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BloodRayne II: Deliverance


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Apr 10, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Postal-Dude - external link: IMDB
At the westcoast of the United States Newton Pyles, a reporter from the Chicago Chronicle, is looking for an exciting story for his newspaper.
When he arrives in the town Deliverance, he gets disappointed at first – mayor Holden’s town is just a friendly, sleepy village. But then a horde of bloodsuckers, led by the mighty vampire Billy the Kid (Zack Ward), invades Deliverance. Fear and terror is spreading. The warrior Rayne - half human, half vampire - comes to the town and declares war on Billy and his gang. But the horde of undead is too powerful and Rayne barely manages to escape from death. While searching for help, she meets the Brimstone warrior Pat Garret - a tricky priest - and the perverse criminal Franson. Together they go back to Deliverance...

The second film adaption of the videogame Bloodrayne by Uwe Boll, again has nothing in common with the plot of the videogame.
The storyline is not set in Middle Ages (as the first movie of Bloodryne), but it is the time of the founding fathers. At any time you can see that it is a direct DVD production. This is because of the bad actors and the pathetic look in general.
There is neither an interesting plot nor tension.
The Unrated Director's Cut shows senselessly extended scenes and some further plot extensions but at no point the viewer gets to see more violence. The level of violence of this so called "Unrated" Directors Cut is the same as in the R-Rated version. Actually, there is not much blood at all in this vampire movie. Only the added child murder could justify the word "Unrated".

Unrated: 01:39.20 min. NTSC with credits
R-Rated: 01:30.12 min. NTSC with credits

Unrated: 01:34.08 min. NTSC without credits
R-Rated: 01:24.58 min. NTSC without credits

The US-DVD: Pitchblack Pictures (R-Rated) was compared to the US-DVD: Visual Entertainment (Unrated Director's Cut)

58 cuts = 571 seconds NTSC (9 min. 31 sec.)

A totally different beginning. You can see how Newton Pyles comes to Deliverance. Mayor Holden tells him that the citizens live the "American Dream" and that the town cares about the future, which is why they built a railway station.
But Pyles says he is looking for exciting stories.
117 sec.

The parents sit a little longer at the table. Then you can see their two children crawling on the bed.
3 sec.

You can see the boys longer in this shot. This is followed by a shot of the mother who looks mistrustful.
4 sec.

The mother can be seen earlier.
2 sec.

The mother goes around the table earlier.
2 sec.

Both boys can be seen sooner than in the normal version.
3 sec.

Both lie anxiously under the bed (longer in the DC).
1 sec.

Here you can see the two boys earlier.
2 sec.

Once more the boys lie under the bed (extended shot).
1 sec.

Again the two of them are longer in the picture.
3 sec.

An additional close-up of Billy the Kid.
8 sec.

Pyles is at the rail. He talks into himself that the railway will come to Deliverance. The mayor said it, so it must be true.
38 sec.

alternative cut:
timeindex DC: 10.09
timeindex RR: 16.55

You can see horses which are galloping along a road. Then 2 cowboys are riding into Deliverance. In the R-Rated version this scene is shown later.
no time difference

The sheriff says “good night” to the saloon owners. Then he goes down the stairs while he lights up a cigarette.
31 sec.

Billy goes earlier to mayor Holden .
2 sec.

alternative footage:
timeindex DC: 16.40
timeindex RR: 12.54

The R-Rated version shows an eight seconds lasting pan shot along the mountains. Because you see this scene at the beginning of the Director's Cut, there is a 6 seconds lasting fixed image in the DC.

R-Rated:Director's Cut:

You can earlier see a horse galloping through a puddle of mud.
4 sec.

Rayne is riding through the countryside. She hears a strange noise. She stops and takes a look around. The camera turns to the amulet around her neck.
34 sec.

The left village is shown earlier here.
2 sec.

And longer as well...
3 sec.

Rayne straps her horse and goes inside the house.
20 sec.

Rayne searches the house for a longer period of time. In addition you can see her outside earlier.
20 sec.

The newspaper is shown earlier in this scene.
1 sec.

Rayne at a pokergame. One of the players tries to hit on her and touches her leg. He asks her if she knows how an Irishman sounds. She answers him "Like a crossover of an asshole and a dead man."(not literal)
18 sec.

Mayor Holden can be seen earlier.
2 sec.

Pyles wants to go to the dark figures, but mayor Holden prevents him from it.
10 sec.

A longer shot of Rayne’s eyes.
2 sec.

Pyles applauds the captured Rayne who appears for a longer time in this shot.
5 sec.

Extended shot of Rayne...
2 sec.

Extended hand cough scene.
9 sec.

You can see longer how Rayne is taken out of the prison.
10 sec.

Rayne gets lead away longer in this scene.
4 sec.

The sheriff gets a torch.
5 sec.

He throws it into a house.
14 sec.

You can see the natives earlier in their canoe.
7 sec.

Furthermore they are paddling for a longer period of time.
10 sec.

You can see the sheriff earlier.
3 sec.

Both start riding their horses earlier.
9 sec.

Extended scene of the pastor.
1 sec.

The same...
5 sec.

Rayne says she wants his full attention.
4 sec.

The priest lifts up the amulet.
2 sec.

After the mayor's wife is gone, Pyles takes a seat next to him. He asks
the mayor what is going on in his town. The mayor's answer is that it is a normal town in the west and that Billy the kid will take what he wants and nobody can stop him.
40 sec.

The 4 guys go along the street longer.
3 sec.

Long shot of the four.
7 sec.

An additional shot.
6 sec.

In the R-Rated version you can see an additional close-up of the priest's eyes.
3 sec.

Added shot of the citizens of Deliverance who anxiously hide in the saloon.
7 sec.

Rayne goes through the yard longer.
14 sec.

The hit with the butt can longer be seen.
1 sec.

Additional shot of Rayne. You can see the hanging child, fidgeting until it dies.
14 sec.

A longer shot of Mayor Holden.
2 sec.

They go into the barn (again extended).
1 sec.

An additional close-up of his eyes.
2 sec.

The priest can be seen earlier.
6 sec.

Alternative view of the running priest.
4 sec.

After the fight Rayne is lying on the ground. Billy knees down next to her. He says he likes to do sports before eating because this would increase his appetite. Rayne says she does not taste as sweet as she looks. Consequently, he says he would have to make her flesh softer and hits her chin.27 sec.

Billy shouts to the inhabitants that the slaughter begins.
6 sec.

Billy can be seen earlier.
1 sec.