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7.01 Hot Water


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Feb 21, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter taken from the DVD box "Volume 8".

11 differences, including 3 instances of audio censoring and 4 instances featuring alternative footage.
Difference in running time: 33,5 sec

The DVD box called "Volume 8" contains every episode of the seventh season if you follow the view that the first season is made up of 23 episodes. Other pages state it is the eigth season. Either way, it is the same game as with the previous releases: the original episodes were either extended or their censoring removed. Most of the times, however, the only difference are the removed beeps over naughty words. There are only two comparisons for the whole season.

Episode 1 ("Hot Water") is a little more than half a minute longer because one additional scene was put into the episode. Additionally, there is some more boob grabbing and partially different animations resulting in more naked skin.

Notes about the season:

- Episode 2 ("Hurricane!") only features one instance of audio censoring (9th minute): "See you never, goat fuckers."

- Episode 3 ("A Ward Show") contains several beeps:
* 2nd minute: "Oh, fuck."
* 12th minute: "This guy is the asshole of the fucking year."

- Episode 4 ("The Worst Man") was only beeped once (10th minute): "I ate your ass!"

The tub salesman adds: "Oh! You're not one to listen to reason. I get that. I respect that. You idiot."

7,6 sec

Audio Censoring

Francine describes her plans of going to the toilet in differently.

TV Version: "I'm gonna take a quick deuce and then put on your favorite bikini."
DVD Version: "I'm gonna take a quick dump and then put on your favorite bikini."

Picture for orientation

Alternative Footage

Only the TV Version features the pillows covering the nudity but the DVD also does not show any genitalia.

No running time difference

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternative Footage

The song line "My finger in your..." is being ended with a bass saying "bass!" in the TV Version.
The DVD Version, however, features a donkey making his signature noise while the dancer in the background can be seen pushing her bottom to the side in synchronicity to the original line.

No running time difference

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternative Footage

When Steve talks to the two, the DVD shows the beginning of Francine's cleavage.

No running time difference

TV VersionDVD Version

Audio Censoring

Steve says with or without beep: "But I can't, because I'm pretty sure my parents fucked in it last night!"

Picture for orientation


After Stan jumped on the bed like a cat, he touches Francine's breasts, but only on DVD.

1,5 sec


The following animation features some grabbing again, this time in the off.

0,8 sec


After Francine agrees that she is still mad he tries again but she slaps his hand away.

0,5 sec

Audio Censoring

Stand explains what he does at work differently.

TV Version: "I don't do jack there anyway."
DVD Version: "I don't do dick there anyway."

Picture for orientation

Alternative Footage

The scene ends differently.

The TV only shows Steve thinking.
On DVD, he gets up and, while walking past them, says to the girls: "You're right, Hot Tub. It is a dream. A wet dream. Susan and friend, you are some of the most quality people I've met in my entire life. Just quality. Quality all the way. But right now, I need to be with my wife. But, hey, just because I have to go, doesn't mean you two can't pound triangles in the hot tub."

DVD Version 23,1 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version