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Release: Feb 18, 2010 - Author: Methusalem The Old - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The German DVD Version (Theatrical Cut) has been compared to the German Director`s Cut rental VHS.

Time- and chapterdesignations before the cuts relate to the DVD (PAL).
18.10 (Chapter 5)
Murtaugh gets his gun from the firearm locker.
Trish: "Roger?"
Roger: "Yes?"
Trish: "Did you forget something?"
Trish forces Roger to wear a bulletproof vest.
Trish: "This. You wear it. You sleep in it. You eat in it. Okay? Six more days."
Trish to Riggs: "And you..."
Riggs: "Yes?"
Trish: "...keep an eye on him."
Riggs: "Sure."
Trish leaves. Roger knows: "She loves me."
38 Sec

63.06 (Chapter 16)
Riggs' trailer at the beach: McGee, the carpenter, attaches a big veranda to the trailer. Riggs, Sam and the rottweiler watch "The Three Stoges", all of them amuse themselves.
McGee: "If you could pry yourself away from doggie heaven, I'm finished out here. You wanna take a look?"
Riggs: "Sure."
Riggs to the dogs: "Let's go outside for some air."
He gives the dogs niblets: "One for you." - "One for you. No favorites."
McGee: "I just have to finish the flashing here and the roofing shingles about another few bundles."
Riggs: "Okay"
McGee: "Unless it rains, it should hold up all right."
Riggs: "That's comforting."
Rianne drives by.
Riggs: "I like a man who takes pride in his work."
McGee: "Thanks."
Riggs: "Do you know where I can find one?"
McGee: "Like trying to find a cop when you need one."
Riggs: "We're not mind readers."
McGee: "You have to have a mind to read."
McGee hands the bill: "Read it and weep."
Riggs: "With these prices you're promoting graft in the port."
McGee: "If there's anybody who knows about graft, it's you."
Rianne gets out: "Hi, Martin."
Riggs: "How are you doing?"
Rianne to McGee: "Hi, McGee"
McGee: "Hi, Rianne. What are you doing here? Or shouldn't I ask?"
Riggs: "You got a sink to unplug?"
McGee: "I got your sink."
Riggs: "Good. Go do it - I'll see you next week."
McGee gets in his car and drives away.
Riggs: "What's up?"
Rianne: "Dad didn't come home last night. He always comes home."
102 Sec

72.30 (Chapter 19)
Lorna steps on the gas. She is sitting in a car which staggers on a car jack. Below the wagon lies Tyrone, with his head pretty close to a wheel.
Murtaugh is interrogating Tyrone: "I want a name! Do you see that car? I want a name, asshole!"
Tyrone: "You're crazy!"
Murtaugh: "I want a name! I want a name now!"
Riggs: "One!"
Tyrone: "Are you crazy?"
Lorna: "Ready."
Murtaugh: "I'm getting nervous, Tyrone!"
Riggs to Murtaugh: "Watch your hands. That tire will rip them right off."
Tyrone: "Believe me!"
Riggs: "Two!"
Lorna: "I'm getting excited. Very excited!"
Tyrone: "Don't!"
Murtaugh: "Your face is going to be a skidmark!"
Tyrone: "No! It's Jack Travis!"
Murtaugh: "That's what I wanted, baby."
Riggs: "Three!"
Lorna floors it - backwards.
Riggs: "Wrong..."
Tyrone is getting unconcious.
Murtaugh: "Women drivers, baby."
Riggs: "Yeah."
Murtaugh: "Women drivers, baby."
He pats Tyrone, who is stillunconcious.
40 Sec