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American Ninja V

original title: American Ninja 5


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • Dutch DVD
Release: Dec 05, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS by Cannon (BBFC 18) and the Dutch DVD by Dream Entertainment (12 years and above)

The final installment of the American Ninja series is also the weakest and most ridiculous one. Even "Karate Kid gramps" Pat Morita cannot help that. The movie was made for a younger audience (rated PG in the USA), but was only released in Great Britain after about one minute had been cut - with a BBFC 18 rating. As in the other parts, they involve mostly scenes depicting the use of nunchakus and throwing stars.
Cut Version = 102:26 min.
Uncut Version = 97:17 min.

The longer runtime of the Dutch DVD results of the master probably having been an NTSC template.
00:00 The DVD Version misses the Cannon-logo
+ 15 Sec.

Beginning of a take. A ninja with nunchaku is shown.
1,5 Sec.

67:27 Joe asks Hiro for the Shuriken (throwing stars), which he gives him.
3,5 Sec.

67:32 Now Hiro gives Joe a nunchaku, with which he takes out several ninjas. Hiro and Lisa watch. Just as Joe finished the alleged final enemy, another Ninja appears. Joe hits him in the face, whereas the enemy drops down the balcony.
23,5 Sec.

80:48 Hiro taking out three white dressed ninjas has been cut.
35 Sec.

80:50 Hiro gets kicked in the stomach by a ninja, so he breaks down. The ninja wants to attack him now with his nightsticks, but Joe goes in between. He gives a "Double Ear Clap" to the guy, takes him into stranglehold and finally he gets kicked in the head, so he is knocked out for good.
11 Sec.