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Island of Fire (aka The Prisoner)

original title: Huo Shao Dao


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Taiwanese Version
Release: Aug 23, 2010 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The release of an extended version in Taiwan is not uncommon. In the case at issue, the Taiwanese Version is almost 30 min longer. Thanks to the additional footage, this version is easier to understand. Unfortunately, this version isn't uncut either because 3 scenes from the regular version are missing. The Taiwanese Version is letterboxed with English subs. It's been compared with the HK Theatrical Version represented by the German VHS. One more scene is missing in the German VHS-Version due to censorship, but it hasn't been mentioned because it's irrelevant for the comparison between the HK Theatrical Version and the Taiwanese Version.

HK Theatrical Version: 1:31:30 min (PAL)
Taiwanese Version: 2:04:39 min (NTSC)

Length removed scene German Version: 10 sec
Length additional scenes Taiwanese Version: 29:04 min
0:00 Shot of a jail in Taiwan before the actual movie starts: a prisoner on the way to his execution. 85 sec

2:13 The conversation at the table is longer. Wei and his designated father-in-law talk about Wei's dangerous job at the CID. 38 sec

3:16 Extended walk to the car. 3 sec

6:11 The conversation in the bar is longer. Wei comes up with a quiz question for his collegue. 59 sec

7:41 Seng lights a cigarette. 11 sec

8:11 Seng tries to talk Wei out of his plan. 25 sec

9:37 The door of the cell closes, Wei puts his stuff on the bed. The scene with Chu and his mouse is different: she appears when he's already sat down. 14 sec

10:28 Chu sits next to Wei and advises him how to behave. 32 sec

12:57 Extended shot of Chu clapping. 1 sec

13:20 Extended shot of Wei on the ground. Then he gets up and has to take another hit. He attacks and but gets kicked. Then he gets completely and utterly bashed up. 55 sec

13:28 Wei pulls himself together and attacks but without success. 33 sec

13:33 Wei staggers. 13 sec

13:40 Wei keeps on staggering. 10 sec

13:55 At night: A guard sneaks in Chu's cell. He wakes him up and presses Chu against the wall and asks for money but Chu replies he needed more time. 65 sec

14:53 Extended shot of Sammo walking in the kitchen. 7 sec

19:05 Sammo talks wo his son. He tells him he's going to cruise pretty soon. 75 sec

19:11 The cops call for backup and start driving. 9 sec

20:50 The guard hits Sammo's right leg again, then the left one. 3 sec

20:52 Shot of Sammo's face, twisted with pain, plus 3 more hits. 4 sec

20:57 Further hits on the leg. 5 sec

21:45 Sammo is being moved to solitary confinement. 11 sec

22:41 Missing scene in the Taiwanese Version: After the fashion show, the crowd runs to the exit. Jackie waits for his girlfriend and asks her to put out the shoes (otherwise she'd be too tall).
27 sec added

24:50 Another missing scene in the Taiwanese Version: Jackie runs down the stairs to his girlfriend at the bar. He excuses for being late and makes faces to cheer her up. Then the gangsters arrive.
39 sec added

26:39 Extended pan shot of the bar from the inside. 9 sec

29:58 Letters are being distributed. Chu tells Wei his case had been reopened and he could be out in a month. 41 sec

34:25 An additional scene which is missing in the Taiwanese Version: Shot of the tattoos on Kui's back. Sammo gives out food, Kui greases her hair with two raw eggs.
55 sec added

Therefor only in the Taiwanese Version: Shot of some workers and a guard at dawn. Then a shot of the warden. 10 sec

40:22 Extended shot of Kui eating rice. 3 sec

40:24 Another extended shot of Kui eating. 6 sec

41:17 The scene, where everyone starts eating rice, appears later in the Taiwanese Version, after the guard got up.

42:32 Extended shot of the tar car. 2 sec

43:24 Extended shot of the prisoners at work. 2 sec

43:50 Extended shot of Wei working. 2 sec

44:55 Chu and Wei in the cell. Chu complains about the pain in his legs, Wei tells him to lie down. 35 sec

49:31 Extended shot of Wei shortly before the stabbers return. 2 sec

50:47 The scene, where the food is given out, is also longer. 1 sec

52:14 Chu in the room for visitors: He's being informed that his attorney was a crook and took his grandmother's money. Chu is desperate, his grandmother offers to sell the house. 118 sec

52:29 Extended shot of Chu. 1 sec

52:40 The scene, where the food is given out, is longer again. 3 sec

53:30 Extended shot of Sammo going to the police car. 2 sec

54:28 Again an extended shot of Chu. 1 sec

54:34 The following scene is different in both versions:
In the HK Theatrical Version one can see the rope first. Then Sammo at the car, the rope again and finally, Sammo leaving.
In the Taiwanese Version, one can seen the rope scene without being interrupted, then Sammo who gets in the car and leaves.

