' orgy is a little longer in the TV Version. Two of the women lash into each other.
TV: 1s

26:46 / 26:08
Again, the TV Version shows some more footage. A woman kisses another woman's breasts.
TV: 1s

26:48 / 26:10
At this point the Extended Version shows some more footage.
Extended: 6s

34:22 / 33:50
Slightly more footage of the orgy.
Extended: 2.5s

33:58 -> 34:48
A scene with two homosexual gladiators was postponed for the Extended Version (in the TV Version, this scene follows a little later).
Extended several frames longer.

34:28 / 34:00
A man buries his face in between a whore's legs. The order of the shots is different for both versions. Additionally, the scene is about twice as long in the Extended Version and (as opposed to teh TV Version) the woman doesn't wear underpants.
TV: 3s / Extended: 4s


34:32 / 34:05
Some more sex scenes during the orgy. There's a blowjob, "regular" sex, sex with an audience, double-penetrations and sex connected with a game of dice.
Extended: 6s

34:36 / 34:15
Again, the TV Version offers an exclusive sequence with 2 men and a woman.
TV: 1.5s

34:49 / 34:26
Pietros searches for his beloved Barca. During this scene, there's 1 different sequence. Only the Extended Version focuses on a sex scene in the foreground.
TV: 1s / Extended: 3s


35:02 / 34:40
2 different sequences with Ashur in the background who looks for Barras.
TV: 2s / Extended: 2s


36:09 / 35:47
A short scene of a conversation between Barras and Ashur offers different takes; the dialogue, however, is identical.
TV: 3s / Extended: 3s


40:22 / 40:00
A short scene where a whore does something to a man's butt is a little longer.
Extended: 1.5s