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Feast 2 : Sloppy Seconds


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: May 15, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
As is often the case in the USA that besides the usual Unrated releases of DTV productions there are also Restricted versions especially for rental purposes (Blockbuster Video) or being used in supermarket chains (Walmart).

FEAST II - SLOPPY SECONDS also got a shortened release with MPAA approval – and what a shame! After a direct comparison I can only shake my head in disbelief asking me if director John Gulager just had fun doing so. And did the MPAA ever have a look at the movie? All the crudities, outrages and sexual allusions along with dialogs remained completely unaffected in the R-Rated version. Babies getting munched, cats getting penetrated, all kinds of body fluids splashed around by the liter and the favorite word F**K widely spread in all possible variations. Alternative frame material hasn’t been used just as little than potential retouching of CGI blood. Everything is just the same as in the Unrated Version. It’s just unbelievable. But therefore has been cutting at 10 magic places all of whom are plot extensions or just banalities. Sole exception may be the scene at Meth-Head (because of drug consumption) and 2 little shots during the ultra large monster’s autopsy. Being gracious one could almost think that the baby’s cry in the background has been the reason for the last cut. All in all there is no occasion for me with this ridiculous result why the Unrated Version hasn’t got a restricted tag first!

What the heck? Who am I to judge? The MPAA moves in mysterious ways. Compared has been the Unrated DVD with the Restricted Version (from Walmart, see label on front cover) – both released by Dimension Extreme – containing the following harmlessness:

R-Rated Version = 97:00 Min.
Unrated Version = 100:03 Min.
Total difference = 183 seconds within 10 distinctions
34:48 Min.
For whatever reason 2 scenes are missing in which Biker Queen gets handed the mobile and then dials a number.
( 9 sec. )

34:58 Min.
In the following Split-Screen two shots are missing where Meth-Man has another snort while in the other part of the screen Redhead puts his hands on Queen’s shoulder.
( 8.5 sec. )

35:22 Min.
Once again we miss two shots: In a close-up view Meth-Head snuffles again and in a counter cut Queen kindly checks again with her dialog partner.
( 9 sec. )

35:28 Min.
After Meth-Head rang off Biker Queen keeps the phone a little longer at her ear.
( 1.5 sec. )

43:04 Min.
Um...the shot where the Slasher closes the door after the twins have left is also missing. The following scene also starts a little later in the R-Rated version.
( 3.5 sec. )

43:40 Min.
Thunder & Lightning are looking for the right key a little longer.
( 9 sec. )

44:29 Min.
When Thunder cuts the key two scenes are missing. The one Lightning looks out of the window hurrying him along and two close-up views of the monster’s guts.
( 7 sec. )

59:36 Min.
Some more shots of the survivors climbing up the roof-top.
( 20 sec. )

59:38 Min.
The night-vision shot of the Slasher is partly included but shortened at the end: He just let us see a short twinkle of his gold-tooth with an evil grin. Furthermore there is another night-vision view of a biker.
( 9 sec. )

68:11 Min.
At the end of the night, after the survivors on the roof hear the baby’s cry, all the rest is missing. In particular these are all the night-vision views of the survivors always the baby’s cry in the background as well as some insert cuts of the monsters ranging over the city. With the birds in the sky on the next morning the R-Rated version restarts again.
( 106 sec. )