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Free Hand for a Tough Cop

original title: Il Trucido e lo sbirro


  • UK Blu-ray
  • German Blu-ray
Release: Nov 29, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the UK Blu-ray from Fractured Visions and the uncut German Blu-ray from Cinestrange Extreme.

- One cut
- Cut duration: 12.4 sec

In the 1976 Poliziottesco Free Hand for a Tough Cop by Umberto Lenzi, Tomás Milián played a typical Roman petty criminal. The great success led to the charismatic lead actor taking on many similar roles in the years that followed, and this type of character is still considered an absolute cult, especially in Italy.

The German Blu-ray released by Cinestrange Extreme in 2021 contains the longest version of the movie, even though it's in 25fps and therefore has a shorter running time than several other versions. On August 30, 2022, Cinestrange re-released the disc along with 4 other Blu-rays as the Tomas Milian Collection Vol. 1 in a padded mediabook. This much cheaper release (compared to the single mediabooks) is available in the label store.

In the meantime, a Blu-ray has also been released in the UK in November 2021. This apparently uses the same scan, but with different color grading. Two shots that were missing on the German DVD by Anolis (Henry Silva in the car) are included in the film. Curiously, however, a short segment during the robbery of the jeweler at the beginning is missing. This also has a somewhat poorer picture quality on the Cinestrange Blu-ray, so it can be assumed that this has always been missing from the HD scan. Cinestrange then fortunately completed the version with a short SD insert, while the British ignored this passage (incl. dialogue occurring there).

As a side note, the HD scan is riddled with several small "framecuts", i.e. missing frames at the end or beginning of shots. The old VHS/DVD versions were therefore about 2.5 minutes longer. However, fortunately no shot is completely lost and it always remains under 0.5 sec, so that the Cinestrange Blu-ray can still be classified as uncut.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
British Blu-ray in 23.976fps / German Blu-ray in 25fps

21:16 / 20:24-20:36

The shot with the whimpering woman is a little longer. Then another gangster pushes the guy in front of the safe aside and starts to empty it. More jewels are bagged.

Also a few lines of dialogue from the gangsters can be heard during this bit (translation of the German dub):
"What is it? Come on!"
"Away, you idiot. Go back!"
"Faster, damn it!"

12.4 sec

Attached is a small picture comparison. The British Blu-ray has much brighter colors, but the original scan was probably the same.

UK Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray