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  • Unrated
Release: Feb 10, 2011 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This Direct-to-Video-Sequel to the movie Death Race (a Roger Corman remake from 2008 with Jason Statham) actually is a prequel. It tells the story of the origin of death race as well as the legendary driver Frankenstein. Additionally, some of Statham's competitors can also be seen in Death Race 2. If you look at other direct-to-video sequels of successful movies, you always have the feeling that the prequels were just inexpensively rushed in to capitalize on the fame of the first movie as soon as possible. Death Race 2 stands out in terms of quality, especially because they obviously had a pretty high budged. Fans of the first movie therefore could also like this sequel.

In the USA, the movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray which both included the R-Rated as well as the Unrated Version. If you take a closer look at the differences between the movies you see the difficult relationship between Americans and naked skin - everything they cut out of the R-Rated Version has no relevance to the story whatsoever.

This is a comparison between the Unrated Version and the R-Rated Version (both included on the US DVD released by Universal).

4 additional scenes

The Unrated Version is 104.44 sec. resp. about 1 minute and 45 seconds longer than the R-Rated Version.
Additional Scene
Is this already too much naked skin? Luke, Lists and Hillbilly are ushered to the showers. There, they're given a little shower before somebody throws a remedy for lice at them.
13.6 Sec.

Additional Scene
During the huge chaos, two inmates try to rape the female "cheerleaders". However, they are able to defend themselves.
23.32 Sec.

Additional Scene
When Luke and Katrina kiss, the R-Rated Version cuts to the next scene afterwards. In the Unrated Version you see that the two of them have sex in the dirt on the bus. Katrina has less clothes on than Luke does.
40.2 Sec.

Additional Scene
Even though September has a shower behind an opaque glass wall and then reaches for the telephone without revealing her breasts, they still didn't include this scene in the R-Rated Version. In terms of the story you only miss out on a short phone conversation where Weyland says that he's very pleased with the ratings and. Then he congratulates September for her success.
27.32 Sec.