54:56 Extended shot of the guards looking at the car. At night: The car arrives at the spot to hide, the two fugitives get out. 49 sec

55:33 Missing shot of Sammo during the fugitives' conversation. 1 sec

56:16 Extended shot of Sammo near the body while the cops are coming closer. 2 sec

57:02 Extended shot of Chu dressing. 2 sec

58:55 Now the scene at the bar in the HK Theatrical Version where the brother of the guy (killed by Jackie) is being told that Jackie is still alive. He wants revenge.

Taiwanese Version: Wei in solitary confinement: extended shot of him eating. A voice tells him to to put his head out of the door to get shaved. Then a shot of Wei eating again until he's being told to put his head out again. He gets choked with a bat, the supervisor wants to know where he got the food. 127 sec

60:03 Conversation with Chu in the grass. It turned out Wei got additional food. Until now he hasn't come up with the names of the guys he got it from. 16 sec

60:30 Extended shot of Sammo at the guards' table. 1 sec

60:50 Extended shot of Sammo on his way to the police car. 2 sec

61:23 The guards carry away their dead colleague. 6 sec

61:27 Shot of the prison from the outside. 2 sec

62:10 Wei in solitary confinement: The window is being opened. Due to the fact that he isn't used to light anymore, he hides under the bed. A bat, which has already bitten in his food, flies around. He persuades himself that he's not going to die. Wei can make it to the door and wants to talk to the supervisor. He tells him he couldn't remember the name. 214 sec

62:46 Chu underpins Wei. Wei tells him he had almost came up with his name, but he hadn't. 24 sec

Subsequently the scene from 58:55, then the scene at the bar without any differences.

68:38 Extended shot of the assassin with his knife. 4 sec

68:52 At night: Shot of the prison from the outside plus another shot with Andy Lau. 6 sec

69:00 Extended shot of the inside of the room. 7 sec

69:21 Andy Lau on his way to Jackie's cell. 21 sec

72:43 In the visitors room, Chu is being told his grandmother had died and gets all the remaining money. At night, he tries to hang himself but Wei can save him. Chu makes himself responsable for his grandmother's death. 243 sec

73:04 Wei affixes the notes in his hands while Chu is praying. Cut to the supervisor's room who is burning sth. 26 sec

73:26 Wei and Chu have a talk about the people waiting for them outside. 51 sec

73:32 Extended shot of Chu and Wei walking. 5 sec

73:53 Another extended shot of Chu and Wei holding a glas in their hands. 2 sec

74:13 Extended shot of the assassin with the bulb. 1 sec

74:51 Pan shot from the supervisor to Wei who struggles longer. 5 sec

75:51 The prisoners torch sth. 2 sec

76:06 While Wei is choking the guard, the riot is extended. The choking is also longer. 7 sec

77:07 A shot of Wei falling down after he got hit. He has a dream which shows him, his girlfriend and the supervisor. 35 sec

79:35 Extended shot of the ship. 2 sec

84:20 Extended shot of the negotiator. 1 sec

84:29 Shot of the plane and the writing from the outside. 4 sec

86:00 Extended shot of the three guys running. 2 sec

86:12 Another extended shot of the three guys running. 1 sec

86:20 The scene, where Wei wants Seng to stop the plane, appears later in the Taiwanese Version.

86:28 Sammo gets wounded. This scene also appears later in the Taiwanese Version.

86:54 Sammo runs after the plane but he can't make it. Then the two scenes mentioned above. Sammo recalls his son before he dies. 40 sec

86:58 Extended shot of Wei leaning back. 2 sec

87:07 The warden with two drug dealers, he promises to authorize the payment. 13 sec

90:09 Instead of the credits, the Taiwanese Version contains footage of Wei and his girlfriend looking for Sammo's son. He's being given a gift from his father and is also being told he'd gone on a long journey. They also tell him they were going to take him with. 50 sec