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Black Mask

original title: Hak hap


  • International Version
  • T.V.P. Extended Export Version
Release: Jul 01, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version and the Extended Export Version (both available on the German Blu-ray by T.V.P. - The Vengeance Pack)

- 8 differences
- Length difference: 60.7 sec (= 1:01 min) (logo at the beginning excluded)

In addition, 4 further missing parts in both versions on the German Blu-ray compared to the correct international version (= German DVD from Atlantis / VCL or British DVD from BMG, among others) with a duration of 2.9 sec.

In 2008, the hugely altered Export Version of the classic Black Mask starring Jet Li was released (comparison) on Blu-ray for the very first time in the US. In 2011, a Blu-ray based on an HD master of the Uncut Hong Kong Version was released in Hong Kong. In April 2018, a German Blu-ray was released. And in addition to the Export Version and the Uncut Hong Kong Version, there is an "Extended Version" based on the Uncut Hong Kong Version. Last but not least, the German 4-disc set contains a so-called Extended Export Version. Basically, this is the regular Export Version to which the violence from other versions has been added.

Recently, the comparison between the Uncut Hong Kong Version and the Taiwanese Version was released (click) and it already reveals what to expect with the Extended Cut. As often, and this particularly goes for Jet Li movies, the Taiwanese Version is some kind of exclusive Alternate Version. Some of the added dialog looks like footage from a workprint but there is some more violence as well. Unfortunately, the additional footage only consists of SD inserts from the cheap Taiwanese DVD.

As already stated in the comparison with the Extended Cut (click), the Extended Cut is incomplete resp. the added violence in the hospital scene lacks the very last shot which is still available exclusively on the Taiwanese DVD and the close-up right before that, which is in other version by the way, is missing as well. Well, the Extended Export Version adds a further chapter to the story: The very last shot is still missing, the close-up is now in the movie though. On the other hand, a longer shot (without any dialog) of the mercenaries getting closer is missing for some reason.

On top of that, almost 1 second of the assassin being under heavy fire is missing. In other words, the does not contain all additional and extended action scenes. Still a nice bonus though.

Update: As a closer comparison with the German and British DVD revealed, T.V.P. unfortunately overlooked a few short censorships of the underlying US HD master in both versions. This has been added as an appendix.

Time index refers to
International Version (German Blu-ray) / Extended Export Version (German Blu-ray)
Additional logo in the International Version.
Not considered as length difference.

+ 13.3 sec

15:34 / 15:21-15:58

Additional shots of Yuek-Lan dancing. King Kau then grabs her butt and the game continues. He shoots at her with a squirt gun and tosses a lamp in her direction.

Footage only from the Uncut Hong Kong Version, not from the Taiwanese Version or Extended Cut (both are even longer here).

37.1 sec

Even right before (and after) the following alteration, The different coloring stands out.

International VersionExtended Export Version

35:11-35:12 / 35:34

And this is where the Extended Export Version lacks the shot of the cake.

This is in both the Uncut Hong Kong Version and Taiwanese Version. In fact, this is actually a US DVD cut adapted to the Extended Export Version.

+ 1.2 sec

35:38-35:40 / 36:01

When Tsui walks away, the Extended Export Version lacks a further shot of the cake.

+ 2.3 sec

50:53 / 51:14-51:17

At first, there is the regular part of the hospital: After the killer grabs the arms of the two cops, there is a further shot of the arms being painfully twisted and there is a close-up of the killer as well.

Oddly enough, the rest of the scene (the task force is getting ready to engage) is missing even though there is no dialog at all in this is extended scene - which is in both the Taiwanese Version and Extended Cut. The final close-up of the cop which, unfortunately, is also missing in the Extended Cut, is also missing in the Extended Export Version. At least, the previous shot of the hands is not missing here resp. it is exclusively missing in the Extended Cut for some reason. A real fustercluck and as already stated before: The Taiwanese Version is the longest one here.

2.9 sec

Here the longer shot of people approaching quickly - missing in the Extended Export Version but in the Extended Cut. The third screenshots shows the shot of the cop which is exclusively in the Taiwanese Version.

51:05 / 51:28-51:29

More exclusive violence from the Taiwanese which found its way into the Extended Export Version without any harm: Additional close-up of the killer hitting the guy on the head with the scalpel - blood spatter included.

1 sec

51:10 / 51:34-51:42

And another one: Additional shots of the killer under fire and the subsequent shot of the killer starts earlier as well: He gets shot in the head.

7.5 sec

Unfortunately, the Extended Export Version lacks a small part of the exclusive footage from the Taiwanese Version: The shot of the killer being under heavy fire is actually 0.8 seconds longer. At least, it is in the Extended Cut resp. the following screenshot to illustrate the scene.

54:05 / 54:37-54:40

Same here: Further shots & two bloody hits.

3 sec

80:11 / 80:46-80:59

Insert from the Uncut Hong Kong Version: Tsui grabs gas canister as well and uses it to beat the hell out of Hang. He then tosses the canister against Hang's chest and ceases the opportunity to escape from the gas chamber: He tries to smash the glass with his fist.

12.6 sec

Here are the missing parts of both versions on the German Blu-ray from T.V.P. compared to the old German DVD from Atlantis / VCL and the British DVD from BMG with the correct international version.

24:22 / 24:47 / Atlantis 23:06

When Tsui jumps on the man's chest, there is a small jump cut and so the hardest moment of spitting blood is omitted.

0.4 sec

25:34 / 25:59 / Atlantis 24:16

The wound on King Kau's cheek can be seen a moment longer. In these last frames of the shot, the image is slightly sharper, which was probably the reason for the censorship.

0.6 sec

53:30-53:31 / 54:03-54:05 / Atlantis 51:03-51:04

The shot starts 0.2 sec earlier and so you can still see the bloody head shot here at the beginning. It is also 0.5 sec longer and so a thick gush of blood runs out of the second guy's head.

No time difference (cut footage: 0.7 sec) .

57:31-57:33 / 58:08-58:10 / Atlantis 54:55-54:57

After Tsui has fallen to the ground, he rises again here. This shot was played in slow motion in the US version and thus cut off earlier. There is actually a lot of blood spurting from his fresh chest wound towards the end.

No time difference (edited footage: 1.2 sec) .