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original title: Huang Fei Hong jiu er zhi long xing tian xia


  • US-Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 18, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The US-version on the DVD by Dimension Home Video was compared with the uncut original version on the British DVD by Hongkong Legends.

16 differing parts, six of those with additional effects in the US-version and two edits.
Difference: 242 sec (= 4:02 min)

Altered credits not included

Average and mostly entertaining due to its trash-appeal co-production of Jet Li and Tsui Hark. Shot in 1989 the film was only introduced in 1992 in the West after the success of Once Upon A Time In China - in some places connecting it to said flick with the title Wong Fei-Hung 1992.

The worse release-crime, though, was commited as so often around the turn of the millennium by Miramax, though. Following Jet Li's Hollywood successes, the work at hand was also intended to be improved on a little and this was done in the familiar horrible way: simplified re-dubbing, cheap Hip Hop score and a couple of plot cuts. These mostly reduce the background of the blonde Anna, but Jet Li's walk through the city was also tightened extensively. Due to a couple of ridiculously executed additional effects such as slow-downs and crossfades as well a schmaltzy acoustic song on the previously mentioned earcancer side of this release, the scene works completely differently now.

Well, as usual: hands off. Even though the image quality is, once again, higher than on the uncensored UK-disc.

Runtime designations are ordered as follows: US-DVD in NTSC / British DVD in PAL
Logos / Credits

Different company logos in the beginning. The colors of the following first shot of the city from high above were altered and ruined with ugly new credits.

UK-DVD 7 sec longer


01:01 / 01:07-02:10

The shot from above is insignificantly longer in the uncut version and a first scene with Anna at the ballet is missing entirely. She is angry with a colleague who was lauded for her performance and trips her up. A small fight starts, the team leader scolds Anna for a bit.

63.4 sec

03:09 / 04:12-04:51

Anna at the ballet again. The team leader tells her that she gets kicked out of the team - somebody who constantly makes problems such as yourself is just useless for next week's contest. Anna walks away depressedly.

Subsequently, uncle Tak is shown doing his business happily whistling and turning around on the sidewalk, Johnny arrives there just now.

39.7 sec

19:05 / 19:19-19:21

Jet walks a bit longer through the streets of L.A., the US-version already fades to the followng shot of him in a restaurant.

2 sec

The entire scene of Jet walking around pondering is a good example for the falsified effect, which also comes from the completely reworked soundtrack. While the original still had a fairly dark-driving, typical 80s score (which makes Jet just appear as the typical hero who harmlessly explores his new surroundings a little), the US version features an Acoustic Rock song which makes Jet, along with the editing, look pretty disillusioned.

Additional Special Effect
19:05-19:09 / 19:21-19:23

The just mentioned shot of Jet in the restaurant was played at half speed in the US-version and therefore runs in slow-motion.

US-Version 2.2 sec longer
Image for orientation

19:09 / 19:23-20:47

He is actually shown much longer in the restaurant, he doesn't appear to be really depressed. The dishes are brought and Jet keeps his new pupils to help themselves too quickly.
Shots of Johnny at the training follow, and Uncle Tak watches one of his commercials for the American school of fighting on TV. He has to laugh and then hold his stomach in pain.

84 sec

Edit / Additional Special Effect
19:31-19:33 / 21:08-21:10

After Jet has left the office, the US-version freezes one frame and fades to a short additional exterior shot which doesn't appear at this section at all in the original version (shortly afterwards shown in both versions).
In the original version on the other hand, the shot is simply longer and Jet walks happily out of the frame.

No time difference

US-VersionOriginal Version

Additional Special Effect
19:36-19:42 / 21:13-21:16

At the failed attempt to get picked up as a hitchhiker, the US-version added additional drama again by the sudden usage of slow-motion.

US-Version 3 sec longer
Image for Orientation

Additional Special Effect
19:47-20:00 / 21:21-21:25

This time, in addition to the slow-motion effect, pointless "doublings" were implemented and the actually pretty short shot extended for some more.

US-Version 8.7 sec longer
Image for Orientation

Additional Special Effect
20:02-20:04 / 21:27-21:28

Shortly after that only in the US-version a crossfade effect and slight slow-down.

US-Version 0.9 sec longer

43:19 / 44:34-44:37

May at first looks confused, then Jet gives her a light slap and orders her again to drive.

3.3 sec

52:23 / 53:19-53:21

The shot of the headlights is a little longer.

1.7 sec

52:29 / 53:26-53:32

Additional shot showing injured Anna crawling across the street.

5.6 sec

Edit / Additional Special Effect
52:30-52:32 / 53:33-53:32

Here, the US-version reimplements the rest of the shot of the headlights from before, but in addition fades to white, as well.

The previous shot, on the other hand, is longer in the original version, May turns around because Jet has seen Anna. She is shown lying on the ground, Jet and May go to her.
Moving on at Uncle Tak's, where Anna is still pretty beat-up and defends herself a little against her saviors. Jet gives her a little kiss and Uncle Tak is confused about that. In any case, Anna has now calmed and laid down.

Uncut Version 47 sec longer

67:37 / 68:50-68:55

In the car, May complains a bit more about Jet, who didn't respond to her feelings as she wanted.

5.5 sec

71:32 / 72:42-72:43

Jet jerking May backwards is shown a short moment longer.

1.1 sec

85:30 / 86:05-86:08

Jet is gesturing vilely.

3.5 sec


Obligatory: the ending credits were also redesigned, of course.

US-Version 28.2 sec longer

US-VersionOriginal Version